Instafamous: These Ladies Have The Most Followers On Instagram

Instagram as a platform has completely exploded in recent years. Celebrities are making Instagram accounts so that they can share some of the more personal aspects of their lives with their loyal fans. It’s a great way for fans and celebrities to connect on a more intimate level. People with large Instagram followings can also make a lot of money on the platform by doing advertisements and supporting brands.

Keep reading to find out which lady has the largest Instagram following as of 2019.

Shakira – 55 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @shakira / Instagra

Shakira currently has over 55 million followers on Instagram. She mostly posts promotional pictures and videos, but sometimes she posts pictures of more private moments with her family.

She tends to caption her more personal photos with Spanish captions. When she wants to reach a wider audience, she sticks to English. Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and neither does her Instagram feed. Shakira is clearly a worldwide sensation. She has millions of loyal fans.

Adele – 30 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @adele / Instagram

Adele is one of the most accomplished musical artists of our generation. She’s won a whole bunch of Grammys and she’s dropped smash hit after smash hit. I don’t think she has any plans of slowing down any time soon.

Adele has over 30 million followers on Instagram, which is surprisingly not as many as Shakira. It just goes to show that Instagram popularity doesn’t have much to do with the number of awards you have.

Kourtney Kardashian – 74 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @kourtneykardash / Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian may not have as many Instagram followers as her sisters, but she still has over 74 million followers. It seems like everybody and their mother is interested in seeing what the Kardashian family gets up to.

Kourtney’s feed is mostly full of glamor shots, with some photos of her kids and her family sprinkled throughout. There’s something about the Kardashians that make you want to watch them— even if you really don’t want to watch them.

Katy Perry – 76 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @katyperry / Instagram

Katy Perry has just a couple (million) more followers than Kourtney Kardashian at 76 million. She recently took to Instagram to announce her engagement to Orlando Bloom. She posted a picture of herself flaunting her unique diamond and ruby ring.

Katy has changed up her look a bunch over the years, but if you scroll back on her Instagram, you can see her whole style evolution. Do you like Katy with black hair or blonde hair?

Beyoncé – 125 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @beyonce / Instagram

Alright, move over Katy Perry, Beyoncé, our Queen B, has 125 million followers on Instagram. That’s the same as the entire population of Mexico. Japan also has a population of around 125 million.

Beyoncé always posts three photos on Instagram at a time, so that her feed always has rows that match each other. That’s the kind of Instagram strategy that gets you over 100 million followers.

Jennifer Lopez – 87 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @jlo / Instagram

J Lo’s Instagram is super glamorous. Her feed is full of sequins, sparkle, and high fashion. There’s also a ton of dancing videos on there if you’re into that sort of thing. Jennifer Lopez has over 87 million Instagram followers at the moment.

She rarely posts pictures of her personal life, her kids, or her new beau, Alex Rodriguez. But rarely doesn’t mean never. They make occasional appearances on her feed.

Selena Gomez – 146 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @selenagomez / Instagram

At one point in time, Selena Gomez was the most followed woman on Instagram. Times have changed since then, and at this point, Selena Gomez has 146 million Instagram followers. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of followers, but there’s one lady on this list who has her beat.

Check out Selena’s account if you want to see a whole bunch of pictures of Selena Gomez. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see a whole bunch of pictures of Selena Gomez?

Rhianna – 68 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @badgalriri / Instagram

If you want to see pictures of Rhianna’s gorgeous face, or if you’d like to keep up with her beauty line’s new releases, you definitely need to check out her Instagram account. At the moment, Rhianna (or badgalriri as she’s known on Instagram) has over 68 million followers.

Whether you’re a Rhianna fan or a Fenty Beauty fan, you should give Bad Gal Riri a follow.

Emma Watson

Photo Credit: @emmawatson / Instagram

Emma Watson isn’t hugely active on Instagram, yet she has somehow amassed a total of 50 million Instagram followers to date. Emma Watson has what’s known as a universal appeal, men want to be with her, women want to be her, some women want to be with her, and she isn’t in the news too often, so people are curious about what’s going on with her.

I think Emma Watson has a perfect face, and when you have a perfect face, you get a lot on Instagram followers.

Taylor Swift – 114 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @taylorswift / Instagram

At the moment, Taylor Swift has 114 million Instagram followers. She used to use her Instagram account to connect with her fans more directly. At one point she even used social media to send gifts to fans and invite them to exclusive events.

