Students Whose Creativity Had Their Teachers In Stitches

For at least 13 years of your life, you’re subjected to being a student. If you decide to go on to college, that’s another four to five years of being trapped within the confines of academia. All those years dedicated to schooling can be pretty exhausting at times but these students have found the most hilarious ways to make the most of it.

From incorrect test answers (that actually got them the points!) to signs that confused everyone who saw them, these students ought to get an A+ just for making us laugh.

Wait until you see the genius way one student tricked their teacher into giving them 100 on an assignment!

Well, He’s Not Wrong

student literal test answer

We’re sure this wasn’t the answer that this math teacher was looking for. As you can see, the student gave the question an honest shot but obviously didn’t feel confident enough with what he got.

Instead, he decided to outsmart the teacher by writing the most logical test question he could come up with. Hopefully, this teacher gave the student credit for being creative. It has to be worth at least half a point.

Don’t Disturb The Animals

engineers in their natural habitat

When you’re hard at work in university, it can often feel like you’re trapped in a zoo. You’re corralled into classrooms while prospective students take tours around campus and look at you like some sort of spectacle.

At this school, it’s imperative not to disturb the engineering students. They’re already in a fragile state; probably running on three hours of sleep, three Red Bulls, and leftover pizza from two days ago.

Not The Axes We Asked For

label your axes

This student decided to mask the fact that he couldn’t answer the question completely by getting a little creative with the instructions. Whenever you are told to “label your axes,” it’s usually referring to both the x- and y-axis of a graph.

All he had to do was write “x” and “y” next to the darkened lines on this graph, but this student obviously didn’t do that and instead, they drew more than one “ax” and labeled them.

That’s One Way To Ace It

student gets 100 connect the dots

Students who finish their tests early end up with a lot of time on their hands until the exam time runs out. This often leads to doodles and drawings on the margins of the test that show off a student’s creativity.

This student decided to let their teacher in on the fun by creating a connect-the-dots puzzle. Surprisingly, the teacher actually fell for it and ended up giving this student a 100.

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Saving Face

student posts pic of mama june in school window

A student at this school thought it’d be hilarious to pin up photos of Mama June’s face behind windows. It actually looks pretty accurate, as if she were really squishing her face in the window to scare students.

We know we’d be pretty surprised if we saw this as we were walking down the hall en route to our next class. Everyone who saw this likely had to do a double-take.

The Door’s A Little Sensitive

this door is alarmed generally anxious

On any school campus, there’s always something we can’t touch or somewhere we’re not allowed to be. This door applies to those restrictions after 5 P.M. Unless you want to set an alarm off throughout the whole school, we wouldn’t recommend trying to open this door.

One student took the warning in another direction and decided to further explain this door’s emotional tendencies. Maybe the door is anxious someone will pass through it.

Casual Chemistry

formaldehyde casualdehyde

Chemistry isn’t always the most exciting subject in school. Having to memorize the names of gases and their molecular structures can be awfully frustrating but it doesn’t always need to be. One student clearly realized that when they decided to have a little fun with “formaldehyde.”

With the word “formal” in its name, it’s pretty easy to think of its opposite. This person made a “casual” version complete with a Hawaiian shirt.

We’ve Made It To The End

game of loans graduation cap

Game of Thrones hype came just in time for graduation season in 2019. One graduate decided to mark both occasions by expressing her excitement on her graduation cap. We can’t say that this student is too excited, however, because she forewarns onlookers about another enemy that is after her now that she is graduating.

Like Ned Stark’s warning about the onset of winter, this girl’s cap is anticipating something much worse: student loan interest.

It can be tough to keep track of hundreds of students, which is why one guy coming up was able to get away with what he put on his ID card…

That’s The Point Of The Game

pro hide and seek university

If the game of hide and seek is child’s play, then college students are bonafide pros. After all, college students often act like over-sized children which is why it’s not surprising that their game of hide and seek was so rowdy that police had to get involved.

Unfortunately for the campus police, they got themselves into a game where they were automatically the losers. You can’t beat someone at their own game.

He’ll Make You Second Guess Yourself

student wears tuesday shirt on wednesday

There may not be anything suspect about someone wearing a shirt that says “It’s Tuesday” on it except for when he purposefully wears it on Wednesday! This student wears this shirt every Wednesday to school with the sole purpose of messing with peoples’ heads.

