This Bracelet Shocks You If You Eat Too Much, And My Summy Bod Needs It ASAP

We could all use a little help in our lives to protect us from ourselves. You might not have the money to pay someone to stand next to you and slap you every time you commit a bad habit (more on that coming next) but the Pavlok bracelet may be a viable alternative.

Said to deliver a 350-volt shock when the user commits a bad habit they’re trying to break, it will truly jump start your road to healthy habits. Whether your vice is smoking or overspending, oversleeping or nail biting, this bracelet is supposedly the end all be all cure. Intrigued yet?

The Best Of Both Worlds

pavlok bracelet built out of boston
Photo Credit: David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Pavlok bracelet was created by Maneesh Sethi, an author and tech entrepreneur who saw a gap to fill in the market. After suffering from what he defined as an addiction to Facebook, Sethi hired a woman to slap him every time he tried to go on Facebook, and according to him his productivity “skyrocketed.”

His newfound productivity got Sethi thinking about how his current fitness trackers don’t help to motivate him, so why not try combining the two?

Truly Shocking

man smoking in Glasgow
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Enter: Pavlok. According to their website, the Pavlok bracelet is a behavior training device that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable. In simpler terms? You’re trying to quit smoking, you get shocked every time you go to smoke a cigarette, your brain no longer wants to smoke for fear of getting shocked. Done and done!

Also to clarify, this bracelet doesn’t fully taze you or anything. The shock feels like if you rub your socks on the carpet then touch a doorknob, says the founder.

Setting Your Goals

pavlok app screenshot
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So what habits could this be effective for? The company claims that this bracelet could be effective for breaking bad habits from overeating to nail-biting to hitting that snooze button on your alarm too many times every morning. The shock is self-administered, but can also be controlled through the app that partners with the bracelet.

Within the app, you set your goal for which habit (or habits, nobody’s perfect right?) you’re looking to break, and depending on what the habit is, you or the app could be responsible for administering the shock.

How Does It Work

child eating donut somewhere in europe
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Let’s say you’re trying to give up eating processed foods. When you feel a craving, or when you’re about to eat something processed, administer a shock. Pavlok claims that within three days, your cravings will subside, and it should take less than 30 days to quit your habit altogether.

For more extreme measures, you can set the app to track every time you lift a fork to your mouth and shock you every time. This seems less effective though… You’d be getting a shock whether you’re eating a pop tart or vegetables, so you might as well just eat the pop tart.

The Potential For Pavlok Payback

pavlok bracelet red band on wrist
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Your friends and family can also participate in your habit-breaking measures by downloading the app themselves and connecting to your bracelet. If they see you’re engaging in bad habits, they can administer a shock to hold you accountable. This could go either way — you might just be setting yourself up to get randomly shocked by your friends and family when they’re annoyed with you.

The product reviews are inconclusive in terms of “is this worth the money” but if you’re not willing to drop $200, you could go old school and just wear an elastic around your wrist that you can snap yourself with.