Affordable And Unexpected Wedding Favors

While an invitation to your wedding should be its own reward, sometimes it’s nice for guests to leave your event with a little something extra. It can be hard to find wedding favors that guests will actually use and appreciate that isn’t super expensive.

If you have 100 guests at your wedding, that means you have to pay for 100 favors. Knick knacks can add up fast. On this list, you’ll find unique and affordable wedding favor ideas, many of which you can even make yourself.

Homemade Woodwich Scented Soy Candles

soy candles wedding favor
Photo Credit: mawwai/reddit
Photo Credit: mawwai/reddit

Who doesn’t love a little scented candle? Especially if it’s in an adorable copper container. Woodwicks actually crackle when you light them, so it smells and sounds like you’re near a real mini bonfire.

Candles are super easy to make yourself, plus, if you DIY, you can make them whatever scent you’d like. Having a signature wedding scent has been becoming more popular, and these candles are a great way to integrate scent into your wedding day.