These Mother of the Bride Dresses Are Absolutely Stunning

When it comes to wedding fashion, people marvel at the bride and her gorgeous gown (or suit — it’s 2019 after all). While the bride deserves her moment in the spotlight, we think we should be talking about what the mother of the bride is wearing.

This is the woman who has likely had the largest influence on the bride’s life, so she deserves to look amazing on this special day too. The moms you’re about to see are rocking bling, lace, metallics, and all kinds of sleeves. If your daughter’s wedding is coming up and you’re not sure what to wear, we’re sure this list will give you some inspiration.

A Vision in Taupe

@camp_odom / Instagram

Taupe is a classic mother of the bride dress color. It goes with almost any color scheme and skin tone, and it’s subtle without being too subtle. This taupe dress definitely isn’t too subtle with its gorgeous metallic detailing. The silver diamond pattern adds a lot of visual interest to this otherwise simple floor-length gown.

We especially love the short sleeves and higher neckline on this dress. It makes the whole look seem classic with a modern, fun twist.

Looking Royal in Royal Purple

@makeupbyivettb / Instagram

If a bride is supposed to feel like a princess on her wedding day, that means the mother of the bride is supposed to feel like a queen. We can’t imagine anything more royal than this royal purple dress with dramatic sleeves and white patterning.

Mom looks like she’s ready to rule a country in this outfit — or at least the dance floor at her daughter’s wedding reception. She’s not overshadowing the bride, but she’s definitely holding her own.

Bling for Days

@luisdomingueznovias / Instagram

Just because you’re not the bride doesn’t mean you can’t wear bling (and a whole lot of it). This dress is decked out with hundreds of gorgeous Swarovski crystals that complement what would be an understated taupe gown.

We think one thing when we look at this dress and that thing is “expensive.” This mother of the bride knows her worth and she’s not afraid to show it. I wonder what the bride’s dress looks like.

Ebony and Ivory

@brideandcosa / Instagram

What’s the perfect counterpoint to a white dress, you ask? Why a black dress of course. But this isn’t any black dress. This is a black dress with a white pattern that looks reminiscent of lace.

This mom chose a sleek look for her daughter’s wedding. And while her dress isn’t flashy, but she stands next to her daughter, the contrast of the black and white dresses really deliver a ‘wow’ effect.

A Garden Wedding

@wildwithloveflowers / Instagram

This floral dress with a matching white blazer is perfect for a garden wedding. The flowers on her dress perfectly match her boutonnière as well as the bride’s bouquet. We know it’s long been considered taboo for wedding guest to wear white, but Mom, of course, is exempt from that rule.

We love that this dress lets the party know that she is the mother of the bride, without overshadowing her daughter.

A Statuesque Mama

@jasmine_bridal / Instagram

With its empire waist and cinched midsection, this purple dress would look excellent on any mother of the bride. The v-neckline is elongating and gives the whole outfit a classic and feminine touch. Best of all, this dress comes in a variety of different colors to suit any wedding, but we’re partial to this deep purple.

This dress would look great next to bridesmaids in a paler shade of purple like lilac.

Twice as Nice

@augustveils / Instagram

Yeah, this mother of the bride is wearing a white dress. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, because she looks stunning. This is the perfect example of how to pull off a white gown when you’re the mother of the bride, without overshadowing your daughter.

It’s obviously not a wedding dress but it looks complementary next to her daughter’s v-neck lace gown. The look on their faces says it all.

A Hat for a Special Occasion

@caithrionaking / Instagram

When royal weddings happen in the UK, all of the female guests are expected to show up wearing hats or fascinators. This mother of the bride is rocking a gorgeous fascinator that perfectly matches her grey lace dress.

With this outfit, the details are what really makes it special. This dress has a really unique cowl-like neckline that makes it just a smidge fancier than it would have been otherwise. Between the hat and the neckline, this mother of the bride made a statement.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

@romanticbridals / Instagram

This is what we call a mullet dress. From the front, it looks like your average, everyday, little black dress. From the back, though, there’s a whole lot more going on. This dress has a partially exposed back complete with lace detailing. It’s unexpected. It’s stunning. We love it!

It’s classic and formal without being too boring and it would fit right in at a black tie wedding. Best of all, this mother of the bride looks super confident.

