These People Made Up Their Own Dress Code And Are Living Their Best Life

When we go out to run our errands, it’s not too uncommon to throw just anything on. If we need some apples, there’s no need to put on makeup or change out of our flip flops. However, some people throw these rules right out the window.

You can be Marge Simpson or you can be the King of Rock and Roll. These people seized their opportunity, so what’s stopping you? You should know by now that anything is socially acceptable at Walmart, or really any big box store.

Road To Recovery

low riding man with pants around ankles buying belt
Photo Credit: Reddit

They say that admitting you need help is the first step towards recovery. This man has clearly acknowledged that both he and his pants need some extra assistance in the form of a belt.

Do you think his belt just broke and it’s an emergency purchase, or has he been walking around with his pants like this for years before he finally decided to take the plunge and buy a belt? Either way, he’s taken low riding to a whole new low.


marge simpson haircut shopping
Photo Credit: Instagram / @robbinkaylor

There’s a lot to unpack in this photo. This could only be acceptable in Walmart. Costco may sell the big products, but Walmart is the big leagues when it comes to fashion. You just can’t top their customers.

This customer is giving us some serious Marge Simpson in the meat department vibes. We can only assume that Homer is in the bakery looking at donuts while Lisa is in the vegan health store across the street.

Here Comes The Bride

girl wearing wedding dress in Costco buying alcohol
Photo Credit: Instagram / @amandawimberley

This is a photo that holds so many potential reasons behind it.

Maybe she just decided to elope with her fiance so she ran over to Costco to buy a last minute wedding gown. Option #2 could be that she’s a runaway bride or she was just left at the altar so she’s going to drown her sorrows with all the alcohol in the cart. Option #3 is she ran out of alcohol at her own wedding and was the only person available, but that seems unlikely. We’re betting on runaway bride.

One guy coming up definitely does not get paid enough to deal with some customers.

Dolla Dolla Bills

Woman wearing jumpsuit with money printed on it at Costco
Photo Credit: Instagram / @dieselrhodes76

This feels like one of those items you buy off of Amazon at the last minute for your friend for Christmas, then it doesn’t arrive in time and once it does you realize there are hidden pictures on the bills.

There are three important questions we know you all want answers to. 1: Is it a onesie or a matching set? 2: Where can you buy one? 3: How much does it cost? She’s coming out of Costco so maybe it’s made out of the money she saves from buying in bulk…

An Optical Illusion

reddit racerback optical illusion
Photo Credit: Reddit / mariamishelle

This photo gets more unsettling the longer you stare at it. At first glance, it looks like someone has photoshopped a face on the back of a body, which is weird but manageable.

But then you look closer and realize he’s definitely facing forward because you can clearly see his belt buckle and shoes. Then the confusion really sets in when you think about the fact that his shirt is tucked into his pants, which means he consciously chose to wear it like this.

On The Brink Of A Broken Ankle

lady gaga platforms in walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit

First off, anyone who can walk in these shoes deserves praise. Even if she is clutching onto the cart for dear life, if she makes it out of the store without breaking an ankle then that’s a win. Bonus points if she doesn’t knock over any display towers of Chef Boyardee or canned green beans.

Obviously, we have so many questions, but the most pressing one is do you think she drove herself? And if so, how?

You Can’t Unsee It

girl with a tail coming from her skirt
Photo Credit: Reddit

Did it take you a moment to find the problem with this photo? Us too, but now you won’t be able to unsee it. So what do you think? Does the tail belong to her or is she hiding her pet raccoon so it can come shopping with her?

Or maybe she’s swiped one of those fur hats from the hunting section and she’s just hoping no one will comment on it…

Accepting Of All Body Types

grey shorts with sleeves coming out of the waistband
Photo Credit: Reddit / waskonator

Yes, no one is actually wearing this outfit, but think about this: someone, somewhere in North America is probably wearing this because it’s sold in stores. At least one person on earth paid money for this contraption because they thought it was hilarious or cool.

Reddit users think the sleeves are meant to be tied around your waist to mimic having a sweater tied around your waist. But at that point, why not just use a sweater you already own rather than buying a whole new outfit specifically for that?

The King

elvis presley impersonator at walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit via The Chive

Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Rock N Roll himself is still alive! Elvis Presley was recently spotted in the Walmart frozen dinner section stocking up on those Hungry Man dinners while the sale is still good. Celebrities, they’re just like us!

It’s (very) possible that this photo was taken on or around Halloween, but we’d much rather think this man always does his grocery shopping in full Elvis-impersonator mode.

Wait, this woman brought what animal to Walmart in a baby carrier?

Chain Gang

customer wearing chainmail at Walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit / cinnathymee

Sometimes you need a little extra protection before you feel comfortable braving the crowds of local peasants. A little chainmail makes you feel like a King amongst men.

