The All-Time Greatest Films Directed By Women

Throughout the history of filmmaking, men have dominated the directer’s chair. Even though women make up 50 percent of moviegoers, only four percent of films are actually directed by women. When watching an award show like the Oscars, it’s noticeable how very few women are ever nominated for their work in the industry.

Only one woman has received an Academy Award for directing after almost a century, so Hollywood is in need of some change. With women (and especially women of color) getting a chance to direct, they are able to exude diversity and inclusivity that is often times lacking in the entertainment industry. These are some of the best films directed by women.

The Kids Are All Right (2010)

Focus Features
Focus Features

After 127 nominations and 29 wins, Lisa Cholodenko didn’t receive one award for directing The Kids Are All Right. She co-wrote and directed a timely piece about a couple of teenagers living with their moms who set out to meet their biological father. It brings to light that families, even the most unconventional and controversial, know how to make love a priority.

Authenticity ran deep among this signature cast. Julianne Moore and Annette Bening as the moms have undeniable chemistry. The cast’s loving family dynamic is proof that it was formed from the trust of the director.