Tyler Perry Honored With Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Tyler Perry is a legend in Hollywood. He embodies the “rags to riches” journey, having created a multi-million dollar empire after coming out of homelessness. He was finally recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 1st.

“For anyone whose dreams may be on life support, I want you to walk past this star in particular and know that I’ve been there,” Perry said during the ceremony. “I’ve been struggling, I’ve been out, broke, homeless. I’ve been through all of those things, but there was a perseverance, a tremendous faith in God, and this hope that allowed me to keep going.”

The honor comes after the filmmaker and actor released his final Madea movie this year. He dedicated his star to the “underdogs” of the world.

“I’m sure everybody has a story here who’s been immortalized here, but this one, in particular, is for the underdogs,” said Perry. “This one, in particular, is for the ones who want to do it their way. This one, in particular, is for those who want to bring as many people through the door with them as they can.”

Perry was joined by actors Kerry Washington and Idris Elbra, who starred in two of his other films.

“Your star is now alongside so many others but you must remember it celebrates a man who has resolutely blazed your own fierce and faithful path,” said Washington during the ceremony.

Perry has directed nearly two dozen movies and created numerous TV shows over his career. Meet the Browns, House of Payne, and For Better or Worse are just a few of his brilliant sitcoms. He’s set to release another show called Sistas on BET later this month. The man can do it all, as he is also an accomplished playwright with many of his acts centering around his famous Madea character.