All Of The Looks At The 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Award season is officially upon us, ladies and gentlemen. You know what that means! It’s time to see some very fancy and very expensive dresses. The Golden Globes set the tone for the rest of award season. The trends we saw this evening may continue into the Oscars, the SAG Awards, and eventually, the Tonys.

Keep reading to find out what all of your favorite stars wore to this high-class affair. Spoiler alert: warm nude tones were definitely a thing.

Sandra Oh

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globe Awards this year, so she wore a whole bunch of different outfits throughout the evening. Most of those outfits were white and featured some kind of flowy sleeve.

She won her second Golden Globe in this little number, which is both totally unique and totally classic. On Sunday, Oh made history when she became the first Asian host of the Golden Globe Awards as well as the first woman of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes.