Candid Photos Of The Royal Family Goofing Off And Acting Like The Rest of Us

The royal family is constantly in the press, and with good reason. With the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle marrying two of the world’s most eligible bachelors, life has never looked so sweet for the House of Windsor. They might always be decked out in their finest, but the Royals aren’t really that different from the average Joe.

Join us as we take a look at some incredible pictures of the royals goofing off and acting like the rest of us. Kate gets into a sticky situation and Meghan’s a professional at private jokes…

When Kate Got Stuck in a Grate

Photo by DRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

Have you ever been walking down the street, only to find that you’ve got your stiletto stuck in a pesky drain? It’s happened to the best of us, Kate. The duchess succumbed to a very public calamity when she got her heel wedged in a grate back in 2013.

Dressed in a stylish green ensemble to pay homage to St. Patrick’s Day, the sleek royal held onto her husband as she tried to pry her shoe out of the hole. Prince William and two officers look on in what feels like the most ordinary moment ever captured on camera in the history of the royal family.

Will Livin’ on a Prayer

Prince William Karaoke
Photo by Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty Images

Livin’ on a Prayer is so iconic that even Prince William couldn’t resist belting it out. The Centrepoint Gala Dinner at Kensington Palace in London in 2013 was a sight to behold. Who would’ve thought that Prince Will would’ve been so quick to get up on the mic?

Of course, when we do karaoke with our friends it’s more cheap beer and jeans than champagne and tuxedos. Either way, there’s nothing quite like a dose of badly-sung Bon Jovi to get the party started. Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi look like they’re having the time of their lives, too.

Prince Will’s Sleepy Moment

Prince Will Sleeping
Photo by Eddie Mulholland/Pool/AFP/Getty Images

Remembrance Sunday is a huge thing in ol’ Blighty, so when Will and Kate welcomed their third child, Will still had to attend the important event just days later. Clearly a little worse for wear after sleepless nights, William caused a stir when he was pictured nodding off.

Harry and Meghan were busy staring at each other longingly, so no one gave poor Will a nudge in the ribs. Newborn babies are notorious for crying all night and sleeping all day, so you can’t really blame the Duke of Cambridge for this one. It was still all over the tabloids, though.

Camilla’s Ice Cream Delight

Camilla and her Ice Cream

Camilla Parker-Bowles isn’t a royal by blood, but by marriage. She famously had an affair with Prince Charles throughout his marriage to the late Princess Diana. A few years after Di’s passing, the two made it official. It took a while, but Camilla was eventually accepted into the fold by the British public.

Pictures like this are what we live for. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Camilla attacked this poor cone with such ferocity that she made a classic rookie mistake and ended up with a white nose. In fairness, she doesn’t look upset about it so it must’ve been worth it.

Kate’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Photo by Paul Rogers – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Who said that being a royal was all stuffy state visits and church services? Sometimes they get to have more fun than the rest of us. Kate, Will, and Harry got to visit the Harry Potter set a few years ago, wands and all.

There are more snaps from this brilliant day out that prove the royal family loves Harry, Ron, and Hermione as much as the rest of us. Kate clearly loves a bit of wand-waving, which suits her down to a T. Can you imagine her waving that at Princess Charlotte when she’s misbehaving? That’s a magical mama right there.

The Queen Laughing at Sportsmen

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When you think of sports watched by the royals, you most likely think of polo or something involving horses. However, they’re not afraid to get down and dirty with the rest of us…from afar, anyway. During the 2013 Braemer Highland Games, the Queen was very amused by one event in particular: the sack race.

Sitting alongside her son and her husband, she shares a joke with Prince Charles as she looks on at the men struggling to get to the finish line by hopping in Burlap sacks. The historical event dates back 200 years…not quite as old as the Queen, but almost!

Kate’s Dance with Paddington

Kate, Will and Paddington Bear
Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Paddington Bear is almost as British as the royal family themselves (besides Meghan that is!) The adorable cartoon bear is the brainchild of Michael Bond. Although he’s been around for years, the character has enjoyed a new lease of life thanks to the Paddington movies.

Kate had the chance to dance with a life-size version of the bear back in 2017, at the Charities Forum Event at Paddington station. Kate looks just like a kid at Disneyland, getting down with her bad self in a chic pale-pink dress Jackie Kennedy would’ve admired. Is there anything better than dancing with a person dressed in a character suit?

