30 PHOTOS: The Style Evolution Of Taylor Swift

We first became aware of Taylor Swift when she was a young country artist singing about her first love on the radio. Taylor’s come a long way since then, including her personal style, which evolved into something we never saw coming.

Taylor’s fashion choices have truly changed from one era to the next. What she wore as a young country ingénue is a lot different from what she wears now as a hardened international superstar.

Our First Look

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Taylor Swift burst onto the music scene in 2006 with her first hit single, “Tim McGraw.” Her first full album followed shortly after. Initially, Taylor was a country girl. She moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, and a record label quickly fell in love with her talent and girl next door image.

In 2007, Taylor attended the CMT Music Awards wearing a sparkly silver and white long strapless dress. She wore her signature blonde curls down.