Brides Who Ditched The Dress And Rocked Suits At Their Wedding

Who says you have to wear a big fluffy white dress on your wedding day? Yeah, that’s what most people choose to wear, but since when are you most people? Suits are fashionable, comfortable, and easy to dance in. It’s also way easier to go to the bathroom in a suit. You don’t need all of your bridesmaids to come with you and hold your dress up while you’re on the toilet.

Keep reading to see some of the most fashion-forward brides of our generation. If they can rock a suit, so can you.

High Fashion Bride

Photo Credit: Amy Faith Photography

This whole bridal party is way too stylish for me. The groom and groomsman’s blue suits really pop off of that brick wall. I think this is just a perfectly composed and edited photo. Now let’s talk about the real star of the show— the beautiful bride.

That white suit looks absolutely amazing on her. It’s bridal without being too bridal, and those intricate corsages make everything look cohesive. This couple is unconventional in the best way possible.

No White In Sight

Photo Credit: Studio XIII Photography

I like how these brides are both wearing black and teal but in different ways. The bride on the left is wearing a teal blouse under a black suit, while the bride on the right is wearing a black jacket, teal tie, and teal trousers.

They’re coordinated without being too matchy-matchy, which is key. Also, their bouquets are ginormous, which really adds some bridal flair to this look.

Double The Suits, Double The Fun

Photo Credit: Michelle Arlotta Photography

These two ladies look like they’re having the most fun at their wedding. Weddings are all about having fun, so I’m glad these two found a moment among all the chaos to be silly and enjoy each other’s company

They both chose to wear suits for their wedding, and while they’re both wearing blue suits, the suits are quite different. I think each suit is well suited (pun intended) to each bride’s personality.

Low Key Life

Photo Credit: De Nueva Photography

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get married to the person you love most in the world. You could just take a trip down to city hall to profess your everlasting love. That’s exactly what this couple did, and they did it in style.

Who needs a big white dress when a low key suit will do just fine? Save all that money for the honeymoon.

Do It Your Way

Photo Credit: Chellise Michael Photography

One bride in this lovely photograph is wearing a blue velvet suit jacket, while the other has opted for a silky bridal jumpsuit. Neither of these looks are particularly conventional, but I’d rather be unique than conventional, wouldn’t you?

I love the almost blush, off white color of the jumpsuit. It goes really nicely with the bride’s auburn hair. The blue suit is a classy and flashy at the same time.

Love At First Look

Photo Credit: Steph Grant Photography

These brides both decided to wear white on their wedding day. One bride opted for a classic fitted wedding dress, while the other chose a tailored fully white suit.

They both look absolutely beautiful, and you can tell that their both overwhelmed with emotion on their special day. These two fit together perfectly and they’re clearly madly in love. Whether you’re a suit gal or a dress gal, you can still look beautiful on your wedding day.

Suited Up

Photo Credit: Dana Pleasant Photography

These brides went for an old fashioned black and white color scheme on their wedding day. The brunette bride is in a classic white wedding dress, while the blonde bride is in an entirely black suit.

These two are perfectly yin and yang and they look so pretty against this old stone stairway backdrop. They look like they’re ready to start an amazing life together as married partners.

Mix And Match

Photo Credit: Erica Camille Productions

Who says that you and your partner have to match on your wedding day? It’s nice to look good when you’re standing next to each other, but that doesn’t mean that you have to opt for a monochromatic color scheme.

Blue and purple look so nice together, and the bride in the blue suit even has a pop of red on the inside of her suit jacket. These two look so happy!

Keeping It Traditional

Photo Credit: Amy Gray Photography

Just because one bride is wearing a suit, that doesn’t mean that you have to do away with all other traditions. Sometimes it’s nice to have a traditional wedding (if you’re into that sort of thing).

The bride on the left is wearing a very traditional, strapless, sweetheart neckline wedding dress, while the bride on the right is wearing a lovely light taupe three-piece suit. It doesn’t get more formal than that.

Meeting On The Field

Photo Credit: Steph Grant Photography

These two brides had their first look on a football field. They’re rocking the same blonde up-do, but one bride is in a formal suit, and the other bride is in a full out wedding dress.

I’m not sure which bride’s outfit I’m more jealous of. Granted, I can’t really see the first bride’s full dress. I think I like the suit better, but I’m sure I’d love the dress too if I could see the whole thing.