The Duchess of Cool

Charles and Camilla in Ghana
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Even the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall can spot an Insta-worthy shot. This picture might be more at home on the Instagram feed of an influencer, but here they are. The couple poses in front of a wall mural at the Art, Music, Dance and Youth Exhibition in Jamestown, Ghana last November.

Complete with shades and a parasol, the lovebirds look like something out of a Jane Austen novel… placed in an Ariana Grande music video. We dig the whole look, not least because we’ve created similar snaps ourselves and they weren’t half as decent.

Meghan’s Welly Wanging

Meghan Welly Wanging
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When Meghan wed Harry last year, she probably didn’t think she would be welly wanging by that October. It sounds rude, but really, it’s just a game. The duo stopped off in Auckland during an official autumn tour around Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand.

There, they met up with a group of children from the Trees in Survival group to play some traditional games. Meghan is snapped here throwing the red-spotted welly like a housewife at a school fair. Let hope they bought new wellies for the occasion so the duchess didn’t have to put her hand where someone’s stinky foot once was.

Royal Kids Can’t Contain Themselves

Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Being a royal child comes with a lot of responsibility. They have to have a fine education and be well-versed in everything from history to politics, but when they’re little, they’re just like every other child in the world.

Pictured on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during 2018’s Trooping the Colour, the royal kids look like they’re having a blast. Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips, Prince George, and Isla Phillips are living their best lives as they watch the ceremony unfold. Oh, to be young and carefree…and rich beyond your wildest dreams. There’s no poise here, just pure joy. Isn’t that sweet?

Prince William Does Public Yoga

Prince William Does Yoga
Photo via Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royals need to look after themselves. Look at Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. They’re well into their 90’s and still going about their duties, just at a slower rate. It’ll soon be handing down the flag to the younger generation to fly.

Maybe that’s why Prince William was captured in a precarious position in 2016, stretching it out on the pitch before playing in the Audi Polo Challenge match. We hate to think of the grass stains on his white pants, but apparently, these yoga moves help the prince stay on top form. Namastay exactly as you are, Will.

Prince George’s In-Flight Entertainment

Prince George Traveling
Photo by Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

The royal babies have to do an awful lot of traveling. Not only are they shipped from the castle to palace in the UK, but they’ve got to accompany mom and dad on their overseas trips. Prince George proves that you can’t take the kid out of the royal by smooshing his face up against the glass of a plane.

George gets bonus points for looking extra cute while doing it, wearing his ear protectors like a boss as he departs Victoria, Canada with Kate and Will. He’s a kid with the world at his feet, and his nose against the window.

Charles, Camilla, and the Flying Eagle

Charles and Camilla and Eagle
Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When something moves really fast, it’s only natural to veer back and pull a weird face. Most of us manage to get away with it without photo evidence exposing all our chins. Sadly, Prince Charles and Camilla aren’t as lucky.

During an official event, the two were treated to a falconry display. The bird of prey ended up getting a little too close for comfort, resulting in this absolute gem of a photograph. It might not be the next royal Christmas card, but it’s one for the ages. Even terrified, Camilla and Charles manage to look like they’re keeping it together.

Prince Harry As Shark Bait

Prince Harry and Shark
Photo by Samir Hussein/Pool/WireImage

Before Meghan Markle was on the scene, Prince Harry was still charming the hearts of admirers the world over thanks to his sense of humor. The rebellious royal has always been a little different, breaking the mold.

In 2015, he visited The Sharks rugby club at Kings Park Stadium during an official visit to Africa. He joked around with the kids, as well as the club’s official mascot. In this candid picture he puts his face inside the mouth of the shark, reminding us all that we’ll ship him no matter how goofy he becomes. The expectant dad will be a dab hand at story time.

Camilla Sneaking More Food

Camilla Eating
Photo via ITV

Here’s Camilla again, doing what we all want to do 24/7…stuffing her face with delicious food. The Duchess is pictured here while appearing on popular British show This Morning, alongside her husband Prince Charles.

Hosts Holly and Phil look on as Camilla carries on eating the lovingly prepared pans of… whatever that is. Caught out by the cameraman sneaking another bite, Camilla looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Look on the bright side Camilla, at least it’s not all over your nose this time! Say what you want about the Duchess of Cornwall, but she knows how to chow down and appreciate her food.

