Bride Goes Without Haircut For Years Until Wedding Sparks Major Makeover

Everyone wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day, which is why one Florida woman went to a local salon to help her achieve just that. But when she met with the stylists, they were astounded with what she gave them to work with!

The woman had over two feet of hair that she was holding onto for deep-seated emotional reasons that the stylists couldn’t believe. After an all-night makeover, the woman was overwhelmed with her own transformation. But it was just what she needed to take on the world.

Her hair used to be well-kept, so what happened?

The Bride-To-Be Knew It Was Time To Make A Change

hollys hair long and different colors

Holly Garrido of northwestern Florida was thrilled when her boyfriend, Vashon Ridgeway, popped the question. The bride-to-be was excited to tie the knot in fall of 2017, but before she made her way down the aisle, she decided to make some major changes.

What better way to make a change in one’s life than with a fabulous makeover? Holly knew she wanted to make a change, but little did she know she was about to undergo a huge transformation. She had to find a salon with the perfect hairstylists who could help with this.

But her hair wasn’t always 2-feet long