The Top 30 Fashion Influencers On Instagram Right Now

While initially, Instagram was a place to share photos with your friends, a digital polaroid album of sorts, it’s since become a major business venture. Influencers can make serious money by building an Instagram following. A lot of the Instagram influencers on this list signed with modeling agencies and started their own fashion lines because of their Instagram exposure. Keep reading to see some of the top fashion personalities on Instagram. All of these people are masters at curating their online personas.

Elite Fashion Influencer Giovanna Engelbert

Photo Credit: @bat_gio / Instagram
Photo Credit: @bat_gio / Instagram

Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert is a fashion editor, stylist, and creative director. If you’re interested in who’s who in the fashion industry, you should definitely give her page a follow. Giovanna has friends in high places, and her Instagram account definitely shows it.

Giovanna recently gave birth to a baby girl named Talitha Italia Engelbert, and she nearly has 1 million followers on Instagram. Giovanna’s clothes are a lot of things, but boring is not one of them.