These Cleverly Designed Logos Are The Satisfaction You Need In This Nonsense World

Have you ever been exiting a building trying to push open a door and been blocked by that ominous pull sign? You probably felt like the world was stacked against you. In those 3 seconds that it took for you to slow your roll and pull the door open, you definitely cursed this poorly designed world.

We’re here to tell you it’s not you, it’s the door. The world is crafted by crazy people trying to make us crazy. These graphic designers feel our rising blood pressure and have crafted some satisfyingly perfect logos to take the edge off.

This Logo May Be Too Fancy For The Dollar Store Chain It Represents

tree with a 1 inside
Photo Credit: Pabis_Trf / Reddit
Photo Credit: Pabis_Trf / Reddit

When you walk into DollarTree you expect to be greeted by rows of broken snowman lawn ornaments, children’s water guns, and opened recalled Covergirl makeup –– not the pinnacle of design perfection. This clever logo may be too good for the chain it’s made for.

Not only does the logo represent the dollar aspect through the “1” and the tree through the greenery, but it also creates 3D depth through the darker green color in this 2D design. Well done. Too bad it’s going to have to change soon since none of that dollar store stuff is ever $1 anymore.