The Wildest Celebrity Airport Fashion You’ve Ever Seen

Walking through the airport is like taking a stroll in a wild jungle. You don’t know what you’re going to see. People are either waiting for their flights or just finished one, but those experiences can drastically affect someone’s appearance. You don’t want to be in a cramped airplane for 11 hours in uncomfortable clothing. The best choice is to wear something you can feel good in. Well, some celebrities don’t seem to care as they put on whatever they feel like wearing. Take a look at some of the weirdest fashion choices you’ve seen in the airport.

Where Exactly Is Headed?

funky outfit

Nicholas Cage never ceases to amaze. We’ve seen some interesting outfits in the past, but they’ve been outside of the airport. Few looks rival this style Cage pulled off while walking through the terminal.

The best way to describe this is “cowboy chic.” The shiny blue faux-fur jacket, cowboy hat in hand and one on his head, with the denim jeans had to make some heads turn. This is a step backward for mankind, but it isn’t a surprise coming from Cage.