Weird and Wonderful Beauty Hacks Celebrities Swear By

When it comes to looking their best, celebrities have it down to a science. It’s no secret that Hollywood’s finest have the cash to look fabulous, but you might be surprised to know that some of their beauty secrets include regular things you might have in your home.

From cranberry juice shampoo to cat litter body scrubs, there’s nothing too unconventional for the A-list elite. Let’s dive into the weird and wonderful beauty hacks celebrities swear by.

Would you voluntarily endure bee stings for the sake of beauty?

Bake Lively Uses Mayonnaise as a Hair Mask

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Sometimes, the best tips get handed down through the generations, from mother to daughter. Lively let us in on her secret to radiant locks in an interview with Elite Daily, revealing that she often uses oil or mayonnaise to keep her hair from drying out.

"My mom taught me this really great beauty tip. She used to put oil or mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before she would shower," said the Gossip Girl star. "That way, when she would shampoo, the soap wouldn’t strip the bottom of the hair and dry it out, making it brittle." The things we do for beauty!

Suki Waterhouse Uses Coca-Cola to Wash Her Hair

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It’s no secret that shampooing your hair frequently can make it a little hard to handle. More often than not, your hair will end up too flat to really do anything with. Luckily for us, Suki Waterhouse has let us in on her secret — and it’s not as expensive as you might think.

“I rinse my hair with Coca-Cola sometimes,” she said. “I don’t like my hair when it’s washed — it’s fine and limp — but Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve gone through the Amazon or something,” Waterhouse told US Weekly. Will you be trying this fizzy hack? Let us know!

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Stung by Bees to Help Inflammation

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Girlboss

If you’ve ever read Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop then you’ll know that the actress loves to share odd beauty tips, sometimes with dire consequences. Gwynie has been challenged multiple times on her recommendations, including when she shared her love for apitherapy.

The beauty procedure involves being stung by bees to supposedly reduce inflammation. “I’ve been stung by bees. It’s a thousand-year-old treatment called apitherapy. People use it to get rid of inflammation and scarring. It’s actually pretty incredible if you research it. But, man, it’s painful,” the actress said. It’s not only painful but can sometimes be deadly, too. Not long after Paltrow shared her appreciation for it, a woman died undergoing the treatment. Don’t try this at home!

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us.

Beyonce Uses Elmer’s Glue as Eyebrow Gel

Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Eyebrow gel is a staple in any makeup lover’s arsenal, but you don’t have to fork out on the expensive stuff, according to Queen Bey’s artist, Sir John. In an interview with E! News Sir John said he uses Elmer’s Glue Stick to keep the singer’s brows in place.

“My favorite beauty hack is to use Elmer’s Glue Stick as the ultimate brow gel in the heat,” he said. “It doesn’t clog your pores, and it washes off easily.” A lot of popular YouTubers have since picked up on the hack and incorporated it into their routines. Who can blame them?

Sienna Miller Opts for Ketchup Over Hair Bleach

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for International Medical Corps

We’ve all had a few bad dye jobs in our time, haven’t we? Sienna Miller had a lot of issues after she tried to dye her naturally blonde locks with henna and couldn’t get it to come out. Rather than bleach her hair and run the risk of damaging it even further, she reached for an unusual household item.

“That was awful, actually. I used henna, thinking I was being all organic and clever, and it was totally impenetrable — I just couldn’t get it back to normal,” Miller said. “The only thing that made any difference was ketchup, so for about a year and a half I had to put tomato ketchup on my hair under heat until it went back to normal.”

Chloe Grace Moretz Washes Her Face with Olive Oil

Photo by Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic

Oil -based cleansers can do wonders for the skin, helping to balance and restore your natural sebum levels. While that’s nothing new, most people opt for mixes purposely designed for the face. However, Chloe Grace Moretz just grabs a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen.

“I wash my face with olive oil,” the actress told Allure. “I swear my skin is so much clearer because of it.” Moretz claims that it has helped her beat nasty bouts of cystic acne once and for all. Have you ever used olive oil for your skin, or do you prefer to just put it on your potatoes as the universe intended?

