Louis Tomlinson Explains Meaning Behind New Song ‘We Made It’

Louis Tomlinson has had a rough couple of years. After being on top of the world touring with One Direction he’s had a lot to deal with. The band broke up, he lost his mother to cancer and then less than a year later his sister also passed away. Despite the hardships, he’s continuing to throw himself into his music.

In April, he took to Instagram to tell fans he was "turning a page" creatively and that his new focus was to make music he and his fans would love rather than to focus on commercial success. It seems he’s done exactly that with his latest single ‘We Made It’ released on October 24th.

Tomlinson wrote the song two years ago and told Metro that it’s reminiscent of the early days with his long-time girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

"The lyrics are about a time when I was visiting my girlfriend Eleanor at university in Manchester, drawing on that experience of being on the road in a world tour then going to my girlfriend’s halls and living that life with her," said Tomlinson.

The lyrics of the song itself speak about how Tomlinson felt "underestimated" and "underrated."

"Oh God, what I could’ve become / don’t know why they put all of this on us when we’re so young / done a pretty good job dealing with it all," sings Tomlinson on the track, which features acoustic guitar and a beat drop on the chorus.

Tomlinson says his girlfriend is "dead proud" of his work in the music business. However, last month he admitted that he struggled with his personal identity during his time in the boyband One Direction. He felt he didn’t know where he fit in with his bandmates.

"I wasn’t singing a lot, I wasn’t the frontman," Tomlinson told The Guardian. "Without being a sorry little b——, I thought: ‘How do I do better, how do I make something of myself, an identity?’"

Despite all the tough things Tomlinson has experienced this past year, he seems to be doing well. His debut album, "Walls," comes out in January, and he’s recently announced a world tour for next year.

"I’m really relieved to finally be here," he said on Instagram. "Thank you very much, everyone, for your patience."