This Epic Twitter Rant About A Cheating Boyfriend And A Bizarre Love Triangle Will Send You On An Emotional Roller Coaster You Won’t Recover From

It’s becoming very common for people to air out their relationship problems on social media. With more and more people telling their cheating stories on platforms like Twitter, it’s hard to understand why people risk it all, knowing they could easily be called out publically.

A prime example of this is when Twitter user @AyanaTheDiva decided to take to the social media site and share the story of catching her boyfriend cheating. It’s epic and tragic at the same time, so prepare yourself for what you’re about to read.

They Were Basically Twinning

It starts out just like any good “work friend” scenario. There’s always that one person who makes going to work very tolerable because you get along so well.

They share the same hobbies and interests as you, but most importantly, they share the same hate for their workplace.