These Are The Gorgeous Actors Behind The The Horror Genre’s Scariest Villains

Even if you’ve never watched a scary movie, chances are you know who the genre’s most legendary monsters are. From old school slasher villains Freddy and Jason to new school baddies like the Valak the Nun and Pennywise, horror villains have haunted our dreams and made our imaginations soar for decades. But have you ever wondered what the bad guy looks behind the mask? Are they really that horrifying in real life? The answer is no. Some of them happen to the be the most beautiful people in Hollywood, and we’ve found the most gorgeous for you to see on this list.

Try not to get lost in their eyes, that’s when they get you!

Sofia Boutella Makes The Mummy Red Carpet Ready

Rachel Luna/WireImage/Universal

Universal may have failed to launch its “Dark Universe” with the release of The Mummy in 2017, but that doesn’t mean the title villain didn’t give us nightmares. One look at her and we’re running for the aisle.

When we see her on the red carpet it’s another story entirely. Played by the absolutely stunning Sofia Boutella, we can’t take our eyes away when we see her approaching! And now that you know what she looks like, neither will you.