These Hated Characters Are Actually Relatable AF Now

When you’re a kid it’s easy to fall into the trap that Hollywood lays out for you. They have the good guy and the bad guy, so you hop on the train of hated the villains. But then adulthood starts creeping up on you and you realize maybe these characters you used to loathe are actually kind of relatable.

The Grinch just wanted to have some alone time and Squidward was stuck in a dead-end job surrounded by incompetent workers. Everyone is just tired. Aren’t we all? Maybe these hated characters aren’t as bad as they seemed…

Jar Jar Binks Was Trying His Best

jar jar binks peeking around corner in star wars 1
LucasFilm Ltd./MovieStillsDB
LucasFilm Ltd./MovieStillsDB

Okay, yes, Jar Jar Binks is one of the most hated film characters of all time and was the Senator that gave Palpatine emergency powers and basically set off the Clone Wars…but can you blame him? He was ostracized by his own planet for being clumsy and was the outcast senator since then.

When Padmé allowed him to stand in her place, of course he was overwhelmed and easily manipulated. If anything, this was Padmé’s fault and we should hate her more for carelessly appointing Jar Jar. Mesa don’t feel so bad for him anymore.