Fashion Week 2019’s Most Eye-Catching Style Moments So Far

Once February rolls around, it can only mean one thing: fashion week has arrived. But rather, it should be called fashion month since over the course of several weeks runways dominate some of the major fashion capitals of the world. Of course, the first stop of the season is New York City and so far there have already been looks that caught our eyes. From models to influencers, there have been some pretty chic moments full of long coats, contrasting textures, lots of pastel blues, and plenty of bright pops of color.

The looks served on page three will have you scouring your closet for your highlighter-colored clothes…

The Suarez Sisters Stay Warm

Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images
Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

Natalie and Dylana Lim Suarez attended Rachel Comey’s ready-to-wear Fall 2019 show bundled up in long coats and thick scarves. Indeed, heavy coats that fall to the shins have not only been a style staple as of late, but they’ve also been a weather necessity considering the storms of winter 2019.

Natalie, a model since her teen years, took off with her fashion blog Natalie Off Duty. With her sister Dylana, who is a talented photographer, they’ve been mainstays in the fashion blogging scene, particularly on Instagram. Many fans flock to their pages for style tips and inspiration.