Prince Edward and Kate’s Mutual Grimace

Kate and Prince Edward
Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

You know you’re part of the same clique when you’re grimacing in tandem. Kate and Prince Charles’ brother Edward sat side by side at the Glasgow National Hockey Center in 2014, watching a particularly messy game unfold.

By the looks of it, something brutal happened on the ice that caused this royal pair to coil back in horror. Wouldn’t you? Hockey isn’t exactly known for its loving hugs and pats on the back. Seriously though, how can Kate look this good while making that expression? The perfectly coiffed hair, the glowing cheeks. Some people just get all the luck, don’t they?

Meghan’s Private Joke

Meghan and the Queen
Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Word on the street is that Queen Elizabeth II really likes Meghan. And a good thing too, considering that she’s married to her grandson. Every time the pair are seated next to each other, they always look like they’re having a blast.

In June of 2018, they sat side-by-side at the opening ceremony of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge. The newlywed and her grandma-in-law shared a private joke together as they watched the events in front of them. On a side note, Meghan caused controversy a few days prior to this by exposing too much shoulder. She didn’t have that problem this time around…

Mike Tindall’s Dad Dancing

Mike's Dad Dancing
Photo by Max Mumby/Pool/Indigo/Getty Images

So Mike Tindall may not be a royal strictly speaking, but he is married to Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips. The couple has been living in wedded bliss for quite some time now, so rugby ace Mike is part of the family.

He’s pictured here alongside Princess Eugenie enjoying the Sentebale Concert at Kensington Palace in 2016. Prince Harry founded the event with the Prince of Lesotho almost 15 years ago, to benefit the HIV positive children of Botswana. Mike looks like he’s having a great time bobbing along to the music. Who needs a title when you’ve got freedom, right?

George Isn’t Amused

George's Face
Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Sometimes, you’ve just got to look out at your public and think, “Why am I here when I could be playing with toys and watching Paw Patrol?” Prince George looks like he’s seriously done with the family festivities for the day in this snap.

While George looks like the spitting image of his father, Princess Charlotte looks identical to her grandmother, the Queen. The rest of us can’t even get through a family dinner without throwing in a good scowl, and these guys have been to more formal events in their years than we have in our whole lives. No big deal.

The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party
Photo by Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Let’s finish it up strong with this beautiful gang of royal kids. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Savannah Phillips, Maud Windsor, Prince George, Theodora Williams, and Mia Tindall were all selected as part of the uber-cute bridal party at Prince Eugenie’s wedding last year.

Just like kids the world over, they couldn’t stand still for a hot minute and had to be whipped into shape by the adults. Prince George looks like he’s getting up to mischief, while the rest of the girls seem totally uninterested in the camera. Who had a meltdown at the wedding reception? Our bet is on Maud.

The Queen Gets Giddy Over A Horse Race

Investec Derby Festival
Danny Martindale/WireImage)

Who wouldn’t celebrate their horse winning the big bucks at a race? Not even the Head of the Commonwealth and Queen of England, who grinned giddily when she picked the winning horse at Derby Race in 2015.

Just look at her smile. Does she even need the money? Who cares! She has the intuition needed to run the country, and apparently bet on the champion horse at the Investec Derby Festival at Espsom Racecourse.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Both Flip Out During Wimbleton

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge attend the Simone Halep v Sabine Lisicki match
Karwai Tang/WireImage

Something didn’t go Kate Middleton’s or Prince William’s way during the match of Simona Halep vs. Sabine Lisicki in 2014, Wimbledon. A photo shot during the tennis match shows both of them handling their sheer frustration in their own way. Prince William looks disappointed, whereas Kate shouts out her anger.

Whoever they were rooting for must have lost one significant point. That’s what happens when you get really invested in sports–even the royals can’t hold back their disappointment.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles Are About To Keel Over

 Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh laugh
Tim Graham/Getty Images

Whatever happened at the 2006 tug of war match at the Braemar Games Highland even must’ve really been funny. In one photo, you can see Prince Philip and Princess Camilla looking pretty amused. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles look like they’re about to die from laughing.

The Queen and her eldest son must share the same sense of humor. From context, we can assume that one team finally tugged the over. And honestly, who wouldn’t laugh at that?

