People On Reddit Are Sharing Foods They Despise, So How Picky Are You?

People are always quick to criticize. Sometimes it’s music, while other times it’s how they spend their free time. Well, someone finally asked, “What common/widely liked food do you hate?” and people were quick to jump in and absolutely tear some foods apart.

Everyone has that one food other people love and they absolutely cannot stomach, but some of the foods people came up with were a little shocking. Did you know some people hate Oreos? We gathered the most discussed foods from the thread, as well as the best comments about those foods. How do you square up in comparison?

“Disgusting Flesh Explosion”

tomatoes whole and sliced
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There’s a reason that Spain has an entire festival dedicated to throwing tomatoes. “I’ll eat tomato sauce, soup and ketchup, but the fruit itself I can’t stand.” I’m not even going to touch on the ‘is a tomato a fruit or vegetable’ debate.

HawaiianShirtsOR got a lot of validation after this comment, with the majority of people in agreement that they also can’t eat raw tomatoes. Maybe the people who like uncooked tomatoes are also the minority that supposedly “likes” lima beans…

“Tastes Like A Greasy Salt Stick”

bacon frying up in a pan
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The people who don’t like bacon could go out for breakfast with the people who don’t like eggs and then they could just trade items. It’d work out perfectly.

There was a lot of debate under this comment, with many users trying to convince others they just hadn’t tried enough bacon or the right kind of bacon (who knew there was a wrong kind?) One user’s response left us with more questions than answers though, saying “I have tried high-quality bacon but I didn’t change my mind.” What is high-quality bacon? Are the pigs given special treatment? Mud wraps and facials?

“Warm Lumpy Wood Pulp”

bowl of oatmeal with berries and chia seeds
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Turns out this user despises oatmeal, no matter how healthy it may be. “All I taste is warm lumpy wood pulp” was their exact wording in fact. The majority of the responses to this choice were informing the user that if you load it up with honey or brown sugar or coffee creamer it tastes significantly better, but that kind of eliminates the healthy aspect of it, right?

If you eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning that’s one part oatmeal and one part brown sugar. I don’t think your doctor is going to say ‘good for you!’

“I Would Rather Eat Four Chalk Sticks”

display of oreos at the Museum of Failure
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People on Reddit had surprisingly strong opinions about Oreos, with one user describing them as “two hard, dry, tasteless disks of particle board painted to look like dark chocolate, with a barely detectable smear of shortening cake frosting in the middle.”

One user was shocked by this take, claiming they were the best cookies he’d ever had, to which someone responded, “I pity you if Oreos are the best cookies you have eaten!” Sorry Mr.Christie, apparently you don’t make good cookies.

“Dark Liquid Misery”

cup of coffee with coffee beans surrounding
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Reddit user GidevTheDood posted in the thread saying “I hate coffee. I always tried to like it but it’s just a dark bitter liquid misery” while another simply called it ‘burnt water.’ These people clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and you know what would help them? Coffee.

One person even claims the smell is so strong they have to hold their breath when walking past coffee beans in the grocery store, which seems fake but ok.

“It’s Actually The Devil To Me”

wall of Heinz ketchup in Santa Barbara
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Yes, ketchup is worthy of its own category outside of ‘tomatoes.’ That’s how fired up people were about it. One person labeled it ‘the worst condiment by far,’ which seems a little harsh.

Think of all the condiments there are in this world. Compare ketchup to fish sauce or horseradish, or other gross things people pretend are edible. Can we really say ketchup is the worst? I’d allow it into the top 10 worst, because it’s weird that we eat liquified tomatoes in general.

“They Taste Like Mud”

mushrooms for sale in Saintes, France
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If you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t like mushrooms, you can basically forget about going out for dinner unless it’s to a restaurant specifically for plant-based diets. It’s like the only thing a vegetarian burger could ever be made from is portobello mushrooms. One commenter said they’re ‘tasteless rotting fungus’ which I suppose isn’t technically wrong?

Another user said if you slice them and saute them in butter they’re delicious, so basically if you cover up the flavor by cooking them in fat, then they’ll taste good!

“Balloon Full Of Paste”

beans in colorado
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Okay, this one is a little iffy but it’s got a solid response. According to Reddit user baronesslucy, “in the southern US [lima beans] are a popular food. I’ve never liked the taste of them.” Does anyone actually like the taste of them or has everyone just convinced themselves they do?

One user responded with proof that someone likes them, saying “my great grandfather loved them so much, he ate them every morning on his pancakes!” Weird flex, but okay.

“Cold Wet Plant Bones”

celery taken in Toronto
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This shouldn’t even count. No one likes celery, even if they claim they do. Celery has no taste except a gross one. One Reddit user described celery as “cold wet plant bones” while another said “celery is an insult to your plate” so I stand my statement that no one actually likes it.

Celery is composed of 95% water, so basically there’s no nutritional value (I mean sure, it’s full of vitamins, but that’s beside the point). That’s science for you. Might as well drink a glass of water instead of eating a vegetable that doesn’t taste like grass.

“It Tastes Like Furniture Polish”

blue cheese in Nottingham, UK
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One chef brought up his own disdain for blue cheese, despite buffalo wings and blue cheese sauce being his number one selling item, and everything just went downhill from there.

