Instafamous: These Ladies Have The Most Followers On Instagram

Instagram as a platform has completely exploded in recent years. Celebrities are making Instagram accounts so that they can share some of the more personal aspects of their lives with their loyal fans. It’s a great way for fans and celebrities to connect on a more intimate level. People with large Instagram followings can also make a lot of money on the platform by doing advertisements and supporting brands.

Keep reading to find out which lady has the largest Instagram following as of 2019.

Shakira – 55 Million Followers

Photo Credit: @shakira / Instagra
Photo Credit: @shakira / Instagra

Shakira currently has over 55 million followers on Instagram. She mostly posts promotional pictures and videos, but sometimes she posts pictures of more private moments with her family.

She tends to caption her more personal photos with Spanish captions. When she wants to reach a wider audience, she sticks to English. Shakira’s hips don’t lie, and neither does her Instagram feed. Shakira is clearly a worldwide sensation. She has millions of loyal fans.