Victoria Beckham Didn’t Show Up To The Spice Girls Tour And Mel B Wasn’t Happy

Friendship is supposed to never end right? Rumors are swirling about the status of the friendship of our iconic Spice Girls after Victoria Beckham was notably absent from their 2019 Spice World UK reunion tour. This tour was the first time the girls had performed together since 2012 – and the first tour they’d done one member down.

We’re all confused about the why’s and how’s, except for apparently Mel B, who seemed to have no particularly unsure feelings about Posh’s lack of presence. All we know for sure is that this drama is sure to spice up your life.

Mel B Went On Good Morning Britain To Say How She Felt

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Mel B took to Good Morning Britain to express how she felt about the situation. Mel B describes the tour thus far as ‘everything I hoped it would be and more,’ but a tense moment in the interview came when the hosts asked if she was disappointed about the missing member.

“I was upset,” she said. “I still am a little bit. But, you know, it is what it is.” The Spice Girls have been performing together since 1994, so it must have felt like a dark spot on an otherwise amazing tour to perform without Posh.

Victoria Was Never Asked To Come

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Sporty, Baby, Ginger, and Scary went on the Jonathon Ross show to do press and clear up the rumors about the tour, and they let slip that Victoria Beckham was never formally asked to be a part of the tour.

Mel C says that the reason they never asked her was that they ‘just presumed’ that she would be interested in joining them. Geri Halliwell maintains that she was asked at some point, ‘she said she didn’t. She just didn’t want to talk.’ Whether she was or wasn’t asked, our favorite posh lady was certainly missed.

Didn’t Attend A Single Show

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Victoria Beckham reportedly didn’t turn out to see her fellow Spice Girls even once on their UK tour. Victoria didn’t show up either backstage or in the crowd.

Mel B was shocked at her group member’s behavior. Mel B told the interviewer that, ‘I expected her to come and just say ‘hi’ at least, Not even onstage. Just as an audience member supporting.’ I’m sure we can all relate to the feeling of disappointment when your friend doesn’t come out to an event to support you.

She Was At A Wedding?

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Beckham had been dropping vague hints that she was going to attend one or possibly more of the final tour shows at the London Wembley Stadium – a rumor that never panned out. Apparently, Victoria was at Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos’ wedding on the last night of the tour.

When interviewers brought up Victoria’s change of plans to Mel B, Mel B responded with ‘Wedding? Spice Girls Show? Come on!’ Well said Mel B! Fans are definitely in agreement.

“We Still Support Each Other No Matter What”

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Despite all the rumors swirling about the group, the girls have been nothing but sweet and supportive of each other. Victoria posted on Instagram several times congratulating the girls on the start of the shows and wishing them the best of luck.

Even though she’s upset at the situation, Mel B still loves and cherishes Victoria as a friend and group member. Mel B says that ‘us girls support each other no matter what.’ There are only good vibes here at Spice World. Mel B and Victoria definitely say they’ll be there for each other!