Ariana Grande Tried To Fix Her Misspelled Palm Tattoo, But Things Didn’t Go As Planned

Ariana Grande has had a tough week so far, and it’s not over yet. The pop star released her latest single ‘7 Rings,’ which became the most-streamed song during the first 24 hours of it being uploaded. That’s a reason to celebrate, right?

Ariana thought so too, so she celebrated the best way she knows how — with a new tattoo.

To celebrate the song, Ariana intended to get the Japanese translation of ‘7 Rings’ inked on her palm. However, the translation was botched, so rather than spelling ‘7 Rings,’ it actually translates to “shichirin.”

For those who don’t know (we didn’t!), “shichirin” is a type of Japanese-style barbeque.

The Sweetener star credited the misspelling to the tattoo being too painful to finish, but fans quickly called her out and she admitted it was a mistake.

The tattoo saga doesn’t end there though.

To make matters worse, Ariana went back to get the tattoo fixed after consulting with her Japanese language “tutor” who said she could add another symbol to fix the error. Unfortunately, the tattoo still didn’t turn out as intended because the singer added the symbol below the original symbol instead of above. Since Japanese is read from top to bottom and right to left, placing the symbol below means the tattoo now reads, “Japanese barbecue finger.”

Oops times two. At least palm tattoos fade faster than tattoos elsewhere, right?