Someone Recreated The Entire Dunder Mifflin Office In Minecraft And It’s Spot On

The Office is such an iconic show. Honestly, let’s never stop reliving it. It’s never going to go away with the sheer volume of knock-offs *cough* Parks and Rec *cough*, and memes circulating online. Now there’s this tribute.

One Reddit user posted a video of his Minecraft build where he recreated the entire Dunder Mifflin office using chisels and bits. Humpy123 nailed the iconic paper middle-man office, aside from a few minor details that fans were quick to point out. This took talent, time, and a whole lot of attention to The Office’s canon. Identity theft is not a joke Jim.

The Finer Things Club HQ

fine things club the office dunder mifflin
Photo Credit: Humpy123 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Humpy123 / Reddit

Now Andy can finally be a part of the space where the most exclusive club in the office, the Finer Things Club, exists. There are the vending machines that Kevin threw a chair into during the fire drill and the table where Darryl recorded their Christmas music on his keyboard.

The level of detail that Humpy123 put into this is intense. The colors of the snacks in the vending machine even kind of match the colors of Dwight’s desk stuff that Jim put in there as a joke. Relax Dwight, $1 for a stapler is pretty good.