Brilliant Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make You The Envy Of Your Building

Are you about to become a college freshman and move away to live in a dorm? If so, keep calm. Sure, there are reasons to fret about this new chapter of life, but there are ways you can help make the transition easier. Living somewhere new on your own for the first time can be daunting, but we’ve got some tips to help with your transition into dormitory life. Here are some genius hacks that’ll help organize your dorm and make you the envy of everyone on your floor.

Loft Your Bed

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Tiny dorm rooms are the norm, but there are ways to make yours feel a little larger. One option begins with your bed. Most of the time, your dormitory bed is low to the ground, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

In many circumstances, you can lift it or ask your school’s residential offices to loft it for you. That way, you’ll have more floor space and room for storage that’ll make you feel like you have a larger room.

From jewelry to toiletries, we have solutions for all your specific storage needs. Read on for more!

A Mattress Caddy Is Your Friend

ApartmentLiving_1200 bed caddy
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If your dorm room is too small for a nightstand or you don’t have enough space on the small table you already have, there is an alternative for you. It’s called the mattress caddy, and it slides into your bed while taking up little-to-no space at all.

You can get creative and make one yourself, or find reasonably priced ones through retailers like Amazon and Target. These caddies can hold many materials, so don’t be shy about what you stash.

Don’t Forget The Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman with shoes inside of it for the dorm
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While you’re out shopping for the items that you need, be sure to remember a storage ottoman. These small yet useful pieces of furniture can go a long way in your dorm room.

Not only can you sit on them, but you can put a ton of belongings inside of them! The dual-use ottoman is perfect for shoes, seating a visiting friend, school work, and holding whatever possessions that can fit inside it.

The next hack will help you out with a certain type of accessory…

Hang Your Jewelry To Remove Clutter

hanging jewelry in the dorm
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Jewelry box? Get that out of here. Stuffing your jewelry into drawers needs shouldn’t be an option either. Sliding open a drawer filled with jewelry can become frustrating as you have to untangle things. That’s why we suggest you hang your precious jewels.

You can hang them on easily removable command hooks, or put your money towards a cute corkboard. There are many ways to accomplish this hack, so whatever floats your boat will work.

Use Those Metal Clips To Your Advantage

life-changing-dorm-hacks-for-back-to-school for many
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You know those metal clips that you have dozens of, or at least come across all the time? It’s time to utilize them to their full potential. All you have to do is clip the ends of them against a shelf or pole and start looping all your electronic cords and chargers through the handles.

You can also use adhesive strips to hold up the metal clips. That way, you can put them above your work area and clip important documents so your space won’t get so messy.

Put Folding Chairs To Use

Folding Chairs for more use
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Dorm rooms usually come equipped with one chair for you to use (the desk chair), but why settle on that one? This is the time to go into your garage and dig up those old folding chairs. Not only will they come in handy, but they are easily customizable.

Folding chairs can be easily spruced up with the help of YouTube tutorials. Once you make them fancy, guests can sit on them, or you can use them as decorative stands for books or plants. Give these a try!

Bring In The Tension Rods

Install a tension rod into your dorm room

You might find that there are several small spaces and nooks in your dorm room. Don’t let them go to waste. They’re perfect for tension rods. Once you have a rod installed, the possibilities are endless.

You can hang jewelry on them, as we mentioned earlier. And if you happen to have a surplus of clothes and not enough closet space, then the tension rod is for you. Hanging things up was never so easy until now.

Hang Those Dirty Clothes

laundry-bag-diy- for dorm room clutter
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Standing hampers have long been the primary option for dirty laundry. There aren’t that many alternatives, but we do have one handy trick for you. Exchange your standing hamper for a hanging laundry bag to remove some unwanted clutter.

You can hang it on any door you find suitable with either a command hook or an over-the-door hook. You’ll at least have some extra floor space after doing this, so don’t forget to try this out.

Use All The Space You Can Under Your Bed

under the bed storage maximization for dorm room

After you’ve managed to raise your bed up higher, the next step is to utilize all the newly found floor space underneath. Go out and buy a storage bin, boxes, drawers, or whatever will fit under there.

Now, with the storage items you purchased, you can put a ton of loose items in them. Things that would have taken up space elsewhere have a tidy new place. Don’t let your dorm room trick you into thinking it’s too small.

And Don’t Forget The Space Above Your Bed

above the bed storage usage for dorms

You didn’t think that you’d be restricted to only using space under your bed, did you? No, in your dorm room, you need to make sure you utilize whatever you can — including the space above your bed.

