Husband Faints When Expecting Wife Tells Him What’s Actually Going On

Nia and Robert Tolbert were a loving family of three when they had their son in 2011. In just a few years, Nia would become pregnant a second and third time. Both times they expected each pregnancy to go as smoothly as the first. As it would turn out, however, the subsequent pregnancies would shock medical experts all over the world. Nia and Robert had no idea what was in store for their family or how they would handle this extremely rare case.

Love At First Sight


Back in 2007, Nia and Robert were just a young couple in love. That year, they were introduced through mutual friends and instantly hit it off. Some might say it was love at first sight.

They instantly began dating and it wasn’t long before they were in a devoted relationship with each other. Things only continued to go uphill for the couple. After a few years of dating, Nia and Robert received some exciting news.