These Celebrities Make Being Obsessed With Cats Look Cool

It’s official: being obsessed with our feline friends is no longer just for crazy cat ladies. These cat-loving celebrities are proving that being completely in love with your furry companion isn’t just for single 50-year-old women (…not that that’s a bad thing).

Yes, some of them might be classified as “crazy.” And yes, some might take their feline-love a little too far…but can you blame them? Any pet owner goes above and beyond for their animals. The only difference is that celebrities can do ridiculous things like hiring a maid or a personal chef for their cats. Check out the celebs who are completely cat-crazy and all of the outrageous things they’ve done for their favorite felines.

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Karl Lagerfeld Pledged His Fortune To His Cat

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When designer Karl Lagerfeld died in February 2019, a lot of people were quick to ask: what’s going to happen to his beloved cat Choupette? That’s because Lagerfeld was downright obsessed with his white Birman feline.

Choupette quickly became an Instagram star with two maids, a bodyguard, a private vet, her own iPad, a Dyson dryer for her precious fur…the list goes on. Needless to say, Lagerfeld spoiled Choupette and even pledged his $200 million fortune to her.

Ed Sheeran’s Cats Were Part Of His Engagement Announcement

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Sheeran might be engaged now but his first two loves — his cats Dorito and Calippo — aren’t going anywhere. When the singer announced his engagement he made sure to add that the “cats are chuffed as well.”

Sheeran’s cat obsession started out normal with him casually posting photos on social media and printing their faces onto concert t-shirts. Since 2018, the singer has increased his feline affection by starting an Instagram account dedicated just to his cats that boasts an impressive 379,000 followers.

Taylor Swift Is The Original Cat Lady

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The country-turned-pop singer is one of the better known (cool) crazy cat ladies in Hollywood. She has two Scottish Fold cats named Meredith — after Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy — and Olivia Benson — after Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: SVU character.

The singer’s Instagram was mostly just pictures of her and her cats. She was even more relatable at the 2015 Grammy’s when she told an interviewer she wasn’t going to go home with a guy, but instead going home to the cats. All hail T. Swift, Queen of the Cat Ladies.

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The Clintons Brought Their Kitty To The White House

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Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Cats have a long history in the white house but one of the most famous ones was Socks, Bill Clinton’s trusty feline sidekick. Socks actually belonged to his daughter Chelsea. She was a stray cat that Chelsea spotted during a piano lesson back in Arkansas.

Socks became known to the American public as “Chief Executive Cat” and had a well-publicized feud with the Clinton’s Labrador Retriever. Socks even had her own fanmail box and stamp collection!

James Franco’s Cats Are The Wife He’s Never Had

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James Franco was raised a cat lover and just because he’s now a Hollywood star doesn’t mean he’s leaving his feline friends behind. He has two cats that are both named after literary figures. His orange tabby Sammy is named for What Makes Sammy Run, and his white cat Zelda was named for the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald (not the video game).

Franco is so obsessed with his cats that he throws them full-blown birthday parties every year and brings them home to family gatherings. Basically, his cats are just like a girlfriend.

Freddie Mercury Talked To His Cats On The Phone

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The late Queen frontman’s obsession with cats is said to have begun in the 1970s when his girlfriend gifted him two kittens — Tom and Jerry. The obsession grew quickly and eventually, Mercury was the proud owner of ten cats.

Queen biographers have said that Mercury’s love for his cats was so great that the first thing he’d do once he got off stage was call up his pet’s caretaker and talk to his cats on the phone. Mercury would even give every cat a stocking full of gifts every Christmas

Next, this singer is so obsessed with her cats that she started a cult.

Kesha Started A Cat Cult

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Yep, you read that right, the pop singer actually started a cat-related cult for her fans. The reason why? She just “always wanted to have a cult” and wanted to combine her love of cats with it. Anyone who likes playing with cats or even who likes pretending to be a cat can join.

Like most cults though, things got weird, and Kesha also added that to be initiated, you have to eat “a little bit of glitter…mixed in with cat litter.”

Martha Stewart Definitely Lets Her Cats On The Counters

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There’s no one who treats their cats better than Martha Stewart. The lifestyle guru has had numerous cats over the year that have even made guest appearances on her cooking shows. As you might expect, they all have over-the-top names like Princess Peony and Empress Tang. If you’re worried about how the cats are doing, don’t fret, Martha will keep you updated on her personal blog.

Thanks to her new friendship with Snoop Dogg, Stewart has even launched a THC line specific for cats. Smoke up, Princess Peony.

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Katy Perry’s Cat Has A Punny Name

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The “California Girls” singer is as obsessed with cats as you can get. When she got her first cat, Perry took advantage of the opportunity by naming the cat “Kitty Purry.” Kitty Purry actually ended up serving as the inspiration behind her Katy Kat makeup line.

