The Growth, Struggles, And Downfall Of The Brangelina Family

After Angelina Jolie’s divorce from actor Billy Bob Thorton in 2002, she decided to give herself a fresh start and adopted her first child named Maddox, a six-month-old orphan from Cambodia. But she wasn’t going to stop there, she the adopted Zahara, an orphaned baby from Cambodia in 2005. Then, when her and Brad Pitt got together, they decided to grow their family even more by adopting more children and even having one of their own. Now, see how the family has grown, the family has struggled, and what’s going on with the couple and children today.

We could all see the chemistry in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Starting Off As Friends

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It wasn’t love at first sight for Brad and Angelina. At least if it was, there was nothing that either of them could do about it. The two became close while co-starring in the romantic action film Mrs. & Mrs. Smith, however, Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. Once Brad realized that he was developing feelings for Angelina, he filed for divorce, which many Aniston fans were not happy with.

Jolie claims that nothing happened between them before Brad’s divorce. She commented that “To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive.”

Announcing A New Baby

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The Brad and Angelina romance was more than enough for the media to eat up, but the couple couldn’t be prepared for the madness that would follow when they announced Angelina’s first pregnancy. Most actors come to the realization that their line of work tends to make their lives extremely public, and it was no different for Brad and Angelina.

However, families in this situation also know that it’s unfair for their children to be thrown into the public just because their parents are celebrities. Although Brad and Angelina tried to keep their lives as private as possible, it was a difficult thing to balance.

They went to the extreme to keep Angelina’s delivery as private as possible.

Giving Birth In Nambia

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship had been under the microscope ever since the start. Since media was constantly gathering around their home, giving them no privacy, Angelina made the decision in 2006 to give birth to their child Shiloh in Nambia, away from the craziness of the press.

The paparazzi was obsessed with getting a glimpse of their new child and were dying to see which of the parents she looked the most like. Unsurprisingly, Brad and Angelina wanted to keep their newborn away from the relentless press for as long as possible before heading home.

Keeping The New Baby Safe

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In order to keep the crazed journalist and paparazzi at bay, Brad and Angelina went so far as to hire employed officials from the Namibian government to enforce security. On top of that, they even had the entire hospital wing that Angelina was in closed down for even further preventative measures.

Anybody that wanted to see the couple or the baby needed to have a written waiver signed by the couple in order to enter anywhere near the facility. To be sure to keep the crazies out, they also had an entire security staging area erected on the premises.

The More The Merrier

While most families are content with having a few children, that’s not the case with Angelina and Brad. The couple has both known that they wanted a large family for a long time. A year after Shiloh was born, the couple adopted three-year-old Pax from Vietnam.

It made both Brad and Angelina extremely thrilled to be building such a diverse family while also helping those in need. The fact that not all of their children are biologically related has never meant anything different to them, as they love them all the same.

The next step was to make Brad a real member of the family.

Making Brad A Guardian

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For the average person, adopting a child can be an extremely laborious and expensive task. It may seem like it would be easier for Brad and Angelina, but it all really just comes down to money. Brad and Angelina still had to travel to Ethiopia in order to become Zahara’s caretaker.

At the time, the children were only in Angelina’s custody, but being with Brad would change that. By 2006, Brad had also been named as guardian with Angelina changing their last names to Jolie-Pitt, making the family a unified group.

A Family Of Six

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As it turns out, four children weren’t enough for the Jolie-Pitt clan, and certainly weren’t enough for the fans who couldn’t get enough of the family. The media went crazy when Angelina announced her second pregnancy. To both the couple’s and the fans’ delight, Angelina divulged that there wouldn’t be just one, but TWO new additions to the family.

On July 12, 2008, Angelina gave birth to twins, Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline. Even with the birth of two new children, people still focused their attention on Shiloh.

However, Shiloh began showing some interesting traits.

Shiloh Takes After Her Father

Shiloh doesn’t often accompany her parents to public events for obvious reasons. However, when she walked down the red carpet with them, she was dressed in a suit similar to her father’s.

Her sisters, on the other hand, were dressed up like their mother with all of their makeup done and wearing pint-sized dresses. It appeared that Shiloh even styled her hair like her dad. Of course, her more masculine style and appearance was all of the talk of the media.