When you’re in school all the time, each day blends into the next and it gets easy to lose track of what day it is. No thanks to this guy, it just got a whole lot more confusing.

May We Help You?

student has dinosaur tea party in locker

When school supervisors come around to perform locker inspections, they’re usually looking for prohibited contraband such as drugs or other threatening paraphernalia. When they came upon this locker, they probably weren’t expecting this dinosaur tea party.

This student obviously put a lot of work into hosting these two dinosaurs for tea. They even installed a working chandelier so that the dinosaurs could enjoy their party while the student was away at class!

Nobody Questioned This

student changed his name to jaffar fromaladdin

“In grade eleven I secretly changed my name on photo day. Nobody noticed so it got printed on my student card,” this student shared on Reddit. This student’s trickery turned out to be a success and we’re sure that he got an awful lot of weird looks every time he had to show an administrator his school ID.

We wonder how long it took before someone called him out on it.

Speaking of incorrect names, it’s pretty annoying when people keep messing up your name on purpose, just like they did for one professor coming up on this list.

The Calculated Risk

student provides an example of a risk

When you come across a short answer question on a test, the teacher is usually looking for a few sentences at least. This student was asked to provide an example of a risk and they definitely took a risk by merely answering, “No.”

Apparently, they only had ten seconds left to answer the question and this was all they had time to write down. Indeed, the risky answer certainly worked out for them!

They All Fit The Bill

post no bills pictures of famous bills

When you see a sign that says “Post No Bills” in a public space, it usually means you’re not allowed to post any advertisements or flyers in the area. Unfortunately for college campuses, this rule doesn’t really hold up since there are flyers everywhere.

These students took things to the next level not only by disobeying the sign but posting exactly what they’re not supposed to: pictures of famous Bills!

Eventually They All Start To Look Alike

students wear same shirt on picture day

Do you notice anything strange about these yearbook pages? If you look closely, you’ll notice that nearly half of the guys on these pages are all wearing the same shirt and the same mischievous grin.

Apparently, someone thought it’d be hilarious to pass around an old Hawaiian shirt on picture day and see how many people they could get to wear it. The photographers that day must have thought that shirt was in style with kids these days.

What’s In A Name?


It must be frustrating to have a name that could easily get confused with another word. People always mispronounce your name whether it’s an accident or not. Unfortunately for this guy, people probably mess up his name on purpose.

After all, how could you not? His name is just two letters away from the word “hedgehog.” Apparently, this doctor isn’t too fond of the joke but nobody took his request seriously.

These aren’t the only hijinks that students are up to on this list. Wait until you see the painstaking senior prank that was pulled on one unfortunate administrator…

Graduating By Any Means

student graduates with mail man

Not everyone’s educational journey takes the traditional route of going to school on campus. This kid enrolled in an online school and successfully completed all the courses he needed in order to graduate. But because of his circumstances, this guy didn’t get to participate in a commencement ceremony.

Instead, he asked the mail man who delivered his diploma to take a picture with him to make things feel more official.

Send Us A Sign

student communicating with cheetos

When these students noticed a hole in the floor, they realized they could see down into the classroom below them. That prompted an experiment. “[We] tied a Cheeto to a piece of yarn and we’re trying to communicate with this girl but so far she hasn’t noticed,” this student wrote on Reddit.

Students have to find some way to pass the time when they’re absolutely bored in class. If the girl doesn’t notice, they’ll probably give up and just eat the Cheetos.

A Subtle Complaint

student gives honest test answer

Some lessons are just so absolutely frustrating that some students want to punch a hole through their textbooks! Others just want to cry. We’re sure that this student fell into the latter category because when it came to this extra credit question, they spoke their truth.

It’s a good thing it was just an extra credit question because that kind of answer probably wasn’t what the teacher was looking for. Still, the teacher obviously felt bad about it!

A Sticky Situation

elaborate senior pranks

Every year, the new class of high school seniors has to think of a prank that will outdo all the seniors that came before them. These high school seniors thought it was genius to cover an administrator’s office entirely in Post-it notes!

We sure hope that the administrator laughed when they saw their desk, printer, walls, and bookshelf covered in all these sticky notes. But they probably weren’t laughing when they had to clean it all up.