Perry got her second cat, Krusty, while she was with ex-husband Russell Brand. After the two divorced, she dealt with the pain by changing the cat’s name to Monkey and adding an extra cuddle-session each day.

Jenna Fischer Is the Angela of Real Life

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In The Office, Angela is the crazy cat lady. In real life, it’s Pam AKA Jenna Fischer. The actress has fostered nine cats, volunteered at cat shelters, and even worked a “kitty crisis line” for a year.

While Fischer says she “tries her best” not to be too crazy about cats, she admits her house is a little over the top. Her L.A. residence features a portrait of her black and white elderly cat Andy and little “cat figurines” on almost every surface.

Mandy Moore Gets Pet Support For Her Fur Babies

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After her divorce from musician Ryan Adams (more on him and his feline obsession later), Mandy Moore had to request monthly pet support to make sure Adams was helping provide for their six cats. The couple had a mutual love of cats but Moore showed it off in other ways.

The This Is Us actress has partnered with Purina Cat Chow, raised money for cat shelters, and even voiced a kitten on the Disney show Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

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Nicolas Cage Does Drugs With His Cat

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Of course, the weirdest cat-related thing to go on this list would be thanks to Nicolas Cage. During an appearance on Letterman, Cage talked about how his bond with his cat Lewis is so great that they’ve done magic mushrooms together.

Yep. Apparently, Lewis got into the bag and ate the mushrooms “voraciously.” Cage decided to join in and that two ended up lying in bed “for hours staring at each other.” Most people do that with their cats anyways — just without the magic mushrooms.

Ian Somerhalder Brings His Cat To Photoshoots

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Not only is The Vampire Diaries star obsessed with his own cat, but he’s obsessed with ALL cats. The actor’s charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, helps to rescue stray felines. Somerhalder also calls his own cat, an orange tabby cat named Moke, his “life partner of choice.”

While he also has six dogs but he admits there’s something extra special about Moke. Something so special that he brought Moke along to a photo shoot for People magazine.

John Lennon Had A Little Help From His Feline Friends

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While the late Beatles singer owned a couple of dogs in his lifetime, he was born and raised in a cat-friendly household. The Lennon family cat Elvis was adored by John and his sister Julia. As an adult, the musician-owned ten cats with his first wife Cynthia.

He then adopted two cats with his mistress May Pang, then once he married Yoko Ono the pair adopted seven cats in total. It sounds like women and cats went hand in hand for John Lennon.

Getting A Cat Was One Of Macklemore’s “Best Decisions”

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Macklemore is yet another celebrity who has created an entire Instagram account devoted to their furry feline friend. The rapper got his cat, Cairo, in 2014 and was immediately obsessed. He debuted Cairo on Instagram with the caption “Best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

The best part about Macklemore’s cat obsession is that he’s gone full-blown cat mom. He even dresses up Cairo in adorable shirts and funny costumes. No word yet though on if those outfits came from a thrift shop.

Norman Reedus’ Cat Is High-Maintenance

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The Walking Dead star originally got a cat because his son asked for one, but since then he’s taken over sole ownership. The black cat, named Eye in the Dark, travels everywhere with Reedus and the actor makes sure his cat is attended to.

Often, he’ll leave notes for housekeeping at different hotels to make sure they tend to Eye in the Dark. Reedus will even buy an extra first-class plane ticket for him.

Dave Franco and Alison Brie Have a Cat Room

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Considering the fact his older brother grew up loving cats, it’s no surprise the younger Franco has a soft spot for felines too. Dave Franco has taken it a step further though and, along with his wife Alison Brie, has created a home almost entirely devoted to their cats.

The couple admits they are “like crazy cat ladies.” They even have an entire room in their house devoted to their cats that is decorated with “really terrible paintings” of their two tabby cats.

Amanda Seyfried Loves Her Cats…We Think

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This Mamma Mia! actress has two obsessions: cats and taxidermy. But don’t worry, she doesn’t do them at the same time. Seyfried loves to share selfies of her and her cat Spif. She also has two other elderly cats named Diane and Fran.

Her cats might be cute and cuddly but Seyfried’s dark side still comes out around them. In 2016 she commissioned a surrealist painting of her “holding a dead cat with blood trickling down her throat.” Uhm…okay.

CeeLo Green Has to Rent Cats

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In 2012 when CeeLo Green was a judge on The Voice, he turned heads (and chairs) by bringing a white Persian cat named Purrfect on the show with him. He’d stroke the cat Dr. Evil style as the pair judged the singing contestants.

Well, it turns out that he doesn’t even own the cat! He rented Purrfect from Benay’s Bird and Animal Rentals for a cost of $350 per day. Even though she’s rented, Green still said they are “soulmates.”

Christopher Walken Advocates for Adopting

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Christopher Walken worked at a circus as a lion tamer as a teenager so it’s not exactly a surprise to hear he loves domesticate felines too. The eccentric actor says he’s just “always liked cats” because they’re such great company. Despite his love for cats, Walken didn’t own one himself until a few years ago.

