Four Teens Investigate After They See A Girl In Trouble

Most people like to believe that they would do the right and courageous thing if they were to see someone else in trouble. Although everyone likes to think of themselves as a hero, you never know how you might act unless you’re actually placed in that situation. Well, that’s exactly what happened to four Canadian teenagers in April 2015 when they saw a girl who appeared to be distressed. By following their guts and putting others in front of themselves, they prevented something awful from happening.

Just A Regular Night

The four boys

For teenagers Carsyn Wright, Arnaud Nimenya, Starlyn Rivas-Perez, and James Hielema, it was just another regular night practicing their skateboard maneuvers in a parking garage. Of course, time flew by and before they knew it, they were going to have to head home soon before it got too late.

So, as they were saying their goodbyes and heading out, they were all stopped simultaneously. They each saw something that looked clearly suspicious in the underground of Calgary, Canada.