Best Selling Amazon Products That Everyone’s Freaking Out About

Listen, everyone’s buying these products and they’re doing it for a reason. When there are a billion products out there from dolphin shaped pear cutters to barstools with animal legs, wading through every product in every category kind be exhausting. Adorable and funny, but exhausting.

Save yourself the time and the overload and check out these brilliant best selling items that top the charts every time. Trust us, you’re going to want to add these to your cart.

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This Top Selling Crazy Cheap Echo Dot

echo dot smart speaker with alexa
Photo Credit: Amazon / Amazon

Hey Alexa, make me seem cooler than all my friends while not breaking my bank account. Done and done when you nab this super cheap Echo Dot. Your friends are going to be so jealous, just make sure they don’t try and steal Alexa away.

This smart speaker comes with voice control, and can play your music, read your news, set alarms, drop a weather report and so much more just at the sound of your voice. It’s like having a best friend who doesn’t ever complain about their problems. Alexa, you’re the greatest. You can get your own Echo Dot here.

Get Hydrated With This 6 Pack Of Max Strength Pro Filters

brita filters 6 pack looking good
Photo Credit: Max Strength Pro / Amazon

We all love water. Water is great. Clean, cold, and Brita-filtered water is even better. But we’ve all had that moment at the grocery store holding the $20 pack of 3 filters wondering why we spend so much for such a small thing.

With this 6 pack of Max Strength Pro Filters, you get double the filters for the same exact price you would pay in store. Plus, it’s Amazon so you don’t have to make a trip for something so small. Go forth and hydrate! You can order the filters here.

Monitor Your Baby And Not Your Bank Account With These Baby Monitors

baby monitors two of them
Photo Credit: Vtech / Amazon

Kids are expensive. Save a few dollars where you can by buying these Vtech baby monitors. They’re so chic your baby might not even try and teethe on them.

These monitors have sound indicators to let you know the sound level of noise coming from your baby’s room so you can know how urgent things are getting in there. They also come with a belt clip so you can go hands-free. That’s high tech parenting on the go. You can get your own monitor here.

This other must-have tech item is normally sold for upwards of $200…

Say Goodbye To Expensive Cable With This Cheap TV Antenna

digital tv antenna for picking up channels just a black box
Photo Credit: Biling / Amazon

With Roku, Google Chrome, Fire, and Netflix streaming services running on most people’s devices, we really don’t need to be paying for expensive cable packages where you used 4 out of 110 channels.

But sometimes you still want to watch the game or the local news, and that’s what this digital TV antenna is for. This antenna can cover a 120-mile reception range and will get you any channel it can find. That’s a steal and a half. You can get your own here.

This Beard, Face, And Body Trimmer Is A Manscaping Essential

beard trimmer and attachments
Photo Credit: Philips / Amazon

Listen guys, one of the first things women notice is how well you’re manscaped. It’s pretty much a direct reflection of your soul. Have you been hiking in the woods for 6 months roughing it or have you just hopped off the subway after closing the big deal? The right trim can tell those stories.

This beard, face, and body trimmer will let you show the world who you are through your facial hair. It sounds kind of funny but it’s true. You can get your own here.

Make Your Life Easier With Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth wireless earbuds ear hook thing
Photo Credit: Senso / Amazon

You could pay for those expensive headphones that you’ll lose the day after you get them, or you could buy this cheap pair of Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and call it a day.

If you’re not already doing Bluetooth headphones, you need to be. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in wires while you exercise, commute, or drown out the annoying noises of other people. Just relax with these water-proof babies and put the world on mute for a bit. You can get your own pair here.

If you’re going to be active, you should definitely bring along this best-seller to stay dry…

Vitamin C & E Serum That Will Have You Glowing For Days

skin serum vitamin c and e
Photo Credit: TruSkin Naturals / Amazon

Glow up with this bestselling Vitamin C & E Serum. This facial serum by TruSkin Naturals landed itself at number 8 on the beauty best-seller list for a reason. Those cheeks will be looking so soft and smooth with this oil that you’re going to have to start batting your grandma’s hand away from your cheeks like you did when you were a kid. No pinching.

