These Celebrities Are Serving Us Serious #NaturalHairGoals

Western beauty standards have long emphasized hair types that exclude certain women, especially women of color. For centuries, black women were conditioned to believe their natural hair wasn’t beautiful. But as society’s perception of beauty ideals has evolved, celebrities have started embracing their natural hair too. With role models like Zendaya, Alicia Keyes, and Viola David slaying red carpets and social media with their natural hair, we hope the next generation of WOC will embrace their mane and all the beauty that comes with it. These celebs are channeling their #BlackGirlMagic and aren’t afraid to show off their natural hair.

Cardi B Likes It Like That

celeb natural hair 1

Rapper, musician, and overall candid queen, Cardi B has never been shy when it comes to being her true self. While Cardi never her minces words, it took her a long time to feel comfortable letting her natural hair flow.

When she took to Instagram to share this photo of her fabulous locks, she said: “When I was a little girl I used to hate my hair…now I loooveeee it.” We’d love to see her rock this look on stage one day!