A Golden Goddess

@femme_fashune / Instagram

This golden dress looks like it belongs on a red carpet. We can’t tell if this mother of the bride looks like she’s going to the Oscars or if she looks like she is the Oscar. Either way, she is killing it.

Gold dresses work for both outdoor and indoor weddings. Gold is a metallic, so technically it’s a neutral color, which means it goes with just about everything. We love this mom’s matching gold clutch, gold watch, and gold earrings too. Shine on, girl.

Great Gatsby Vibes

@perladresses / Instagram

This mother of the bride dress is the Great Gatsby dress of our dreams, but with a modern touch. It’s dripping with bling and tassels, it has a unique off-the-shoulder neckline, and is a very flattering cut. Best of all, it’s a neutral color, so it can go with any color scheme.

We think mom will definitely be outshining the bridesmaids in this stunning dress. Let’s just hope she doesn’t outshine the bride.

Celebrate the Asymmetry

@maireforkindesigns / Instagram

This dress almost looks like a nod to the mod fashion styles of the 1960s but with a contemporary twist. We love the dramatic wide sleeves that almost make it look like a chic cape a la Lupita Nyong’o at the Golden Globes.

The asymmetrical layering of the fabric at the midsection is a unique addition and also helps to create a flattering silhouette. Top it all off with a gorgeous cream tone and this dress is dramatic while still being understated.

Upscale Pink Ladies

@perladresses / Instagram

This pink dress isn’t just any old pink dress. It’s a pink dress that’s full of amazing details like a beaded paisley pattern on the top half the dress and a crystal lattice on the bottom half of the dress.

The off the shoulder strap is a nice touch. This look would be perfect for a formal wedding that isn’t taking itself too seriously. This is definitely a black tie dress, but it’s also kind of whimsical.

Pink Twice

@kymom1016 / Instagram

Ok, we’re hopping back on the pink train for this stunning sleeveless blush pink dress with sparkly silver detailing. This dress is intricate enough for a fancy wedding but simple enough that it doesn’t distract from the bride’s big day.

We could totally see somebody wearing this dress to a fancy part or even an award ceremony, but it doesn’t feel out of place at a wedding at all either.

A Southern Belle

@nigelrayment / Instagram

This dress is giving us serious Southern belle vibes. We can already see Mom looking gorgeous in this dress while sipping on mint juleps at her daughter’s outdoor wedding.

The cut of this dress is a great option for mothers of the bride because it’s universally flattering. The deep-v neckline is feminine without being too revealing and the cinched midsection emphasizes the natural waist. We also love how the white transitions into a rich navy blue.

Simple Yet Sophisticated

@maireforkindesigns / Instagram

This architectural outfit is everything a mother of the bride outfit should be. It’s structured, it’s simple, it’s stunning, and it’s sexy. Mom definitely doesn’t look boring in this expertly cut pantsuit.

By the way, just because you’re the mother of the bride, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear a dress. A pantsuit or a jumpsuit can be just as feminine, sophisticated, and fashion forward. We give this look an A+.

The Details Make The Difference

@hsrphoto / Instagram

At first glance, this mother of the bride dress looks like any other simple white dress. It doesn’t have any bling on it or any sort of pattern. But when you look at it again, you’ll notice that it has some nice bow details on the shoulders and some very lovely fluted sleeves.

It’s a white dress, but this white dress complements the bride’s dress; it doesn’t compete with the bride’s dress.

A Ballgown Fit For A Ballroom

@marsoni_by_colors / Instagram

This dress would fit in perfectly at a grand ballroom wedding. You just know that if the mother of the bride is wearing a dress as big and over the top like this one, the bride must be wearing something magnificent too.

We absolutely love the subtle pattern on this dress. It adds a bit of visual interest without being too overwhelming. Also this deep navy blue color is divine.

Chic and Simple

@weddingbelles_kibworth / Instagram

This dress might just have it all. It’s chic but still simple. It’s got that wow factor but is still understated. It’s a beautiful rich navy, but will lots of silvery shine. We’re sure any mom could wear this dress at her daughter’s wedding and feel absolutely stunning.

Best of all, it looks like it’s easy to move in — which is important if you’re planning to show off your best dance moves all night.

