Millennial Habits That Are Totally Different From The Baby Boomer Generation

Millennials have been accused of killing everything from napkins to “breastaurants”. Commonly described as narcissistic and entitled, this generation has become an easy target for frustrated baby boomers who are trying to cope with the changing times. Millennials are not like their parents, just like baby boomers were not like the generation who came before them… and that’s okay.

While accusing the generation of ruining things may seem like innocent fun, there is actually a lot that can be said for the habits and trends they have adopted. I mean, they’re actually talking about their personal finances and only buying houses they can actually afford. Millennials keep on proving that it’s okay to do things differently than their parents.

They Don’t Buy Cars


While some believe failing car sales are due to an environmentally friendly generation, the reality is that fewer millennials need cars, and even fewer can actually afford them. Many millennials either work in big cities with ample public transportation or they are increasingly working from home or remote offices. Couple this with a generation with high student debt, and it’s easy to see how many can’t afford an expense that includes a monthly payment, insurance, gas, maintenance, and repairs.

This change certainly isn’t a bad thing! Fewer cars mean less road congestion. Cities have noticed the change as well, and many have made accommodations to their public transit or provided new programs such as bike shares.