Vitamin C is great for getting rid of dark circles while vitamin E replenishes your skin and smoothes any dark spots or scars you may have. This is truly the best of both worlds. You can get yours here.

These Diet-Friendly Keto Cookies Are The Perfect Low-Carb Treat

cookies snickerdoodle keto cookies
Photo Credit: HighKey Snacks / Amazon

We’re all trying to stick to our goals in some way. Luckily for us, it’s the 21st century and they’re making snack foods delicious and a little better for you. Check out these keto-diet friendly cookies that are low carb and delicious.

Good luck finding keto-friendly cookies at the grocery store for under $9 for only one pack. Actually, good luck finding keto-friendly cookies at all because that sounds like an oxymoron. Until now. This is a crazy deal since you get these rare low-carb cookies and you can pick them up here.

If You’re Going To Be Outdoors You Have To Get This Fast Drying Towel

micro fiber towel compact
Photo Credit: Rainleaf / Amazon

We’ve all been in the uncomfortable situation where everyone’s leaving the beach or the pool but your towel hasn’t finished drying yet. You know that uncomfortable feeling of defeat and repulsion as you stuff a wet towel back into your bag. You feel sad. This Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is here to dry your tears then dry itself.

This towel is microfibre, aka the best and most legendary sports fabric to ever exist. It’s fast drying for when you’re on the field, the beach, or at the gym, and it’s super compact so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space. You can get your own towel here.

This tech item is the perfect thing for chilling out and reaching your zen…

A 30 Pack Of Good Velvet Hangers Is What You Need In Your Closet

velvet clothes hangers white pack of 30
Photo Credit: AmazonBasics / Amazon

Are you still using those wire ones that you bought from Walmart for when you were back in college? Or are you using the plastic ones that you get free sometimes because cashiers forget to take them off? Just stop. Please stop.

Treat your clothes and yourself right by getting good velvet hangers that won’t immediately break when you hang a thick sweater on them. These are just way too essential to skip over, especially if you don’t want all your clothes wrinkled on the ground. Get your own pack here.

Go Anywhere With This Toilet Spray Life Saver

toilet spray citrus spray
Photo Credit: Poo-Pourri / Amazon

Seriously we’ve all been in that situation. You know the one. The one where you have. To. Go. Now. But you can’t because it’s your new significant other’s house or a small, poorly-ventilated office bathroom. But now you can with the Poo-Pourri toilet spray.

If you just spritz it once before you go, the citrus scent will mask anything you throw its way. The spray doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals either so feel free to spritz as much as you want. Take that inconvenient bowel movement, you are the master now! Get your own bottle here.

Chill Out With This Super Affordable White Noise Machine

sleep machine white noise machine it's got buttons and a speaker
Photo Credit: London Johnson / Amazon

There’s nothing less relaxing than white noise playing from a grainy phone speaker. Get this white noise machine that’s absolutely dedicated to making you feel relaxed no matter what.

This product is great for kids too, especially if you’re not in the room to control the playlist or volume. With 6 relaxing sleep sounds like rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, and summer night, you and your family can finally get some much-needed chill time. Get yours here.

This baby product is so colorful and fun. Just make sure your kids don’t eat it like we all did…

Get Your Life And Your Drawers Together With This Drawer Organizer

spoons in an organizer drawer thing
Photo Credit: Joseph Joseph / Amazon

Seriously, if you’re still letting your kitchen, bathroom, or miscellaneous items clink around together in a drawer you need to sort your life out. Getting a drawer organizer immediately gives you at least 70% more control over your life. That’s not a proven statistic, but whatever, get a drawer organizer.

See how it’s silverware here? That’s only one possibility. There are endless combinations of items and doo-dads that can be placed within these handy little compartments. This organizational item is equal parts strategic and creative. How fun. Pick yours up here.

