These People Are Way Better At Crochet Than You’ll Ever Be At Anything

Before you read this article you should know that all of the pictures you’re about to see are going to make you feel very untalented. Unless you’re really good at crocheting too, in which case you’ll feel like you’re in good company. I guess you could get to this level too if you put in the hours of practice, but let’s be honest, we’d much rather watch other people do all the hard work.

Keep reading if you want to see some yarn masterpieces. Seriously, these things are works of art.

This Predator Costume Is Insane

Photo Credit: Crochetverse / Reddit

I don’t even know how a person manages to have this much talent. This is a freehanded pattern by crochet artist Stephanie Pokorny. I don’t know all the mechanics and techniques that go into a design like this, but I do know that is is freaking impressive.

Do you think Stephanie would make this in an adult size? I would totally rock this costume on Halloween… every Halloween.

An Octopus Friend

Photo Credit: nericksx / Reddit

I’ve seen a few crocheted octopuses during my time here on earth, but I think this one is my favorite. Everything from the colors to the pattern to the size to the tightness of the stitches is just outstanding.

I’m pretty sure that this is a pattern you can find pretty easily online, so if you want to try your hand at a crocheted octopus, it wouldn’t be too difficult. It would be hard to make an octopus as good as this one, though.

This Is Victor, A Professional Swimwear Model

Photo Credit: dorien_vdl / Reddit

This might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I audibly squealed the first time I saw this picture. This little frog is just way too sassy.

The artist who made Victor, this professional swimwear model, said that the pattern (by pica pau) was pretty easy to follow, but I don’t know if I believe that. It looks pretty difficult to me. But then again, all crochet looks pretty difficult to me.

A Mini Mr. Rogers

Photo Credit: chasingarabbit / Reddit

Ok, if you thought that swimming frog was cute, take a look at this tiny Mr. Rogers and his tiny puppets. Look at the tiny little watch on Daniel’s wrist! My heart cannot take this much cuteness.

I wish I had enough talent to create something this magical. Mr. Rogers was an inspiration to so many people, so let this little crocheted Mr. Rogers be an inspiration to you all.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Cheeseburger?

Photo Credit: baistei / Reddit

I think this little black cat likes this crocheted cheeseburger even more than I do. This thing is huge! It must have taken forever to crochet. And now this cat is just sitting on it like he put his blood, sweat, and tears into this gorgeous creation.

It’s not yours, cat. Not everything is yours. Whatever, the cat is cute. He can do whatever he wants. I don’t know if I want to eat that burger or if I want to sit on it.

Pizza Time

Photo Credit: randomusername1995 / Reddit

While we’re on the theme of crocheted objects that look like food, let’s take a moment to appreciate this crocheted pizza blanket. A blanket like this would make the perfect gift for the pizza fanatic in your life. Everybody knows somebody who is absolutely obsessed with pizza.

I’d love to fall asleep under a giant pizza every night— but only a pizza made out of yarn. Not a real pizza.

This Crocheted Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: howlingwulvi / Reddit

This crocheted wedding dress makes me want to get married once a year for the rest of my life— hopefully to the same person every time, but I’m not sure that’s a hard and fast rule. As long as I got to wear this dress I’d be happy.

I guess you don’t have to be getting married to wear a dress like this. This could truly be a wedding dress that you can keep in your wardrobe and wear for years to come.

Squirtle Slippers

Photo Credit: LirShilton / Reddit

Do your feet feel a little bit chilly? Do you think you could use an adorable pair of slippers? Sure you could. Everybody could use a pair of slippers. You know what’s even better than a boring old pair of slippers? A pair of slippers that looks like two smiling Squirtles.

Even if Squirtle isn’t your starter Pokémon, you can’t deny that these things are adorable. Now we just need somebody to crochet Charmander slippers.

A Lego Blanket

Photo Credit: zeebeedancer / Reddit

I just don’t understand how people are so talented. I have a couple of nephews who would absolutely love a blanket like this. Can you believe that somebody managed to create Lego blocks that don’t destroy your feet when you step on them?

I could step on these crocheted Lego blocks all day long. I think it would mess with my brain, though. It just feels wrong to step on Lego.