Harry, William, And Camilla All Share A Private Joke

Prince Harry (R) shares a joke with Prince William and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as they arrive for Trooping The Colour
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

During the Trooping the Colour parade in 2009, when the Queen celebrates her birthday, all family members must stay on their best behavior. Except Prince Harry, of course, who doesn’t hesitate to display his silly side in front of thousands of spectators.

While Harry rode in a carriage with Prince William and Camilla (whom you can barely see sitting next to the Duchess of Cornwall), they chuckled back and forth over some hilarious joke surrounding Harry’s feet. Unfortunately, none of the spectators could get in on the joke. But it seemed pretty funny, based on the others’ reactions.

Prince Harry Messes Around With Kids In Lesotho

Prince Harry makes faces at Lintle (right)
Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/Getty Images

Prince Harry founded the Sentebale charity in 2006, and his trips to children of South Africa yield some adorable and silly results. Here is one of those cute pictures of Harry messing around with a child in Lesotho.

The charity helps children of extreme poverty lead productive and healthy lives. But no one says that Harry can’t have a little fun along the way, especially goofing off with adorable children. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play with them?

Camilla “Threatens” Charles With Her Knife Skills

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visit Seppeltsfield Winery
Daniel Kalisz – Pool/Getty Images

This photo only proves that no one should mess with Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall relaxed with her husband Charles during a winery tour in Australia. At least, it was relaxing until she “threatened” Charles with a knife.

Is he playing along, or is he actually scared? Who knows? But we all know the temptation to playfully scare our loved ones while holding a knife, especially if they dare take a sip of our wine.

Princess Charlotte Skips Away Her Worries

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attends the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Park
Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kids will be kids, and that includes children within the Royal family. Princess Charlotte showed little interest in polo during the Maserati Royal Polo Trophy event. Instead, the little angel spent her time skipping around rolling all over the grass in Beaufort Park.

Grass is like kids’ natural fluffy blanket, so no one could blame the adorable princess for skipping around. Young kids may not understand polo, anyway. Let Charlotte skip around while she’s young and healthy!

Kate Middleton Awkwardly Works On Her Cricketing Skills

Martin Hunter/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s competitive nature came out during her royal New Zealand and Australia tours. During their visit to Latimer Square, Kate challenged Will to a game of cricket. Should go well, right? She is a Duchess, after all.

Well, judging from her facial expression in this picture, her current shot did not turn out as well as it could have. Kate might want to bring in Prince George to lend her some pointers.

Prince George Admires His Bubbles

Prince George of Cambridge attends a children's party for Military families
Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage

During the Royal Tour of Canada in 2016, Prince George embraced some adorable and childish moments. The family attended a children’s garden party for military families in Victoria, British Columbia, where the kids sat on miniature ponies and got to blow bubbles to their hearts’ content.

George’s face says all we need to know about the event. It sounds like a child’s paradise, and these adorable photos give us all some joy. The kids even got some balloon animals and sweets during the event.

Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice Show Off Their Dance Moves

Princess Eugenie and her sister Princess Beatrice cheer on horses
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Sisters Eugenie and Beatrice got to show off some of their awesome dance skills during the Royal Ascot in 2008. And no, the British racecourse did not suddenly put on a dance party. The princesses just decided to break out their moves simultaneously.

They seemed to be cheering on their horses, which hopefully did well. Then, onlookers could watch more of the sisters’ fantastic dance moves. Just because you’re royal, doesn’t mean you can’t get groovy.

Catherine And William Giggle At A Medical Test Mannequin

Catherine and William Medical Mannequin
Pinterest / Natalie Wilson

In 2011, Prince William and Princess Catherine traveled around as blissful newlyweds. One of their cutest moments came from their visit to the University of Calgary’s Ward of the 21st Century Calgary, which they kept laughing about a medical test mannequin.

That mannequin is supposed to be serious, right? For medical students to further their research? Well, not for these newlyweds, who probably could not stop laughing around each other for the entire trip.

Prince Charles Laughs At His Grandson

prince george excited airplanes
Instagram / @kensingtonroyal

Grandfather-grandchild relationships are the purest thing to witness, and we got a snapshot of this in 2016. During the Queen’s 90th birthday, Prince George watched an RAF plane fly past with his family. The young boy grew very excited as the aircraft passed Buckingham Palace and had to tell everyone about it.

