Brides Who Ditched The Dress And Rocked Suits At Their Wedding

Who says you have to wear a big fluffy white dress on your wedding day? Yeah, that’s what most people choose to wear, but since when are you most people? Suits are fashionable, comfortable, and easy to dance in. It’s also way easier to go to the bathroom in a suit. You don’t need all of your bridesmaids to come with you and hold your dress up while you’re on the toilet.

Keep reading to see some of the most fashion-forward brides of our generation. If they can rock a suit, so can you.

High Fashion Bride

Photo Credit: Amy Faith Photography
Photo Credit: Amy Faith Photography

This whole bridal party is way too stylish for me. The groom and groomsman’s blue suits really pop off of that brick wall. I think this is just a perfectly composed and edited photo. Now let’s talk about the real star of the show— the beautiful bride.

That white suit looks absolutely amazing on her. It’s bridal without being too bridal, and those intricate corsages make everything look cohesive. This couple is unconventional in the best way possible.