Walk Down the Aisle In Silver

@marsoni_by_colors / Instagram

This greyish-silvery dress isn’t too light or too dark. It would look great on moms with a cooler complexion. Spice it up with some bold silver or white gold jewelry and you’ve got yourself a winner.

This dress is very bridal without being mistaken for a wedding dress. You won’t outshine the bride in this outfit, but you might out-sparkle her. This dress just makes my heart happy and we’re sure any mom would feel confident in it.

A Lace Cascade

@blogmotherofthebride / Instagram

This powder blue dress looks like it’s dripping in lace. It almost looks like a lace waterfall. The sheer sleeves are perfect for a spring wedding and the long train takes this dress into formal territory.

This mom has paired her dress with a matching powder blue clutch and a pair of statement earrings. We think she looks a little bit like Princess Elsa from Frozen. Does that mean the bride looks like Princess Anna?

A Floral Frock

@masterfitfashion / Instagram

This might just be the mother of the bride dress of our dreams. Actually, we think we want to wear this dress to every wedding ever, whether we’re in the bridal party or not. It’s just so ethereal and effervescent. The red belt brings together in an unexpected way and gives it a little edge.

Somebody have a garden wedding so we can take Instagram pictures in this dress next to some cool shrubbery.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

@kleinfeldbridalparty / Instagram

This blinged out dress manages to be understated even though it’s covered in crystals. Between this fabulous dress and her beaming smile, this is exactly how we want to look at our daughter’s wedding. We also love how this mom is embracing her natural grey hair (which looks stunning on her, by the way).

This dress complements her skin tone so beautifully. This mom is a knockout. We don’t think a dress like this could ever be wrong.

A Grecian Gown

ajbridalco / Instagram

We think this dress could actually be a wedding dress if you were having a casual wedding. If the bride is wearing something a little grander or a little bit more fitted, this would also make a great mother of the bride dress.

We love the Grecian-inspired silhouette and the way the dress cinches in at the waist to accentuate this woman’s hourglass figure. We can totally see this dress at a backyard wedding.

A Famous Face

@blogmotherofthebride / Instagram

Look at this mom in her gorgeous pale blue dress with matching shoes — and look at who she’s walking down the aisle. It’s none other than Priyanka Chopra (now Priyanka Chopra Jonas).

Yup, that’s right, this is Priyanka Chopra’s mother, and she definitely knows how to dress for a special occasion. We have a feeling that a lot more mothers are going to be wearing blue to their daughters’ weddings after seeing this picture.

A Princess Mashup

@theonewhitburn / Instagram

We can’t tell if this lady looks more like Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Merida from Brave. The dress is reminiscent of the sea with its fin-like sleeves and tight, almost-mermaid silhouette, but the color of this dress is so iconically Merida.

Also, the belt kind of looks like it belongs to Scottish royalty. Either way, this woman looks like a princess. A wedding is a royal occasion, after all.

Lady In Red

@perladresses / Instagram

Not all mother of the bride dresses have to be neutral! If the bride has a color scheme that allows for it, this fiery red dress is an absolute stunner. We can see it now: Mom dancing with her husband alongside her daughter and son in law, as this sip champagne under twinkling lights.

One thing is for sure — this red dress packs over-the-top elegance with a little feisty fun.

Flowers Everywhere

@ianstuart_blewcoat / Instagram

This dress looks a little bit like a couch from the ’80s but I’m kind of into it. The mesh overlay is very bridal but the black slip means that nobody is going to think that this mother of the bride is the actual bride.

This MOB is rocking some killer grey hair and she’s definitely making that dress look amazing. That silver bracelet is the perfect accessory for this knee-length dress.

Bring On The Shawl

@dressilyme_official / Instagram

This mother of the bride dress is classic but with a unique flair. The cut of the dress underneath is simple, but the overlying cape gives it some drama. We especially love the detailing around the neckline of the shawl.

We love a classic look with updated elements. We’re sure any mother of the bride would feel as confident as ever standing next to her daughter on the bride’s big day.

A Mardi Gras Wedding

@january8th_style / Instagram

This dress looks like it came straight from a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. There’s something about this shade of purple that just makes me want to wear costume jewelry and find a baby in a cake.

Yup, there are cakes with little baby dolls in them that people eat on Mardi Gras. I wonder if there were any baby dolls in this family’s wedding cake. Now that would be cause for celebration.