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

Photo Credit: 3mmy3mmy3mmy / Reddit

Do you remember the story about The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle? The caterpillar eats a whole bunch of food, gets super fat, and then he turns into a beautiful butterfly. I wish that would happen to me. What a wonderful way to lose weight. Just binge eat a lot of food, sleep in a cocoon, and then wake up a whole new you.

Anyway, whoever made this is a crochet wizard.

She Crocheted Herself!

Photo Credit: moneeo / Reddit

When I first saw this picture, I legitimately thought there were two human people in it. Then I looked down at the dog and I was like, cool, one of those ladies has a crocheted replica of that dog. Then I realized that the whole second lady was crocheted too!

This is absolutely insane. That dog must be so confused right now. I’m so confused and I’m a human with a human brain.

Sunflowers Are The Best Flowers

Photo Credit: / Reddit

I don’t know about you, but I think sunflowers are the prettiest of all the flowers. They’re the perfect shade of yellow— not too bright and not too dull— and they’re full of dark colored sunflower seeds, which offer the perfect about of contrast to the yellow petals. Also, they can grow to be super tall.

This blanket pays tribute to the mighty sunflower in the best way possible: though crochet.

A Beautiful Butterfly

Photo Credit: bitsy88 / Reddit

I love that this little guy has so many layers. Onions have layers, ogres have layers, our little crocheted butterfly friend has layers. He’s in good company. LIttle kids would love turning this crocheted caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

A toy like this would make a great gift for a baby shower or a first birthday party. I know a lot of young kids who would have a great time with a toy like this.

An Enchanting Mobile

Photo Credit: Instajjj / Reddit

Speaking of baby shower gifts, this mobile looks a bit easier to make than a transforming butterfly, and it’s super Instagram-able. This is exactly the kind of gift I would want if I was a new parent.

You could customize this pattern and use whatever colors of yarn suit your fancy. I love this pink and blue option, though. I think I need to learn how to crochet just so I can make this for all of my pregnant friends.

An Intricate Quilt

Photo Credit: leeuwenella / Reddit

How long do you think it took this crochet artist to make this whole blanket? Years? I think years. It probably only took a few weeks, but I can’t conceive of how anybody could even attempt to make something this big and intricate.

I would love a blanket like this in more desaturated colors. I don’t know if I’m into this technicolor pattern as much. I can still appreciate the work that went into it, though.

Avocado BFFs

Photo Credit: PM_ME_YOUR_mouse / Reddit

Somebody who is very good at crocheting made this pair of avocado halves for herself and her best friend. I like these avocado buddies way more than traditional friendship bracelets. I can’t think of a better way to show your best friend that you care about her (or him).

This would also make a great anniversary present for your significant other. Basically, when you learn how to crochet, you’ll just have endless ways to tell the people you love in your life that you love them.

A Softer Slimer

Photo Credit: / Reddit

Obviously, Slimer is the best ghost in the whole Ghostbusters movie. That’s why Stephanie Pokorny created this Slimer costume for her kids. Yup, this is the same Stephanie Pokorny who made the Predator costume from earlier in this article.

This costume looks a bit easier to make than the Predator costume. It’s a lot more bulbous and less detailed. I kind of feel like I might be able to make something like this, but I also know that I would get frustrated and give up after the first stitch.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Photo Credit: sweepitunder88 / Reddit

This looks simple enough. It’s just the same image of a Pokéball over and over again. Really you just have to learn how to crochet one thing, and then you have to crochet it like 35 times.

I think this blanket is pretty doable. Could this be a beginner project? Probably not, but it might be an intermediate project. I think you might need a PhD in crocheting to complete some of the other projects on this list.

A Beauty And The Beast Blanket

Photo Credit: alaluz / Reddit

Ok, this looks a bit more complicated than the Pokéball blanket. Everyone knows that Belle is the best Disney princess. She’s smart, she reads books, her dress is the color of sunflowers, and she takes care of her father. Yeah, there’s a whole Stockholm syndrome thing going on in that movie, but we don’t have to pay attention to that.

This blanket is gorgeous, and that’s all that really matters.

A Whole Collection Of Dinosaurs

Photo Credit: pickledlykkebo / Reddit

Do you have kids? Or even nieces and nephews or younger cousins? Kids love dinosaurs. If you want to be a kid’s favorite person in the world, just crochet them a bucket of dinosaurs.

