Single During The Holidays? Here’s How To Answer Your Family’s (Nagging) Questions With Class

When going home for the holidays, it’s important that you arrive fully prepared for the barrage of questions that will be coming your way. This is especially true for those of us who are single and childless. Once we reach a certain age, family gatherings may come with the added pressure that the future of the family falls on our shoulders.

Looking back, the older generations prepared the dinner and treats, while we enjoyed the perks of being among the youngest members of the family, who were only held responsible for dressing up nice and looking cute while playing with the toys Santa brought. But once you get into your 20’s and 30’s, it’s almost as if you’re not allowed to be the youngest family member anymore- you must take on a new role of an adult.

So when you arrive at the family gathering, be sure to be prepared for big, biased questions to be thrown your way. Are you dating? Oh, you’re still single? Aren’t your friends having kids? These are just a few of the prying inquiries relatives enjoy asking.

But you’re not alone. If you find yourself being backed into a corner with a nagging game of 20 questions, here are five facts to keep in your back pocket, courtesy of the 2017 Census Bureau report.

  1. 110 million Americans are single. And demographically, there are more single people now, than ever before.
  2. The median age of marriage for men is 29.5. For women, it’s 27.4. 
  3. You don’t live with your significant other? Then you’re among the 42% of people who are living without a spouse or partner
  4. Yes, you can be unmarried, and still be an adult. 55% of Americans believe that marriage isn’t an essential part of adulthood.
  5. Are you putting your career first? 95% of adults believe that having a full-time job is a top priority.