Students Whose Creativity Had Their Teachers In Stitches

For at least 13 years of your life, you’re subjected to being a student. If you decide to go on to college, that’s another four to five years of being trapped within the confines of academia. All those years dedicated to schooling can be pretty exhausting at times but these students have found the most hilarious ways to make the most of it.

From incorrect test answers (that actually got them the points!) to signs that confused everyone who saw them, these students ought to get an A+ just for making us laugh.

Well, He’s Not Wrong

student literal test answer

We’re sure this wasn’t the answer that this math teacher was looking for. As you can see, the student gave the question an honest shot but obviously didn’t feel confident enough with what he got.

Instead, he decided to outsmart the teacher by writing the most logical test question he could come up with. Hopefully, this teacher gave the student credit for being creative. It has to be worth at least half a point.