One person commented on how blue cheese “is literally a brick of mold. It’s inedible.” Another man really doesn’t understand his wife, talking about how, “after it’s been in the fridge for a few days, she asks me to check it to see if it’s gone bad. Can rot get any rottener?”

“It Smells And Tastes Musky”

watermelon photo shoot
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It seems like whoever is commenting on this post has never eaten real watermelon before. One user commented: “I can’t stand how they break down so much while you eat them (like popcorn does) Leads to swallowing a lot of air.” If your watermelon is breaking down there’s probably something wrong with it, just saying…

Another user asked, “how can something be wet, dry, crunchy, chewy, soft, and firm, all at the same time?” to which we have no answer, sorry.

“Pairs Well With A Garbage Bin”

coleslaw photographed for Washington Post
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Coleslaw is one of those things we as a society will never be able to agree on because every restaurant and grocery store does it differently. Some are delicious, whereas some are just bland mayo monstrosities. There will never be one definitive winner.

One former restaurant worker described coleslaw as “without a doubt, the most heinous thing a person can put in their mouth” which feels like a strong opinion considering it’s basically just cabbage soaked in mayo and vinegar.

“Extra Crunchy Extra Watery Raw Potato”

water chestnut pods in Berlin, Germany
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Does this one even count in the category of ‘hating foods people love’? I don’t think there’s anyone who loves water chestnuts, they’re just kind of there. Water chestnuts are like the annoying younger sibling of the vegetable world. You didn’t invite them along, but then they showed up anyways and you just kind of deal with it.

One Reddit user had an epiphany recently about water chestnuts, saying “for the longest time I thought they were actually chunks of the world’s most flavourless apple.” Something else we learned is that water chestnuts grow in these weird seed pods that look like bats??

“The Devil’s Fruit”

bananas at Morrisons supermarket
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On today’s episode of ‘things I learned today,” apparently bananas have a distinct smell, and people are not happy about that. I myself have never noticed, but everyone on Reddit has, and it’s not a good smell. There was a debate about whether or not this mystic smell was actually real too, because it seems to only exist for the people who hate bananas.

One Reddit user described the yellow fruit to have ‘the texture of disappointment and regret” while another simply said, “they have no redeeming features.”

“It’s The WORST”

jars of Nutella, in northwest France
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People who don’t like Nutella are probably also those people who say “oh I’m not really a dessert person” and I have no space for that negative energy in my life.

One user described Nutella as “like eating sugary oil” which, DUH. That’s the entire point of Nutella. You’re supposed to feel gross after you eat it then crash from the sugar high an hour later. Nutella is really more of a dessert than anything. I’m not suggesting you serve it to your kids for breakfast, but maybe eat a spoonful (or three) while bingeing Netflix.

“An Edible Eraser”

avocados florida vs. californias
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The war on avocados was strong in this thread and millennials and vegans everywhere are infuriated about this one. Likened multiple times to fresh cut lawn trimmings and just straight up wet grass, no one on Reddit seems to actually like avocados.

One user described avocados as “cold wet mashed potatoes” and honestly, are they wrong? They also have like zero flavor; how does this vegetable contribute to society whatsoever? You could live your entire life without ever saying “man I could’ve really used an avocado in that situation.”

“The Aftertaste Smothers Everything Else”

chicken eggs in Turkey
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The general consensus for this one was: eggs smell really bad, and people will only eat them if they’re part of a dessert.

First of all, if the eggs you’re cooking smell bad, maybe they’re rotten? How long have they been sitting in your fridge for? Second of all, if you will only eat eggs in dessert then does your vote really count towards the ‘who hates eggs’ poll? You wouldn’t eat flour unless it was baked into something but you’re not walking around claiming you hate flour, are you?

“Bitter, Worthless Things”

three bell peppers - green, orange, red
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One Reddit user has decided that bell peppers, those peppers that basically just absorb the flavor of whatever they’re mixed with, are too overpowering for them to eat. “Even [if] I like the flavor underneath, it doesn’t matter because all I taste is bell pepper.”

user KDY_ISD summed up our thoughts perfectly: “Overpower? What? They mostly just taste like water to me.” Bell peppers are great to toss into a meal because they don’t have an overpowering flavor. Maybe these users are confusing bell peppers with jalapenos?

“They Taste Like Sweaty Socks Smell”

green and black olives for sale in Istanbul
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Olives were one of the most divisive foods listed, for sure. People either love them or despise them, there is no in between. No one is ‘okay’ with olives. Many Italian people were commenting on how ridiculed they were by the family for not liking olives too.

One response we’re still not sure about is “I can taste them in my lungs when I eat them.” Is this a good or a bad thing? Should you go to the doctor for this?

“Nearly Choke You To Death”

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What looks like a nut and sounds like a sneeze? Cashew! Which is the most educated nut? mAcademia!

Yes, people are taking offense with nuts now, despite all the great jokes you can make about them. In particular, Reddit truly hates almonds, and they were not holding back when it came to their descriptions. One person said almonds taste like wood whereas another described almonds as “dry lumps of flour,” and a third saying they taste like “condensed sawdust.”