People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They Found In The Woods, So Watch Your Step

When you go on a hike you, expect to find a variety of flora and fauna. You know, the typical green things that make you take your antihistamines and go on your Instagram page to break up your string of mirror selfies. What we don’t expect to see is a mountain of dinner plates or a robot.

Here are some of the weirdest things that people have spotted while out and about in the middle of the woods. Spoiler alert – it’s not just trees out there anymore.

Back Away Slowly We Got A Live One

abandoned missile in the woods potentially armed scary explosive
Photo Credit: mylittletoesie / Reddit
Photo Credit: mylittletoesie / Reddit

This is not a drill. Reddit user mylittletoesie said that their ‘brother found this (missile)? in the woods in Tennessee.’ Yay for finding things, not yay when they could potentially be unexploded missiles. Hopefully, this guy contacted the authorities before making the Reddit post but hey, we all have our priorities.

Some say this is potentially a fireworks prop, others say it’s a dummy ‘Honest John’ short-range missile. Whatever it is, the best method of approach isn’t always the ‘dead thing’ method – do not grab a stick and poke.