We’re Totally Buggin’ About These “Clueless” Secrets

When Clueless hit theaters in July 1995, critics didn’t expect it to be one of the greatest teen movies of all time. On the surface, it appears to be just another dim-witted comedy but it doesn’t take to long to realize it’s much more nuanced than it looks.

Clueless became a mega-hit and certified itself as a ’90s cult classic. Even though you might have watched the movie on repeat as a teen, read on for some Clueless facts that will make you, well, less clueless.

It’s Based On A Jane Austen Novel

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Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB
Paramount Pictures/MovieStillsDB

Clueless isn’t just a made-up teen movie. The writer and director, Amy Heckerling, actually loosely based it off of author Jane Austen’s 1918 classic Emma. English lit majors might recognize the similarities between the two. Both Cher Horowitz and Emma are socialites who enjoy matchmaking and have a widowed father.

Other characters in the film connect with the book. Tai is supposed to be Harriet while Josh is supposed to be Mr. Knightly.