The Most-Wanted Movie Sequels That Fans Deserve

Some movies are so good that they immediately leave you asking for more. In most cases, a sequel or more follow a fantastic film. We’ve also watched part two’s that maybe shouldn’t have been produced, and we’ve seen some franchises dish out multiple sequels. Then you have the movies that deserve another one, but they just haven’t happened for one reason or another. These are the films that fans are pining for a sequel so they can be glued to their seats for more.

Does It Stop Spinning?

Warner Bros.

Inception was one of Christopher Nolan’s more experimental films. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a thief who extracts information from people’s minds while they are induced into a deep sleep, which was quite genius in hindsight.

The movie was a hit for Nolan after its 2010 release. With the way this film ends, it provides viewers with a dramatic cliffhanger. Many are still debating to this day if DiCaprio’s character was still inside of a mind at the movie’s end or whether he was free. Can we get a sequel?

How Could You Not Give Us More Doubtfire?

Twentieth Century Fox

Robin Williams was a tremendous actor and overall person. It hurt the whole industry when he passed away. He left behind many classics including Mrs. Doubtfire, the movie where he disguises himself as an older woman just to get closer to his kids- comedic gold.

For a period of time, there were talks of a sequel, and a script was written. Sadly, none of those were up to par with what was wanted. And then you add in the passing of Williams so this part two was scrapped.

28 Months Later… Exactly How Much Later?

DNA Films/UK Film Council

If there’s anything we know, then its the fact that zombie movies and TV shows are all the rage now. 28 Days Later had the perfect setup to continue for more than one sequel as it started out with the virus being restricted to Britain only.

Then in 28 Weeks Later, the virus was spreading all over Europe, and that’s where we last saw our heroes. If you watch the Walking Dead, you know that the franchise only scratched the surface. 28 Months Later has been teased for years, but still nothing.

Could We See A Step Brothers 2?

Columbia Pictures

When John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell came together to play man-children, the results were hilarious. Step Brothers was able to gain a huge following, but not quite as big as Anchorman. Fans and others have asked since the release if a sequel would be coming out.

What’s so great about Step Brothers is the fact that it doesn’t matter how much older they become. Imagine those two at 65 acting ridiculous as brothers. Adam McKay, the director, has said there’s an outline for a part two but we’ll see.

Make It A Trilogy

Miramax Films

If taking their time was an Olympic sport, Quentin Tarantino would have a Gold medal. He doesn’t typically make sequels, but Kill Bill slipped through. And since part one and two were filmed back-to-back and released within six months of each other, it felt like the same story.

Now that a perfect amount of time has passed by, fans would be delighted if a third installment would come out. Tarantino revealed he spoke with Uma Thurman in 2016 about the third, but there’s been no word since then.

The fans and star actor are begging for a part two of this…

Bring Back Detective Constantine

Warner Bros.

Keanu Reeves has a history of doing amazing sequels. The Matrix and John Wick are two that come to mind quickly. However, one of the films he starred in that many (including Reeves) want a sequel for hasn’t happened. We’re talking about Constantine.

Reeves was asked on a Reddit thread about doing a part two and he responded, “I love Constantine, too. I loved playing John Constantine. I wish there was a sequel. With me in it.” The DC-based film about a supernatural detective would have many ecstatic if it returned.

A Prequel For Roger Rabbit?

Jacob SUTTON/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Ironically, director Robert Zemeckis has worked on multiple prequel plans for the successful Who Framed Roger Rabbit? One of the ideas was scratched already, which had the movie set in World War II. The other path he was looking to take was Who Discovered Roger Rabbit?

Thanks to the huge success of the first film, the other studios are demanding a ton of money to license their characters. Due to this, negotiations are nearly impossible, which means seeing Roger Rabbit back on the big screen is pretty much a lost cause.

The People Want Another Parody


When Star Wars was introduced to the world, many creatives in the film industry were more than inspired. It even prompted Mel Brooks to create a parody of the movie and name it Spaceballs. In the movie, Darth Vader’s name was Lord Helmet.

Brooks revealed in 2015 that he wanted to make a part two to his cherished Star Wars parody. He even had a running title of Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money. Since a few of the original cast members have passed away, the hope for a part two isn’t that high but it’s there.

What Happened Before They Got Old?

New Line Cinema

One of the best romance movies has to be The Notebook. A spry Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams made for a perfect on-screen couple as they showcased their ups and downs. The film showed them from young teens to middle-aged but then skipped a large portion of their life together as it ended with them passing away.

Rumors of a sequel being produced have scoured the internet for years, but nothing seems to hold any weight. Some reports even confirmed that productions would be taking place in Jacksonville. Still, fans are waiting to see what happened with Noah and Allie before they aged.