A Wedding By The Sea

Photo Credit: Jodie C Photography

These two brides both decided to wear white suits to their seaside wedding. One bride is wearing a full pantsuit, while the other is wearing a suit with shorts, which I’ve never seen before.

I guess it must be pretty warm where they are. Or maybe they’re just basking in the warmth of their love and wedded bliss. I love the little white corsage one of the brides is wearing on her wrist.

Bold In Burgundy

Photo Credit: Amy Gray Photography

This lovely pair of brides is straddling the line between unique and traditional. The bride on the left is wearing a very traditional wedding gown, while the bride on the right is wearing a traditional suit in a unique color.

I really love how the streamers on the backdrop and the flowers in this photo play off of the burgundy suit. A lot of thought went into choosing the colors for this wedding.

Stunning In Silver

Photo Credit: Sandra Tenuto Photography

These brides really went all out for their wedding day. The bride on the left is wearing a fitted dress with a V-neck and crystal belt and headband, while the bride on the right is wearing a stunning silver suit and a white v-neck blouse.

I love that their aisle runner and bouquet are red. The rich color gives the event a luxurious, old Hollywood feel. I hope these two are enjoying married life together.

Side By Side

Photo Credit: rica Camille Productions

These two look like a match made in heaven. Also the graffiti behind them is pretty cool too. The bride on the left is wearing a gorgeous cream colored suit with a white dress shirt underneath, and the bride on the right is wearing a ballgown with a low back and a church-length veil.

I think both of these outfits give off a similar vibe. They’re both formal, but not too formal.

A Pop Of Color

Photo Credit: Jonas Seaman

First of all, can we talk about this venue? That gazebo looks absolutely stunning, and all of the foliage around the platform is making me so happy. The bride on the left is wearing a gorgeous classic white gown with an empire waist and a deep V-neck.

The bride on the right is wearing white trousers, a white dress shirt, a red vest, and then a tan vest on top of that. It’s super unconventional, and super classy.

A Suit For A Special Occasion

Photo Credit: Christine Doneé

This beautiful husband and wife duo look like they’re ready to start their life as a married couple. I like that they’re looking at each other, but they’re ready to take on the world ahead of them.

This bride is wearing a gorgeous all white suit accessorized with black strappy shoes and a floppy black hat. This seems like a very sensible outfit to wear. It looks like an outfit she can really dance in.

Dressed To The Nines

Photo Credit: Dana Pleasant Photography

These two definitely look like they’re ready to get married. Some people say that black and navy don’t really go together, but I think this couple is making it work. I like that the bride on the left is wearing a pair of pearlescent white pumps with her suit. It makes the whole outfit look very fancy.

The bride on the right is more casual, but I think we have to assume that casual is just her preferred style.

These Two Are Super Fierce

Photo Credit: Nicole Lenzen Photography

There’s nothing soft and flowery about this couple’s wedding look. The groom is in an all-black three-piece suit with a bold red dress shirt underneath. The bride is wearing an equally sleek black suit with shoulder pads, cool shoulder metal detailing, a purple dress shirt, and a black bowtie.

I think this is the coolest couple on our list by a long shot. At least, I think they have the coolest clothes.

Home On The Range

Photo Credit: Steph Grant Photography

This relaxed boho look is perfect for a farm wedding. It looks like these two are ready to get married on a beautiful farm or pasture. The bride on the left is in an all-lace dress, which is very country, and the bride on the right is wearing a mismatched suit with a casual shirt underneath, some taupe loafers, and a classy cowboy hat.

These two are styled perfectly. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Big City Love

Photo Credit: Alea Lovely

If the other pair of brides were ready to get married in the country, these brides are ready to get married in the city. This look is much more modern and architectural. The bride on the left is in a very classy white wedding dress, while the bride on the right is in a royal blue suit finished with some multicolored pumps.

These ladies scream “progressive” from head to toe.

Watch Out Beyoncé, This Bride Is Coming For Your Style

Photo Credit: | Visuals By Raat

Seriously, this photo looks like it was taken straight out of a Beyoncé music video. Could this bride and groom be the next Beyoncé and Jay Z?

I could totally see Beyoncé wearing a white suit like this one. I absolutely love the high waited pants. I think they’re super chic and super flattering. The top is very well fitted, and the jacket just brings everything together.