Lady Gaga Tapes Her Face

Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is riding a big wave at the moment thanks to the release of her first movie, A Star is Born. The singer-turned-actress shared the secret to her perky skin with Porter, telling them that’s all down to sticky tape.

"Every day, it starts the same way," said Gaga. "It’s like a mantra. I wash my face. I pin my hair back and put on a wig cap, and I ask, ‘How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?’ Or maybe I won’t pull it back at all."

We can get behind a lot of these beauty hacks, but cat litter…? We’re not so sure.

Snooki Swears by Cat Litter as an Exfoliant

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Snooki has certainly come a long way since she first appeared on our screens in Jersey Shore. The loud-mouthed “Guidette” has settled down quite a bit and is now a mother and businesswoman. When it comes to pampering herself though, Snooki doesn’t like to waste her cash on expensive products and instead mixes cat litter with water to exfoliate.

“I like to Google a lot. And I don’t like to spend a lot of money on spa treatments, just because I’m, like, a cheapo. So I Googled what else I could use that’s, like, not so expensive, and it was cat litter!” Snooki told Conan O’Brien.

Julianne Hough Switches Toothpaste for Turmeric

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Teeth whitening has been on-trend for as long as we can remember, but there has been a resurgence in natural products that promise to make your grill sparkle. From coconut oil to charcoal, it seems like almost anything can be used to give you that Hollywood smile. Julianne Hough uses turmeric for her teeth.

Often hailed as a wonder spice, turmeric has fantastic anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, and according to Hough, is better than a dentist when it comes to keeping your teeth looking their best."You’d think it would be the opposite and it’d stain your teeth," she said. "But it actually makes them whiter. Tumeric is the bomb. Y’all should try it."

Nicole Kidman Uses Cranberry Juice and Champagne as Shampoo

Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage

Most of us that color our hair tend to buy shampoo specifically designed for our color. There’s a wide range of products out there to keep it vibrant and glowing, but according to Nicole Kidman you can find everything you need in the beverage aisle.

The Big Little Lies actress confessed to her secret hair hack during an interview with Longevity. “If you have red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice, and if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders,” she said. Definitely get that advice the right way round, ladies — unless you want to turn your blonde locks a nice shade of pink.

Kim Kardashian Puts Body Oil on Before Working Out

Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tiffan

Out of all the celebrities in the world, you can count on Kim Kardashian for throwing some beauty hacks our way. The mom of three has dozens of secret tricks in her arsenal and sometimes shares her latest tips on Snapchat — including this one.

"I put body oil all over my body before I work out," said the reality star. "I heard if you put it on beforehand, you get really firm skin and no wrinkles." The jury is out on whether that piece of advice actually works, but if it’s good enough for Kimmy K, it’s good enough for us.

Lauren Conrad Uses Potatoes as an Eye Mask

Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

When we heard that The Hills was making a comeback, our teen hearts skipped a beat. The only downside is that our favorite lifestyle and fashion guru Lauren Conrad isn’t going to be in it. Thankfully, we still have Lauren’s websites to turn to to get our Conrad fix.

According to the mompreneur, her go-to product to reduce eye puffiness is actually a root vegetable. “To reduce puffiness, slice up a few refrigerated potatoes, soak them in water for a moment or two and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes. Works like a charm,” said the MTV reality star.

We’d love to look as good as Sandra Bullock, but we’re not so sure we’d try her beauty hack.

Sandra Bullock Uses Hemorrhoid Cream Under the Eyes

Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Sandra Bullock looks as fresh-faced today as she did in the ’80s. Luckily, you don’t have to pay thousands to get that glowing look. In fact, you might have her secret weapon lurking in your bathroom cabinet. While most people use hemorrhoid cream for their intended use, Sandra applies the cream to her face, specifically under the eyes, the reduce puffiness.

"I didn’t realize that putting hemorrhoid ointment on your face is acceptable in the beauty business," she said, "but apparently, butt cream helps lines around the eyes!" If you’re lucky enough not to have any in the house already, don’t worry, you can pick it up at your local drugstore for just a couple of bucks.

