These Celebrities Make Being Obsessed With Cats Look Cool

It’s official: being obsessed with our feline friends is no longer just for crazy cat ladies. These cat-loving celebrities are proving that being completely in love with your furry companion isn’t just for single 50-year-old women (…not that that’s a bad thing).

Yes, some of them might be classified as “crazy.” And yes, some might take their feline-love a little too far…but can you blame them? Any pet owner goes above and beyond for their animals. The only difference is that celebrities can do ridiculous things like hiring a maid or a personal chef for their cats. Check out the celebs who are completely cat-crazy and all of the outrageous things they’ve done for their favorite felines.

Karl Lagerfeld Pledged His Fortune To His Cat

celebrity cats 2

When designer Karl Lagerfeld died in February 2019, a lot of people were quick to ask: what’s going to happen to his beloved cat Choupette? That’s because Lagerfeld was downright obsessed with his white Birman feline.

Choupette quickly became an Instagram star with two maids, a bodyguard, a private vet, her own iPad, a Dyson dryer for her precious fur…the list goes on. Needless to say, Lagerfeld spoiled Choupette and even pledged his $200 million fortune to her.