Mansions And Malibu: Stars’ Stunning Homes You Won’t Believe

Viewing someone’s home allows you to see deeper into who they are as a person and that goes for celebrities too. These stars didn’t hold back when it came to renovating gorgeous mansions, ranches and beach houses to match their personal style. And while you might figure that Tiger Woods would have a golf course on his property, and Christina Aquilera has a recording studio in her home, some of these stars have some rare requirements in the perfect home.

Ivanka Trump’s home in DC is much different than Trump Tower where she grew up.

Julia Roberts Loves Malibu

Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage/Jason Mitchell/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

After selling her Greenwich Village apartment in New York, actress Julia Roberts has had more time to spend at her prime property in Malibu. Costing $9.5 million (and a total of $20 after renovations) Roberts’ home with her husband is full of energy-savvy appliances and powered by solar panels. The property is huge, with a total of 6,000 square feet right next to the beach with beautiful views of the water up close.

In fact, Roberts owns two properties in the famed beach community. In 2017 she purchased a second Malibu home for $3.895 million near Point Dume.

That’s breadcrumbs compared to how much Bill Gates spent…