30 Affordable Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe For That Awkward Time Between Winter And Spring

What even is March? It’s not winter, it’s not spring, it’s some weird in-between month. One day you’re wearing oversized sweaters and drinking hot cocoa by the fire, and the next day you’re outside without a jacket living your best life.

Don’t even get me started on April. April teases you with its lovely sunshine, and then it serves up a random snowstorm after weeks of warm weather. I’m pretty sure that’s what T.S. Eliot meant when he called April the cruelest month. The real question is: what are you supposed to wear now? Well, we’ve got some suggestions. Keep reading to find out how to look stylish no matter the weather.

Mixing Textures

Photo Credit: Lemon Ruddy / Pinterest

Mixing textures is a great way to add visual interest to an outfit without going crazy with color or pattern. Pick one simple pattern, like a vertical stripe for instance, and pair it with some basic jeans and a knitted cardigan. Add a chic watch and some layered necklaces and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

I don’t think you can really carry around a succulent as an accessory, but I would if I could.

Slither Into Spring

Photo Credit: WNews Espanol / Pinterest

I’m not usually a huge fan of animal print, but when I saw these pants, I couldn’t resist. There’s something about these particular faux snakeskin pants that just make my heart happy.

I especially like that this person has paired the pants with a tan colored sweater. It’s hard to know what to wear with snakeskin, but I think this color works perfectly. Black would be too harsh. White or cream could work too.

Cozy As Can Be

Photo Credit: magimoda / Pinterest

There’s something about tights and an oversized comfy sweater that’s just so sexy to me. I love the ’90s inspired bag and boots. Everything about this is perfect for a cold-ish month. You wouldn’t want to wear tights that thin in the dead of winter, but they’d be perfect for a cool, rainy spring morning.

If you can’t find a sweater dress that works from you, you could always get an extra, extra large sweater and wear it as a dress.

Blankets Can Be Fashion Too

Photo Credit: thelomeyerblog / Pinterest

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly a blanket, but I think shawls and blankets are pretty much the same things. If you can’t find a shawl in a pattern that you like, you can always make one out of fabric, or you could technically use a blanket. You could even wear a huge, oversized scarf.

If you’re going to wear a shawl, make sure that whatever you’re wearing underneath it is quite fitted.

Stripes Forever

Photo Credit: pickmyboutique / Pinterest

You can’t find a more classic pattern than black and white vertical stripes. While in the summer you might wear this pattern in t-shirt form, in the colder months, an artist style cardigan or oversized open dress shirt will keep you a bit toastier.

The Louis Vuitton clutch is a nice addition to this simple outfit, but it’s totally not necessary. You don’t have to splurge to look fabulous. The statement jewelry is doing enough to elevate the look without the designer bag.

Home Comforts

Photo Credit: 99outfit / Pinterest

Who says you can’t be fashionable while you’re lounging around your house? You don’t have to be dressed to the nines, but it’s nice to impress the people you live with a little bit, especially if you live with your significant other.

This chunky pink cardigan takes leggings and a white t-shirt to a whole ‘nother level, and it will keep you warm when it’s still chilly out.

For The Brave And The Bold

Photo Credit: outfital / Pinterest

White pants aren’t for everybody. They could be, but not every person can handle the stress of wearing a color that seems to attract so many stains. These trousers are for only the neatest eaters, the least messy ladies, the people who live in places without too much mud.

If that sounds like you, give white pants a try. If that doesn’t sound like you, blue jeans never hurt anybody.

Mingle In Monochrome

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Transitional style doesn’t have to be boring. How about a red-on-red-on-red look? I’m talking all red everything— red shoes, a red handbag, even red lipstick. If you’re going to try out this monochrome look, make sure to mix up the textures. That sequin dress is a great example. All of one color doesn’t have to be boring.

You could do this with pretty much any color that works for you.

Trendy As Heck

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Let’s break this outfit down for a minute, because I think this is just about the trendiest thing you could be wearing at the moment. First of all, we already know that animal print is in. This cheetah print is just small enough that it doesn’t look so obviously like cheetah print from a distance (which I think is good).

Also, that oversized cream sweater looks super cozy, and the black Doc Martins make the whole thing pop.

A Statement Scarf

Photo Credit: mysmallwardrobe / Pinterest

A scarf is a perfect accessory for the months that aren’t quite sure whether they’re spring or winter (I’m looking at you, March). Spruce up a black, white, or neutral outfit with a statement scarf to take your chilly weather look right over the top.

Choose a bold color, or a bold pattern, or both. You only get to wear a scarf for a few months of the year, so definitely take advantage of the opportunity.

Singing In The Rain

Photo Credit: gofeminin / Pinterest

Who says you can’t wear shorts when it’s cold outside? You can definitely wear shorts in the colder months, you just have to wear some warm tights under them. Add a boot with a little heel and a classic white top, and now you’re ready to splash around in some puddles.

Don’t forget to bring your super cute clear umbrella! Those things are a must for keeping your outfit fresh and dry.

Lounging Around

Photo Credit: Bloglvin’ / Pinterest

Everything about this look is pretty basic– the sweater, the ripped jeans, the not so messy bun… but wait, did you see those earrings? Those are not basic earrings. Sometimes all you need is a little something shiny to take a look from bland to fabulous.

Also, a cup of black coffee seems like a great way to welcome in the warmer months. Is anybody else way too excited for summer?