Now Taylor mostly uses Instagram as a promotional tool, but she still shares some more personal moments, as well as adorable photos of her cats, Meredith and Olivia.

Anitta – 35 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @anitta / Instagram

Have you ever heard of Anitta? She’s a Brazilian singer and model who’s been able to gain quite a large following on Instagram. At this moment in time, she has a total of 35 million Instagram followers.

Most Americans don’t know who she is, but this 20-something Brazilian superstar has been able to make it in the latin music industry. Her instagram is full of suggestive photos like this one.

Nicki Minaj – 100 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @nickiminaj / Instagram

Nicki Minaj has 100 million followers on Instagram. Her feed is full of photos of her performing as well as photos of Nicki in some outrageous outfits. Nicki Minaj may be a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.

Her Instagram feed isn’t boring either, so give her a follow if you want to be entertained. Nicki also posts videos on Instagram sometimes, so stay tuned for those.

Lady Gaga – 35 Million

Photo Credit: @ladygaga / Instagram

Grammy, Golden Globe, and Oscar winner Lady Gaga has almost 35 million followers on Instagram. That sounds like a lot, but compared to the likes of Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and even Emma Watson, it seems pretty low.

I’m not sure why Lady Gaga doesn’t have as many followers as her peers. Maybe it’s because she mostly posts promotional photos or because she doesn’t interact much with her fans.

Ariana Grande – 147 Million

Photo Credit: @arianagrande / Instagram

Ariana Grande has a whopping 147 million followers on Instagram. This girl has had quite a year, and her rising number of followers is likely due to how much drama she’s gotten herself into lately. A lot of her fans keep up to date with Ari’s relationship status via Instagram.

She also uses Instagram to announce when she’ll be dropping new music. This girl is on fire. I think this time next year she’ll pass the 150 million mark.

Ellen Degeneres – 67 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @theellenshow / Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres, or the Ellen DeGeneres Show has 67 million followers on Instagram. Ellen usually uses this account to post stills and clips from her daytime talk show, or funny photos sent in from fans.

Tune in to Ellen’s Instagram page to catch up on everything you missed on her show the day before, or to find out which guests will be appearing on the show next.

Miley Cyrus – 86 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @mileycyrus / Insta

Miley Cyrus currently has around 86 million followers on Instagram. Recently, Miley took to Instagram to share some exclusive photos of her recent wedding to her now husband, Liam Hemsworth. Miley likes to post photos in big bursts, so you’ll often see her feed full of a bunch of photos from the same event.

Miley has changed so much since her Hannah Montana days, and all of those changes are documented on her Instagram account.

Gal Gadot – 28 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @gal_gadot / Instagram

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has around 28 million followers on Instagram. If she gets one more superhero movie under her belt, that number could very easily go up past 30 million.

Gal mostly posts pictures of herself and what she’s up to on her Instagram page. She also shares stories about her workouts and her fitness routine. Follow Gal if you want to be inspired to get in shape.

Victoria’s Secret – 65 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @victoriassecret / Instagram

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit with this one. Victoria’s Secret isn’t really one woman, it’s more like a bunch of women showing off their undergarments. But these women are all supermodels and it looks like they’re all friends, and they’re all extremely accomplished, so I think this account counts.

As of right now, the Victoria’s Secret Instagram account has 65 million followers, which is more than Lady Gaga, but less than Miley Cyrus.

Victoria Beckham – 24 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @victoriabeckham / Instagram

Let’s move on and talk about a real person named Victoria— Victoria Beckham of course. It might surprise you to learn that Victoria Beckham actually has fewer followers than Victoria’s Secret. At the moment, she has around 24 million Instagram followers.

Victoria posts a lot of fashion photos and runway shots, so if you’re into fashion, I think you’re definitely going to want to give Victoria Beckham a follow. She also shares photos of her family and her daily life.

Kim Kardashian – 130 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian / Instagram

Kim Kardashian West currently has 130 million Instagram followers. She is one of the most followed women on Instagram, but she’s still catching up to Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

Kim posts a lot of photos of her family, which is fitting because she’s famous because she belongs to a famous family. It looks like she’s turning into her own momager. By the time North is old enough to model, she’s going to have a ready-made Instagram following.