After adopting a shy, stray cat that showed up on his doorstep, Walken now advocates for adopting and no-kill shelters for felines. He even took a role in the comedy Nine Lives as a cat-obsessed shopkeeper!

Marlon Brando Had a Soft Spot for Cats

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He might have played a tough guy in the movies but by the looks of his relationship with his kittens, Marlon Brando was a big softie. When describing his relationship with his cat, Brando said that he “lives in my cat’s house.”

With a relationship like that, it’s not surprising that Brando insisted his character in The Godfather have a feline best friend. The cat in the scene was often thought to be a hidden message about Don Corleone’s warm facade, but in reality, it was a stray cat that Brando wanted added in.

Isla Fisher Doesn’t Care About Her Husband’s Cat Allergies

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Isla Fisher and husband Sacha Baron Cohen have three children together but apparently getting a cat was the biggest decision they made. Well, that Fisher made. That’s because she brought their two cats home as a birthday surprise.

Apparently, she just couldn’t hold her love of cats back and needed to get them even though Cohen “may or may not be allergic to” them. The funny couple now owns Hamilton Whiskers and Madame Tiny Paws whether Cohen likes it or not.

Jane Fonda Did Yoga With Her Cat

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Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche/Getty Images

Doing yoga with you feline friend is now a fun and trendy thing to do for Instagram models but it was Jane Fonda who kicked it all off. Back in the 1970s, Fonda was very fond of her Siamese cat. She would have the cat photographed alongside her during her Jane’s Yoga workouts.

During the shoots, Fonda would talk about how much she loved to workout alongside her cat and would even explain her poses to him.

Mayim Bialik Makes Appearances at CatCon

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The Big Bang Theory star has been open about how much she loves, (and sometimes hates) her four cats. Bialik’s cats are named Frances, Nermal, Addie, and Shadow and while they should have been giving her comfort during a recent break-up, they actually decided to start a “dominance war that involves urine and feces.”

Despite her fighting cats, Bialik told Parade that she’s “a huge cat lover ” and that she likes to go to CatCon, read books about cats, and post on her social media about them.

Jay Leno Gives Back to Cats

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@Purrlcat / Twitter

The former Tonight Show host’s love of felines has led him to some pretty hilarious jokes. When talking about his pet cats, he jokes that cats are independent, don’t listen, and stay out all night. That, “in other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.”

Leno could get serious about his love of cats too though. In 2018, he transformed his garage into a “kitten wonderland” in support of Southern California’s animal rescue.

Regis Philbin Paid Tribute to His Feline

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Animal Fair Media/Getty Images

Regis Philbin was never much of a cat person until his daughter JJ moved to Los Angeles to find work and needed her father to cat-sit. He ended up taking care of Ashley and Scarlett for five years while JJ traveled. The talk-show host was devastated when his daughter took the cats back but eventually took sole ownership of Ashley.

Philbin spoiled the cat over the years until he died at the ripe old age of 18. Philbin paid a teary tribute to Ashley on his morning show, proving how one cat’s love can change you.

Miley Cyrus Just Loves All Animals

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It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus LOVES animals. She has multiple animal-related tattoos, owns an endless amount of pets, and even titles an album Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz. While the singer mostly shows her dogs off on Instagram she also loves her felines. LiLo and KeKe are sibling kittens that Cyrus says love to keep her company in the bathroom.

Cyrus also has a personal Instagram account for her other favorite feline, Shanti Om Bb. With all these animals, Miley Cyrus seriously can’t be tamed.

Kristen Stewart Had a Twilight-Level Connection to Her Cat

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Sometimes you can’t even put into words you love for your pets. Luckily, Kristen Stewart had a romance she could compare it to. When asked about how much she loved Max the Cat (AKA Jella-Man), she said, “we have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella-Edward relationship.”

We’re not exactly sure if that’s a good thing since Stewart has openly expressed her disgust for the Twilight series. For the sake of her feline relationship, we’ll say it’s a good thing.

Paul Newman Made His Own Cat Food

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Paul Newman was one of the biggest actors of the 1970s and was often called “the most beautiful man who ever lived” but he only had eyes for his cat. Between shooting movies, Newman spent most of his time at home with his Burmese cat Louis XIV.

Newman’s love for Louis XIV even led to him creating and launching Newman’s Own Cat Food. 100% of the profit from the cat food goes to charity and yes, you can still buy it today.

Ryan Adams Can’t Get Enough Cats

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Remember how Mandy Moore had six cats to take care of after her divorce from Ryan Adams? Well, half of those are thanks to Adams obsession with felines. The musician now has three cats of his own: Agnes, Vincent, and Theo.

The musician is so obsessed with his cats that he’ll often feature them on his concert t-shirts. It sounds like all the drama between Adams and Moore has not stopped them from being feline-obsessed.