Of course, George’s grandparents had to share his enthusiasm. Prince Charles got to roar with laughter at George’s delight. It could not have been easy to usher the adorable prince back inside.

William And Kate Delight Over Puppies

duchess kate middleton and prince william bond with puppies
Pinterest / US Weekly

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton couldn’t care less about etiquette when they’re holding German shepherd puppies. On their 2014 trip to New Zealand, the pair visited the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington, and got to cuddle with some brave future police puppies.

Will their family dog Lupo be jealous? Probably, but no one would turn down the invitation to hold milk-gallon-sized yawning adorable puppies. Life is hard as a royal dog-holding couple.

The Queen’s Hilarious Cake Fail

Queen Elizabeth cutting cake
Chris Jackson-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Princess Anne the Countess of Wessex had to intervene Queen Elizabeth’s cake-cutting fiasco in 2015. The Queen was cutting a cake during Women’s Institute 100-year celebration ceremony. What should have been a momentous occasion was stalled when she couldn’t pry the knife out.

The Royal photographer, Chris Jackson, revealed this moment as one of his favorite candid photos. No one can blame her–cakes are hard to cut, especially when you try digging into a giant 100-year celebration cake with a tiny knife.

Prince William Pitches A Tent Blindfolded–Almost

Prince William putting up a tent blindfolded
Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William helped out some members of the children’s award scheme in Abergevenny, Wales, while giving them a fun challenge. He wanted to imagine that they put up a tent during nighttime, so the whole group decided to blindfold themselves. Needless to say, it was not an easy process.

Impressively, the group managed to erect the tent in under 10 minutes, though not without their fair share of flailing around. “It’s nice to be here in the sunshine,” William joked while blindfolded. Too funny!

William Catches Kate’s Unruly Shellfish Moment

Kate Middleton eating shellfish
Tumblr / Duchess-Catherine-Elizabeth

Royal family members should not be eating shellfish in public. But Duchess Kate Middeton didn’t know that, or at least forgot. The knowing look on Prince William’s face says it all–he knows she’ll get a talking to later.

The two were on tour in Canada in 2016 exploring British Columbia and Yukon. Perhaps the change in scenery made Kate forget royal protocol. Either way, William’s face mirrors that of a kid about to tell on his sibling and making them miss dessert.

Princess Charlotte, Also Cheeky At Weddings

Princess Charlotte tongue out
Twitter / deleted user

Prince George isn’t the only royal kid to show some sass at weddings. At Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018, Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out from within a car. Perhaps she disagreed with the bride’s fashion choice, or perhaps she was just acting like an average three-year-old.

It’s heard to tell from the picture if the tongue means disgust or lightheartedness. Either way, it’s a tender silly moment that makes people connect more with the adorable princess.

She got silly at her birthday, too!

George Has No Time For Cooties

prince george unamused eugenie wedding
Twitter / ELLEUK

The adorable Prince George never fails to make everyone smile with his cheeky attitude. He attended Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William in April 2011. Instead of looking charmed, he looks pretty disgusted and unamused.

Perhaps it’s the icky idea of romance, or his bright multi-colored cummerbund. Young boys definitely don’t care about the gorgeous outfits or divine setting–no, if there’s cooties involved, Prince George wants nothing to do with it. He’s just attending the wedding because he has to.

Prince Charles Giggles At A Beer Name

prince charles pub
Pinterest / TJ

Prince Charles had a fun time when he visited Fleece Inn in 2018. A photo of him in a pub in Gloucestershire, England, shows him pouring a pint and laughing. You might think the beer is getting to him–and perhaps it is–until you check out the beer name to his left, “fugg life.”

Let’s be real–everyone would smile at that name. But in the cheery atmosphere of a little alcohol and a lot of joy, you can’t help but laugh at it. It’s always adorable to see Prince Charles giggling at a pun.

Princess Charlotte Having A Bit Of Birthday Fun

Twitter / KensingtonRoyal

It’s great to see that the royal children get to have some fun now and then. Here’s an adorable candid shot of Princess Charlotte on her fourth birthday on May 2, 2019. Her mother snapped the precious pic of Charlotte enjoying herself outdoors with a mischievous grin on her face. Kensington Palace shared it via Twitter.

It was taken at the family’s home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, and was captioned, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share three new photographs of Princess Charlotte ahead of her fourth birthday tomorrow.” Charlotte looks so much like her dad here!