Nina Dobrev – 17.3 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @nina / Instagram

It’s clear from Nina Dobrev’s Instagram that she really values spending time with her friends. From the looks of it, Nina has a lot of friends. She also has a lot of Instagram followers— 17.3 million of them to be exact.

Even though Nina doesn’t have as many followers as some of the bigger accounts on this list, her feed still makes Instagram a brighter and more positive place.

Kendall Jenner – 105 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @kendalljenner / Instagram

Kendall Jenner currently has fewer followers than her half-sister, Kim Kardashian. Kim has 130 followers while Kendall has 105 million. Do you think Kendall has more or fewer followers than her sister Kylie? You’re just going to have to wait until we discuss Kylie in this article to find out.

Kendall posts pictures of herself modelling on her Instagram page. She also posts pictures of herself hanging out with her nieces and nephews.

Vanessa Hudgens – 33 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @vanessahudgens / Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens, or “The Hudge” as she’s sometimes known, has accumulated quite a large number of Instagram followers over the years. At the moment, she has close to 33 million Instagram followers.

Vanessa mostly uses her Instagram account to share photos of herself or to promote projects she’s involved in. Occasionally she’ll throw in a throwback Thursday, or a photo of a nice landscape. Mostly her followers just wait for Coachella time, because that’s when Vanessa pulls out all the stops.

Demi Lovato – 71 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @ddlovato / Instagram

Demi Lovato has a hefty Instagram following of 71 million people. That may not be as much as Miley Cyrus or the over 100 million folks, but it’s still a lot of people. It’s way more people than I could ever conceive of.

Demi posts a lot of photos of herself on Instagram. In fact, it’s hard to find a photo on her feed that she’s not in. But hey, she’s giving the people what they want.

Zendaya – 54 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @zendaya / Instagram

Zendaya’s Instagram feed is all about fashion. Streetwear, runway style, you name it, this girl has it on her Instagram feed. At the moment, Zendaya has around 54 million Instagram followers.

Follow Zendaya if you want to stay up to date on all of the latest fashion movements. Also, she does some amazing makeup looks (or somebody does some amazing makeup looks on her face). This girl is a star for a reason.

Gigi Hadid – 46 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @gigihadid / Instagram

Supermodel Gigi Hadid currently has 46 million followers on Instagram. All of those millions of people scroll through Gigi’s Instagram feed to see her wearing the latest fashions and strutting her stuff on the runway.

Gigi almost exclusively posts professionally taken photos, with the exception of a few throwback Thursday posts. This account is kind of like a modeling portfolio for her. Give her a follow if you’re interested in seeing a whole lot of Gigi.

Khloe Kardashian – 88 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @khloekardashian / Instagram

They say every cloud has a silver lining. Khloe’s recent baby daddy drama has definitely boosted her social media presence. People seem to care about how she’s coping with all of this cheating and betrayal.

At the moment, Khloe has 88 million Instagram followers. A few more scandals and she’ll be up there at the 100 million mark with her sisters. Watch out, Kylie, Khloe is coming for your fans.

Kylie Jenner – 128 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @kyliejenner / Instagram

It probably comes as no surprise to you that Kylie Jenner is one of the most followed women on Instagram. This girl knows how to curate her public persona, and there’s no better tool for doing that than Instagram.

At the moment, Kylie has 128 million Instagram followers and you know that number is going to keep growing. She doesn’t have as many as Selena or Ariana Grande, but she’s getting up there.

Cara Delevingne – 41 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @caradelevigne / Instagram

Model and queer icon Cara Delevingne now has around 41 million Instagram followers. She posts a good mix of professional photos and silly behind-the-scenes selfies. Also, Cara is gorgeous, so that probably has something to do with the reason she has millions of fans. Those eyebrows are definitely #goals.

Follow Cara if you’re into models with a silly side, or if you’re looking to do your own eyebrow makeover.

Lele Pons

Photo Credit: @lelepons / Instagram

YouTube star and internet sensation Lele Pons now has around 33 million followers. That’s a lot of followers for an internet celebrity. Clearly, online celebs are making their way into mainstream culture.

Lele posts a lot of videos on her Instagram feed, which her loyal fans absolutely love. Check out Lele if you’re into watching a pretty girl act silly. Her videos may not be to your taste, but I’m sure you’ll be able to see why other people like them.