Someone Recreated The Entire Dunder Mifflin Office In Minecraft And It’s Spot On

The Office is such an iconic show. Honestly, let’s never stop reliving it. It’s never going to go away with the sheer volume of knock-offs *cough* Parks and Rec *cough*, and memes circulating online. Now there’s this tribute.

One Reddit user posted a video of his Minecraft build where he recreated the entire Dunder Mifflin office using chisels and bits. Humpy123 nailed the iconic paper middle-man office, aside from a few minor details that fans were quick to point out. This took talent, time, and a whole lot of attention to The Office’s canon. Identity theft is not a joke Jim.

The Finer Things Club HQ

fine things club the office dunder mifflin
Photo Credit: Humpy123 / Reddit

Now Andy can finally be a part of the space where the most exclusive club in the office, the Finer Things Club, exists. There are the vending machines that Kevin threw a chair into during the fire drill and the table where Darryl recorded their Christmas music on his keyboard.

The level of detail that Humpy123 put into this is intense. The colors of the snacks in the vending machine even kind of match the colors of Dwight’s desk stuff that Jim put in there as a joke. Relax Dwight, $1 for a stapler is pretty good.

Where…CPR Training Happened

dwight mask CPR training the office
Photo Credit: @pop_o_clock / Twitter / Humpy123 / Reddit

Not only did this room witness probably the series’ most intense turn when CPR training went horribly wrong, but it has also been host to a slew of other memorable events. Humpy123 really captures the energy of that in this grey pixelated carpet.

This was the room we all learned what a pyramid scheme was, where Katy sold her lovely purses and stirred up some feelings between Pam and Jim, where the party planning committee hosted some real ragers, and where Michael revealed he hated Toby more than Hitler and Bin Laden. Toby…poor Toby.

The Other Half Of Sales

the office stanley and phyllis' desks minecraft build
Photo Credit: Humby123 / Reddit

Stanley, Phyllis, and Andy were truly iconic characters and Humby123 immortalized their stomping grounds. Phyllis and Stanley brought the manic engery of the office way down to normal proportions and seemed to be the only characters that actually got any work done.

This area also saw many changes – from the Christmas tree in the corner that the infamous teapot sat under to the UPenn grad sitting at the end desk. Or was it Cornell? We also can’t see if Humby123 included the photo of Stanley’s daughter. Have you lost your mind boy? Help me find that photo.

Michael’s Office Is So Accurate Except For This

the office michael desk view jim looking through blinds
Photo Credit: @strngeownsmyas / Twitter / Humpy123 / Reddit

This build is pretty perfect on nearly every level. Humpy123 nailed the ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug at the front, the slightly fearful atmosphere surrounding the conference phone where Michael would call David Wallace, and Michael’s certificate claiming he’s a proud owner of a Seyko timepiece.

If you squint hard enough this build doesn’t look like Minecraft at all, and you can almost see Pam sitting there in episode 1 thinking she’s been fired. The only thing that’s missing are the blinds that Michael used to spy on Ryan. Yeah, Ryan snapped at him, but there was a twinkle in his eye.

Pam’s Painting Is There Too

the office pam's painting minecraft build
Photo Credit: four-toed-creed / Tumblr / Humby123 / Reddit

Humby123 truly did nail it. Look at the detail put into Pam’s iconic art piece from the episode that had us rethinking every mean thought we ever had about Michael. You can see the greens of the trees that line the building, the door, and even the red mat Pam painted.

This shot of the front entryway also lets us take a look at the secretary’s desk with its perfect elbow-height leaning surface that indirectly caused Pam and Jim to fall in love. Who can deny the chemistry those two had over linoleum while Jim ate peanut M&Ms.