This armor could be exactly what you need for when you’re wrestling someone on Black Friday at Target for that last $2 flatscreen TV door crasher too. Definitely a worthy investment, even if it is a little see through. Do you think he can feel the breeze through the chainmail?

Beef Or Chicken?

ramen noodle outfits at walmrat
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Out here looking like a literal snack… It also looks like they’re buying packages of ramen noodles, on top of wearing them, just to emphasize how much they love it.

This is definitely one of those outfits that you jokingly agreed to buy with your friend. Then you thought about how you wildly overpaid for this “joke” and now you’re determined to wear it everywhere so you get your money’s worth.

Lying Down On The Job

kids lying on carts in Walmart and Costco
Photo Credit: Reddit

Okay look, walking can be exhausting. Walking through a Costco or Walmart Supercenter can feel like you’re walking for miles (it probably is, check your step counter). You’ve definitely wished someone would push you around rather than having to walk 10 minutes just to get to the Wonderbread.

You’d have to have a “please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle” talk before you started moving or you wouldn’t make it very far.

Goat Or House Elf?

baby goat in a baby harness in Walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit / DystopianSoul

This woman brought her 6-month-old kid along with her for a little back-to-school backpack shopping. Do you think they went with Marvel or Disney Princess themed?

Also, in case you’re still not quite sure what you’re looking at, no, that is not Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. It’s a baby goat in a baby harness, taken from a weird angle. The man is also holding a large jug of milk, presumably for the goat, but we don’t judge.

One woman coming up wore an unfortunate headpiece on her shopping trip.

On The Hunt For The Next Wife

man wearing just divorced T-shirt in walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit / admirableimpish

The clear logical choice to be the first place you visit after your divorce is final? It’s obviously Walmart. It could be the second stop after signing the papers, depending on if he picked up the shirt before or after. Maybe he bought the shirt at Walmart and just couldn’t wait to put it on so he paid for it first… so many possibilities.

He should keep his eyes open for the woman buying milk who’s rocking the same shirt. It could be his next divorce!

Grillin’ And Chillin’

man wearing hot dog costume at Walmart
Photo Credit: People of Walmart

This is the go-to look when you have a food fight at 4, and a BBQ at 5 that you said you’d bring a side dish for, but you also need to read about all the hot celebrity gossip. Your one-stop shop? Walmart.

Also though, what is this outfit he’s wearing underneath? Striped pajamas, plus if you look at the sleeves you can see he’s wearing a second shirt under the stripes. Wouldn’t he be overheating? He’s getting roasted from the inside and the outside.

Captain Underpants

woman with underwear on her head at grocery store
Photo Credit: People of Walmart

Do you think she forgot they were on her head? She was playing a game with her daughter (not sure what game would involve this particular prop but just roll with it) then suddenly she remembered there was a desperately urgent need for something at the grocery store.

She rushed to the store, forgetting that she was wearing underwear on her head. Her husband and kids just thought it was funny and decided to have a laugh about it, though she probably wasn’t laughing when she got home.

Scuba Steve

scuba steven shopping
Photo Credit: Instagram / @core_chick

Described as “Scuba Steve” by one Instagram user, this photo garnered some mixed reviews. Some think that this fish out of the water at a Carlsbad, California Costco should’ve changed out of the surf gear before doing his weekly grocery shopping. What do you think?

One woman commented, “this falls into the same category of my rule of no man sweat pants in public.” Is that a publicly acknowledged rule? If so, that woman should never go to Walmart or she’ll be in for a shock.

Winter Ready

michelin man coat mixed with pillsbury dough boy
Photo Credit: Imgur

It’s like if the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Man had a baby, and then pumped some extra air into him. A supersized Pillsbury Michelin coat. Is this for fashion or for warmth? Unclear. The shorts probably aren’t the best decision if the coat is for warmth though.

Plus, what would you do if you fell over while wearing this? it would be like if a turtle flipped over on its back. You’d need a hand getting up for sure.

Is This A Stuntdouble?

deadpool in walmart
Photo Credit: Reddit via People of Walmart

Would anyone be surprised if this was actually Ryan Reynolds in disguise trying to just run his daily errands? Absolutely not. In fact, it seems exactly like something Reynolds would do and then later reveal on Twitter that it was him all along.

Deadpool just wants to buy his produce in peace and then go on with his day. Much like the King of Rock N Roll sighting, this may have been taken around Halloween, or maybe someone just permanently walks around as Deadpool.

The Joys Of Customer Service

walmart man in shopping cart shirtless smoking
Photo Credit: Reddit

This employee’s face is the epitome of “I don’t get paid enough for this.” $7.25 an hour is definitely not enough to motivate anyone to deal with this. No shoes and no shirt means no service, but what do you do if he’s already in the store?

If there is any rule that any young stockboy should abide by, it’s that you should never bother the customers when they’re sitting shirtless in a buggy.