Don’t Forget The Outerwear

Photo Credit: styledumonde / Pinterest

Outerwear is a great way to take a basic look and kick it up a notch. This plaid overcoat is everything I’ve ever wanted. It’s chic, its the perfect color, and it goes with everything.

The best thing about this coat is that it’s warm enough for a chilly March evening, but you’re not going to overheat like you would if you were wearing a puffer jacket. Also, it’s super stylish.

Knit And Leather Are Better Together

Photo Credit: digital-satelite / Pinterest

There’s something about a soft, fluffy knitted sweater and a streamlined, smooth leather skirt that’s just a marriage made in fashion heaven. Why are our eyes so drawn to juxtaposing textures?

We may never find out. All I know is that I want to get this outfit on my body immediately. Also, I love all of the delicate minimal jewelry. It’s not a must for an outfit like this, but it certainly adds a little je ne sais quoi.

Keeping Warm With Warm Colors

Photo Credit: piperandscoot / Pinterest

Picking warm colors to wear during the colder months makes it feel like spring is almost here. I’m talking about real spring, not that cold, rainy weather we get right before it’s actually warm.

This lovely patterned maxi dress reminds me of warmer climates. It would look great on any body type, and it has sleeves, so it’s perfect for cooler weather. This dress would look great with boots of any kind, and some yellow gold earrings.

Never Looked Warmer

Photo Credit: outftismag / Pinterest

This fleecy sweater looks so warm, but not too warm that you couldn’t wear it on a nice spring day. It’s the perfect spring morning outfit for when it’s a little bit chilly outside before the sun fully comes out.

This outfit actually makes me miss the colder months, but it also makes me really excited for spring. I can see this girl walking through a field full of spring dew. She looks like she’s ready to take on the world.

Overalls After All

Photo Credit: lizmarieblog / Pinterest

These corduroy overalls scream spring, but the baggy cream sweater underneath them screams winter. We’ve got a screaming match between the seasons over here.

This girl is ready for any kind of weather. She’s even got some round sunglasses in case it gets sunny- It never hurts to be prepared. This look is fashionable and practical at the same time. I think I’m going to have to invest in a pair of overalls this March.

Soft And Sweet

Photo Credit: mychicobsession / Pinterest

Remember what we said about monochromatic looks? Always mix textures. You can’t have a look that’s all one color and all one texture. This fuzzy pink sweater goes perfectly with this silky pink pleated skirt.

This girl is wearing her hair in a romantic half up-do and she’s sporting some classic heels to elevate the look. This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. I mean, it is very on-theme, but i wouldn’t be mad about it.

How You Do Spring Loungewear

Photo Credit: Spasterfield Sportswear / Pinterest

Loungewear doesn’t have to be frumpy. Look how chic this chick looks. I mean, she is wearing a very pointy pair of heels, but you could wear some fancy sneakers with this look and it would be just as fabulous.

I love that green bomber jacket. You could wear that thing with so many different outfits, and it’s going to keep you warm during those weird transitional months. Also, if you can get away with wearing sweatpants, always wear sweatpants.

Layer Upon Layer

Photo Credit: Bloglovin’ / Pinterest

Layering is a great way to stay comfortable and fashionable when the weather isn’t quite sure if it wants to be warm or cold. If you get too hot, take off a layer. If you get too cold, put another layer on.

Wear a button-down blouse under a knit sweater under a thick trench coat or camel coat. Layering also gives you an opportunity to play with pops of color.

She’s Basically Wearing A Blanket

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

This girl is definitely winter on top, and summer underneath. If she took off that heavy coat she’d be ready for a pool party. You don’t have to be quite this indecisive about what season it is, but I still feel like a coat like this would be perfect for a rainy spring day.

I know it isn’t exactly waterproof, but you could throw a light windbreaker on top of it if it’s really wet outside.

Every Season Is Floral Season

Photo Credit: shoptrescool / Pinterest

I know florals are typically thought of as a spring pattern, but I love floral patterns so much that I wear them all year long. Just mix up the colors if you want to dress for the season that you’re in. Wear bright florals in the summer and more muted florals in the winter and in the fall.

Or, you know, wear this rust colored dress all year long. Long sleeves make this look perfect for spring.

Business Casual

Photo Credit: Bloglovin’ / Pinterest

Forest green and brown is such a classic spring color combination. It reminds me of fresh trees sprouting out of the cold earth. The necktie makes this look extra preppy (if you’re into that sort of thing), but it will also keep your neck warm when that early spring wind starts blowing.

This sweater and trouser combo is the perfect spring and winter office look. This is how you do business casual in a stylish way.

Business Fancy

Photo Credit: popsugar / Pinterest

This look is very similar to the green and brown look we just saw, but this look is a little bit fancier and a little bit more refined. The pointy-toed shoes, leather purse, and pink sash take this look from business casual to business fancy.

You could definitely wear something like this to a fancy dinner or even out on a date. This look says that you’re classy and practical, but you still like to have a good time.

Boho Vibes

Photo Credit: ASOS

The bright yellow color of this maxi skirt will make you feel like it’s summer even when it’s still gross and grey outside. Plus, it’s a maxi dress, so it will keep your legs warm.

You can wear this dress with a long sleeved shirt for extra warmth, but you can also pair it with a tank top or a t-shirt during the summer months. Basically, you can wear this skirt all year long.