I don’t know, it would work for my nephew. He knows the name of every dinosaur that has ever walked this planet we call earth. At least, he knows all the dinosaurs that have been discovered so far.

Air Jordans Done Right

Photo Credit: saucytheferret / Reddit

Yeah you could buy a pair of very expensive Air Jordan sneakers, or you could crochet them and only pay the cost of yarn. Ok, so you can’t really play basketball in them, but they still look super cool.

These shoes are on the feet of a full grown adult man (the crochet artist made them for her husband) but you could shrink this pattern down and make adorable Air Jordan baby shoes.

A Pack Of Penguins

Photo Credit: cheese_worthy / Reddit

Why crochet one penguin when you can make four? One penguin would just be so lonely. He would need some penguin friends. Once you’ve mastered the penguin pattern once, you can easily make a few penguin friends.

This crochet artist decided to make all the penguins the same color, but you could easily make each penguin a different color if you have a bunch of different colors of yarn handy.

A Tiny Cardigan

Photo Credit: Heavy_Metal_Hippy / Reddit

Little clothes are just so cute. They’re also way easier to make than clothes for full grown adults. You need less yarn so they’re less expensive— basically, it’s just better to be small. This is such a cute sweater, I kind of want it in an adult size.

Although, I do think it would look way cuter on a baby. Everything looks way cuter on a baby.

A Mario Blanket

Photo Credit: DizRN / Reddit

Mario is already pixelated, so a Mario inspired design is the perfect thing to crochet. Any pixelated video game would be cool to crochet, actually. This looks like it took a lot of time and effort. Are you willing to dedicate a whole bunch of time and effort to making a Mario blanket?

Maybe not, but if not, you can just enjoy this one. A picture of a blanket is almost as good as a real blanket…

A Girl Scout Headband

Photo Credit: eliz_banks / Reddit

A talented crochet artist made this Girl Scout cookie headband for her niece who’s in the Girl Scouts and regularly sells cookies. Which Girl Guide cookie is your favorite? Is it the Samoa? I think the Samoa is the most popular cookie. Runner up is probably Thin Mints.

I bet this headband helped this girl sell a lot more Girl Scout cookies. See, crochet is a great way to advertise your products…

A Soft Succulent Garden

Photo Credit: ratsandcatsV2 / Reddit

Some succulents can be super prickly, but with a crocheted succulent garden, you don’t have to worry about getting poked by stray spines and needles. It’s fine to touch these super soft cacti.

The best thing about a crochet succulent garden is that you don’t have to stick to natural succulent colors. You can, of course, like this artist did, but you could also make a neon succulent garden or an entirely purple one.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Photo Credit: chasingarabbit / Reddit

So, is this a rose or is it not a rose? It looks like a rose, but it doesn’t smell like a rose (unless you sprayed it with some rose perfume). It’s just as beautiful as a rose… I think it’s safe to call it a rose.

I wonder how long it would take to make something like this. I have no idea how fast people crochet. I feel like this would take most crocheters a few days to complete.

An Army Of Dragons

Photo Credit: CraftyIntentions / Reddit

Are you Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons? Well then, you’re going to need some dragons. You can’t be the mother of dragons without any dragons. How about a whole army of rainbow dragons?

You could make these look more like Daenerys’ dragons if you want, but I’m kind of into having one dragon in every color. The multicolored dragon is really special, though. I kind of think that one is my favorite.

A Crocheted Persian Rug

Photo Credit: chasingarabbit / Reddit

I don’t know if you’d want to put this crocheted Persian rug on the floor. I think it’s way too pretty to step on. Maybe this rug should be converted into a wall hanging or something.

If this artist is really intending on using this thing as a rug, I hope she never steps on it with shoes. Better yet, I hope she always just walks around it.

The Sweetest Baby Blanket

Photo Credit: snowball1707 / Reddit

I love the colors of this adorable crocheted baby blanket set. The crocheted toy is a nice touch. There’s something so soothing about pastel colors in rainbow order. I hope the baby who got this blanket found them soothing too.

I really think I need to learn how to crochet now. There are just too many cool things you can make with yarn once you master that one hook technique.