Stay Thirsty With This Cheap And Durable Stainless Steel Travel Mug

contigo water bottle teal stainless steel mug
Photo Credit: Contigo / Amazon

Embrace the hot and the cold drinks by keeping whatever drink you want at whatever temperature you want. Seriously, an insulated stainless steel travel mug will make you feel like a conqueror in any environment because you and your drink can handle whatever the weather throws your way.

This Contigo travel mug can easily lock, it has autoseal leak technology for zero spillage, and is dishwasher safe. This thing is the mug of the future and you need to get it. Your hot coffee will thank you. Get your mug here.

Keep Your Kids Busy With This Absurd Amount Of Play-doh

play doh tower all colors
Photo Credit: Play-Doh / Amazon

We all had Play-Doh growing up, so it’s time to pass on the tradition to your kids. Now they get to experience all the weird smells, feelings, and explosion of creativity you did. Just make sure your kids don’t pop some in their mouth.

This is almost too much Play-Doh. Actually nevermind, there’s no such thing as too much Play-Doh. This pack even comes with 10 of the best colors of the stuff. Except for white. Why do they still make that color? It’s so boring. You can get your 10-pack here.

Get Your Chill On With This Comfortable Water Float

water floatie guy chilling in a river
Photo Credit: Intex / Amazon

Don’t be that guy who doesn’t want to get wet so he stays away from the water the entire day at the beach. Don’t exclude yourself and float happily along with the rest of your friends with this sport lounge inflatable water floatie.

It’s got cupholders for your drinks, a backrest for your head and neck, and a grab rope so you can easily maneuver around. It’s basically nicer than your first apartment. Unfortunately, you can’t live in it forever. Get your own floatie here.

Don’t Worry About Taking Up Phone Space With This MicroSDHC Card And Adapter

microSD card and adapter
Photo Credit: Sandisk / Amazon

You’ve definitely gotten the notification from your phone at some point that you’ve hit capacity with your storage. It’s also totally all the photos you’ve taken. Let’s just hope the majority aren’t selfies.

With this microSDHC chip and adapter, you can snap away to your heart’s content without worrying about hitting that storage cap. The best news is that with the adapter you can insert the microSDHC into your computer to back up your files forever. Share the love and spread the photos baby. Get your own chip here.

Erase The Ache With This Super Affordable KT Tape

kt tape sporty tape package
Photo Credit: KT Tape / Amazon

If you’re going to be performing any kind of physical activity and you have a mobility, pain, tenderness, or muscle issues, and you’ve talked to your doctor about using sports tape, then you absolutely have to try KT Tape. It’s pretty much the most essential thing for an active person.

This tape can last for days if you take care of it. KT Tape also has videos on their website of how to wrap your body according to different issues you’re trying to address. Be careful though, you might end up completely covered in the stuff. Get your own tape here.

These #1 Selling Baby Diaper Wipes Are The Top For A Reason

pampers diapers cheap and good
Photo Credit: Pampers / Amazon

These diaper wipes are heralded as the most popular on Amazon and that’s not surprising. These come with 576 wipes. That’s a lot of baby bottoms. Hopefully, you’re just using it on one baby or else this pack isn’t going to last nearly as long.

Baby wipes are good for adults too, whether it’s removing makeup, dirt, or any number of wet-wipe-esque need. These are also dermatologist tested so you know that your child will have a happy bottom for the rest of the day. Get your own wipes here.

Start Breaking Some Bad Habits With This Self Help Book

Amazon Atomic Habits book
James Clear / Amazon

James Clear’s Atomic Habits is the motivational life change that we all need to live our best lives. If you’re tired of self-help books talking about lofty big goals and obscure energies, pick up this book that advocates you start small.

That means buying the $1 coffee instead of the $5 latte and replying to your boss’ email instead of deleting your account and moving away. That would classify as destructive. Don’t do that. Pick up your copy here.