For this trick, all you need to do is install a few shelves. There are over-the-bed shelves specifically designed for twin beds too! Since twins bed are the norm for first-year students, this organization idea is an ideal choice.

Say good-bye to your traditional night stand…

Ditch The Side Table

using a rolling cart as a night stand

Were you considering one of those side tables or traditional night stands to place next to your bed? Good thing you’re reading this because we’ve got something better for you. Its called a rolling cart and it’s perfect for dorms.

Rolling carts are the perfect alternative to the bulky end tables and nightstands that most have become used to. Not only can you place things on the top, but there are multiple levels below for you to stash your belongings.

Don’t Waste Space On Toiletries

Find Some Stacking Bins for your bathroom

You’re already short on space as it is in your room, but when you throw in a bathroom, things can get way more cluttered. That’s when you’re going to have to get creative with stuff, and we have just the hack for you.

A set of small stacking bins is the solution you need in this scenario. These provide you and your roommate with a little extra wiggle room in the bathroom. Feel free to thank us later.

Roll Those Clothes

rolled clothes in a drawer for your dorm room experience

A question most rising freshmen ask themselves before heading off to college is “Should I bring all of my clothes with me?” Whether you decide to take them all or just a few, we’ve got a tip that will allow you to bring many more of your favorite t-shirts.

The hack is simple. Instead of folding your clothes as you usually would, the secret is to roll them up. When they’re rolled instead of folded, you’re leaving yourself much more space in the dresser.

Light Up Your Room

lights for your dorm room instead of traditional routes

You want all the space you can get, don’t you? That includes removing things from the floor space, such as lamps. Who needs traditional lights these days when you can hang up Christmas lights instead?

Not only will you save space, but now your dorm room has an added flair and some ambience. The Christmas light hack has been popular in dorm rooms for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why.

A Doable Alternative To Lofts

bed riser for your dorm room bed
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If you’re unable to have your bed lifted naturally, you might have to resort to plan B. That is opting for bed risers. You’re bound to gather many things over the course of a year, so it’s in your best interest to make sure your bed is high enough off the ground to store things underneath.

Bed risers are pretty cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending a ton on them. They also come in different heights, so you’ll be able to choose how high up you sleep. Now, no matter what you’ll have some extra space.

You’ll find that there is more space when you look at things from a different perspective…

Hang All Of Your Goodies

an over-door organizer for all your goodies

If you look around any room, there’s one thing you’ll notice about almost all of them. No matter if its an office, your parents’ bedroom, or your dorm room, the common denominator is empty vertical space. That can be on walls and doors, even on both!

That’s why you need to get yourself an over-the-door organizer. There are many different styles, so you’ll be able to choose exactly what type you need depending on what you’ll be putting in them.

Three Words: Adhesive Pin Board

add an adhesive pin board
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An adhesive pin board can very well become your best friend. Find yourself a board that uses double-sided adhesive strips. That way you won’t damage your dorm’s wall, and you’ll be well on your way to organizational bliss.

With one of these boards, you’ll be able to put essential forms, school work, photos, and ideas right on the wall for your convenience. Put it anywhere your heart desires because you have all that wall space to use.

Don’t Forget Your Closet

hanging closet door organizer for your dorm room

Closet space has never felt more precious in a dorm room. Sure, you get one, but is it even that big? The answer to that most of the time is no, so that’s why we’re suggesting this tip.

Be sure you pick up a closet door organizer to help alleviate much of the clutter going on in there. You’re bound to put too many things in your closet, so it’s best you start with one of these bad boys and keep things under control.

A Desk Hutch Is The Way To Go

A desk hutch can be very useful

Not sure what a desk hutch exactly is? It’s a set of shelves (or cabinets) that you put on top of a lower unit. Instead of a plain desk with limited storage, you can get a hutch to place on it, and now you have more places to set your belongings.

In some cases, dorms come with these. If yours doesn’t happen to have already one included, just go out and purchase one. They aren’t too expensive and will help you in the long run.

Use Magazine Boxes To Your Advantage

magazine boxes used for storage in dorm
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Who still reads magazines these days? Only a select few still prefer to read things in print so why don’t you put any loose magazine boxes your parents have around the house to good use? Not only are they customizable, but they’re efficient.

They can be useful for personal accessories like brushes, hair straighteners, curling irons, and much more. All you have to do is figure what would be most helpful to store in these small and narrow boxes.