Season 3 of Queer Eye Is Premiering in Four Days

The countdown to March 15 — the Season 3 premiere of Queer Eye — has reached the single digits.

The Fab Five is back and the if the latest trailer has taught us anything, it’s that we’re in for an emotional rollercoaster.

The two-minute snippet gives us a sneak peek at three of the newest men and women to receive “makeovers.” One woman is trying to put her life back together following the death of her younger brother. Another is a black lesbian struggling with her identity in the show’s first-ever duo project.

“They expected me to be someone else,” one woman says in the trailer. “More black, less white, more gay, less gay…I feel like I don’t belong.”

As Jonathan Van Ness follows up with, “Absolutely not.”

After making waves (and taking home an Emmy) with the first two seasons, Queer Eye is returning to the small screen, this time in Kansas City.

“This season, these fearless ambassadors of taste are headed to Kansas City to bring their infectious brand of self-love, confidence, and encouragement to a whole new roster of heroes,” reads the press release from Netflix.

If you haven’t caught up on the heartwarming goodness that is Queer Eye, get to binging. You’ve got four days! And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it below.