Fans of the Christmas holiday would love to see this next one…

More Elf, Please

New Line Cinema

Chances are you’ve seen Elf whether you like it or not during the holiday season. It’s bound to appear on network television every year, and since its 2003 release, it’s already been dubbed a classic holiday film.

The question now is if a follow up will happen. Well, it gets interesting because the main people who aren’t up for it are the two most essential pieces. Director Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell are the ones detracting. Ferrell has even been negative about the whole situation so we probably won’t get a sequel to this.

Hold On To Your Seats

Disney Enterprises

It took 28 years for a follow-up to the original Tron film to release. Does that mean we have to wait another three decades to find out what happens next? Tron has a huge following so it would be great for them to pick it back up sooner than later.

Before this movie even went to theaters, producer Steven Lisberger had said plans for the third movie were already in the works. Everyone was back on board, and Disney greenlit it back in 2015. A few months after that, the plans were thrown out.

A Galactic Sequel

Buena Vista Pictures

You can’t head into a movie adapted from a book without having your reservations. Thankfully, director Garth Jennings did a nice job and garnered positive reviews over The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At first, the fans, cast, and director Garth Jennings were on board for a part two. Years passed by, and no word of a sequel was mentioned. Then in 2008, fans discovered the studio had put the nail in the coffin on the deal. Jennings said the movie didn’t do that well financially for him to get the go-ahead for a sequel.

Where Does The Truth Lie?

Twentieth Century Fox

A movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis from the mid-’90s already sounds great. The premise of the film was that he was a secret agent worried that his wife (Curtis) was cheating on him. Perfect for making more movies.

Years started to pass by, and director James Cameron began to lose more and more interest. Eventually, the idea of making a part two fully deflated. That doesn’t mean that people didn’t want to see Curtis and Schwarzenegger in a True Lies 2.

Wait… Gladiator 2?

Dreamworks Pictures

That’s right, a part two of one of the most famous ancient history films where the main character dies at the end, but how? The running title was Gladiator 2: Christ Killer, so you can imagine why it never really panned out.

Russell Crowe supposedly asked Nick Cave to write a script for a part two even though his character died. The script had Crowe released from Purgatory by the Roman Gods and sent him on a vengeful mission against Jesus.

A Follow-up To Leon

Rumors of a part two of Leon film has been in talks for a while now. It would be a grown-up Natalie Portman using all that she’s learned and taking the mantle after Leon.

Luc Besson, the director, made such strong characters that it feels remiss if he didn’t expand on them in part two. Besson has shown some interest in taking on a sequel, but it still seems highly unlikely.

This next film might be able to save hundreds of men from being lonely…

Hitch 2, Anyone?

Columbia Pictures

Who would have thought Will Smith playing a love doctor while harboring his own issues with women would be such a riveting film? Clearly, the production studio did and now Hitch is one of those films you just switch to whenever it’s on TV.

The chemistry between James and Smith was a perfect tandem on screen and would be a sure-shot if they saddled up for a follow-up. The movie might have ended on a positive note, but there are still tons of people Doctor Hitch could help out in the city.

Bring The Goonies Back

Warner Bros.

Fans have waited patiently for over thirty years. It’s been that long since a group of boys went on an adventure to find One-Eyed Willy’s gold. The people just want to see more of them.

A sequel will work perfectly since the teens are all grown up, but that question is, do you find a new cast or stick with the originals as adults? We’re assuming it wouldn’t be the same without the originals, so when Richard Donner said the sequel is in the works, we won’t hold our breath until the main cast signs on.

Let’s Go Up Again

Walt Disney Pictures

There’s a litany of Pixar films that should get a sequel, but none more deserving than Up. The touching story that follows Carl Fredricksen, Russell and their dog Dug on a high-flying adventure captivated audiences by the boatload.

Even though there are some things that put a wrench in another movie coming to fruition such as Carl’s floating house still being at Paradise Falls, the writers can come up with something to send our beloved characters on a new journey. Will we see this happen? The answer is probably not, thanks to director Pete Doctor becoming so big after Up.

Does The Giant Get A Sequel?

Warner Bros.

The Iron Giant didn’t too well in theaters, but once it hit the home video market, it started to gain a fan following. A story about a boy and a huge robot (voiced by Vin Diesel) directed by Brad Bird are all you need to make the people want more.

The names mentioned above have enough star power to make a part two, but that isn’t really how it happens. Bird has already tweeted in the past he’s moved beyond The Iron Giant.

Meaner Girls

Paramount Pictures

Mean Girls probably has the largest fandom of all the films featured on this list. Who doesn’t know that you’re supposed to wear pink on Wednesdays outside of those who haven’t seen this movie? If anything screams “we need a sequel!” it’s Mean Girls.

And no, we aren’t counting the straight-to-DVD version of the sequel because those hardly ever count. It would be a great idea to see the old group come back but as mothers.