Catherine Zeta-Jones "Cleanses" Her Teeth with an Apple After Every Meal

Photo by Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for teeth to feel a little less than clean after you’ve finished a meal, and Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t a fan of that feeling. If she’s out and about, the 49-year-old actress will eat an apple after a meal.

"I love to eat an apple after a meal, just to cleanse my teeth, they always look polished afterward. If there aren’t any apples in the fruit bowl, a strawberry will suffice. The juice or pulp of strawberries contains malic acid which serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains." As well as that, the brunette beauty has been known to condition her hair with honey and beer.

Cindy Crawford Moisturizes with Milk

Photo by Julien Hekimian/Getty Images

Cindy Crawford is an icon for a reason, and it’s not just down to her modelling exploits. The 52-year-old defies time with her glowing skin and beautiful brunette locks, and you could too.

Cindy took atip from Cleopatra’s book and moisturizes her skin with milk. She simply mixes some of the dairy product with mineral water and puts in a spray bottle, before misting her face with it. Milk has been used in a similar way for thousands of years. The lactic acid can help reduce pigmentation while also healing and hydrating skin. It’s even thought to heal acne.

Lisa Rinna Uses Cinnamon to Plump Lips

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Lisa Rinna’s pout has been the subject of much speculation over the years. The soap-opera actress had permanent filler injected when she was just 23, which spread out and created bumps over the years. In 2017, she went under the knife to have her top lip reshaped and now loves her more natural pout.

But like all of us, Rinna likes a little plumpness to her lips now and then. Her secret? Cinnamon instead of silicone. The reality star rubs a little bit of the fragrant spice into her lips which stimulates blood circulation, giving the impression of a more kissable pout.

Julia Roberts Soaks Her Hands in Olive Oil

Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

When the winter months roll around, our skin bears the brunt of the bad weather. Our hands can be particularly susceptible to getting dry and wrinkled, but Julia Roberts has a solution for that. Grab a bowl of olive oil and soak your hands in for a few minutes.

The oil is packed full of antioxidants and acids that strengthen your skin’s natural barrier, so it’s perfect for keeping those hands looking young and vibrant all year round. For an added boost, why not try putting some loose beauty gloves over the top and leaving it to absorb for an hour?

Miranda Kerr Uses a Spoon to Curl Lashes

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for PORTER Incredible Women Gala 2018

Miranda Kerr is no stranger to a beauty hack or two, having modeled professionally for over a decade. When it comes to getting long and luscious lashes, Kerr leaves the curlers at home and instead uses a kitchen utensil — a teaspoon to be exact.

She simply places the teaspoon over the natural line of her lid and uses it to curl her lashes when she applies mascara. Not only that, but it acts as a barrier, ensuring that you can fully coat your lashes without getting any smudges on your eyelid. Say goodbye to those eyelash curlers and go and raid the kitchen drawer!

Shailene Woodley Brushes Her Teeth with Clay

Photo by Francois G. Durand/WireImage

Apparently, celebs really love to think outside of the box when it comes to their pearly whites, opting to use pretty much anything else instead of regular ol’ toothpaste like the average Joe. Shailene Woodley told InStyle that she brushes her teeth with safe clay, such as bentonite or zeolite, with coconut water, peppermint and cinnamon oil.

Not only does it keep your grill clean, but Woodley even recommends swallowing the mixture after your done to get the most out of all those minerals. It’s certainly one way to get the job done, but we might stick to our trusty Colgate.

Margot Robbie Swears by This Unconventional Cream for Lip Balm

Photo by Dan MacMedan/Getty Images

Have you ever applied lip balm so much that it has the opposite effect and dries your lips out? Margot Robbie thinks it’s all a ploy by companies to trick you in to buying more. Her answer? Diaper rash cream.

“My lip balm, I use Bepanthen, which is actually a [cream] for breastfeeding mothers or diaper rash cream for babies,” Robbie said. “I have a conspiracy theory that lip balms actually have additives in them to dry your lips out so you keep buying them. But because Bepanthen is just a cream for dry skin, it works. It’s what I’ve used my whole life.”