These People Are Way Better At Crochet Than You’ll Ever Be At Anything

Before you read this article you should know that all of the pictures you’re about to see are going to make you feel very untalented. Unless you’re really good at crocheting too, in which case you’ll feel like you’re in good company. I guess you could get to this level too if you put in the hours of practice, but let’s be honest, we’d much rather watch other people do all the hard work.

Keep reading if you want to see some yarn masterpieces. Seriously, these things are works of art.

This Predator Costume Is Insane

Photo Credit: Crochetverse / Reddit

I don’t even know how a person manages to have this much talent. This is a freehanded pattern by crochet artist Stephanie Pokorny. I don’t know all the mechanics and techniques that go into a design like this, but I do know that is is freaking impressive.

Do you think Stephanie would make this in an adult size? I would totally rock this costume on Halloween… every Halloween.