Note Left On Teen’s Windshield Nearly Breaks Her Heart After Reading It

It’s easy to make assumptions about strangers but in doing so, we often overlook the fact that we don’t know what they’re really going through. Some people might look completely fine and “normal” on the outside, but could be going through something heavy on the inside. This is precisely what happened to one English teen who appeared to live a normal life. But when a stranger anonymously confronted her, she wasn’t going to let her voice go unheard.

What the stranger told her nearly brought her to tears…

A Regular Night Out


Yasmin Swift of Kent, England was enjoying a night out with a friend, as many 19-year-olds are inclined to do. She returned home from her local pub carefree and happy that she was able to enjoy nights like that.

But Yasmin’s happiness came to a sudden halt the following morning. As she approached her car, she noticed something stuck on the windshield. Fearing a parking ticket, Yasmin braced herself. But it turned out to be much worse.