Angelina Spoke Out For Shiloh

In a 2010 interview, Angelina came out saying that “[Shiloh] likes to dress like a boy…She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.” The rumors that Shiloh may be transgender only increased after Angelina’s interview.

Of course, everyone spreading the rumors forgot to take into account how young Shiloh is. People didn’t realize that Shiloh might just be going through a “tomboy” phase that she might eventually outgrow.

She Wanted To Stand Out Among Her Other Siblings

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Some people then began to speculate that Shiloh’s fashion choices were an attempt for her to stand out among her adopted siblings and even the twins. Angelina even once admitted that she “felt so much more for Madd, Zahara and Pax because they were survivors. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born.

She continued, “but I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that she loves Shiloh less, but understands that her adopted children might feel even more left out, more so than Shiloh.

Unfortunately, things were about to get messy.

Familial Issues

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While the media was still obsessed with Brad and Angelina’s children, the attention turned from the children to the couple’s relationship. Aside from the supposed sibling rivalries, the family’s lives got even more hectic after Brad and Angelina announced that the two had decided to separate.

The news came out in 2016, and the decision really took a toll on the children. As you can imagine, divorce isn’t easy for any children, especially for such a large family with such a diverse group of members.

ssues Between Brad And Maddox

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The whole world was watching the couple and their children, seeing how the events might unfold. There was clearly strain in many different aspects of the family, but the most shocking reports came as a result of an altercation between Brad and his son Maddox. Maddox was 15 at the time, and allegedly, the two got into an argument that became physical.

Supposedly, Brad “attacked” Maddox, who was trying to protect his mother on an occasion when the couple was fighting. Obviously, Brad strongly denied any such rumors, and those who know him personally backed up his claim.

People were wondering what had happened.


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As with any major life event involving Brad and Angelina, their breakup was just as public as any of their adoptions or pregnancies. Some believed that Brad was using alcohol and other substances, which led to undesirable behavior toward his wife and children.

Other rumors were that Brad had cheated on Angelina with Marion Cotillard, the French actress who starred in Allied with him. No matter what the actual reason was, the public wanted answers as to what had happened to Hollywood’s favorite family.

An Investigation Was Underway

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Things became even more crazy when photos of Brad moving out of the house began to spread across the Internet and on numerous publications. To make the fire burn even hotter, someone claimed that there was a joint investigation being conducted by the FBI and the LA Department of Child and Family Services. It was believed that they were looking into Brad’s treatment of his children that was possibly putting them in danger.

The public could not believe what they were hearing, considering what a highly respected and beloved celebrity Brad is. Thankfully, the investigation eventually cleared any charges that were made against the actor.

The Change Greatly Affected The Children

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The divorce, claims against Brad, and the investigation were all extremely unsettling for the children. Their lives had been turned upside down. They once were one big happy family, but things became upended in the blink of an eye. While the change hurt every member of the family in its own way, it was especially hard for Shiloh.

A friend of the family told Radar Online that “Shiloh’s not the same bubbly kid she was before Brad and Angie split, she doesn’t understand why Brad can’t be there on their family trips to Disneyland.”

Then, Angelina made an executive decision.

Taking The Kids

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It didn’t take long for Angelina to file for custody of the six children, a decision that none of the children had a voice in, no matter their age. This news was hard on all the children but especially Shiloh, who had clearly identified strongly with her father.

Although the public was worried about Shiloh, that didn’t mean that they stopped caring about the other children. They were all hurting over the custody issue and had no choice but to go with their mother.

Keeping The Children Out Of The Drama

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Surprisingly, Angelina has been open about her divorce and the issue regarding custody of the children. In a 2017 interview, she admitted that “[I] think it’s very important to cry in the shower and not in front of the children. They need to know that everything’s going to be all right even when you’re not sure it is.”

Jolie understands how hard this has been for her children, but she has made it her life purpose to make the transition as smooth as possible, even if it means crying behind closed doors.

Things were only getting worse.

A Public Custody Battle

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By 2018, it was clear that the situation between Brad and Angelina had only become worse. While their personal issues were causing problems, their biggest disagreement was over custody of the kids. Angelina’s behavior and actions toward Brad and in interview became visibly more aggressive. She was determined to keep her children away from Brad, whether the children liked it or not.

Legal allegations then came to light that supposedly Brad wasn’t pulling his weight. He quickly responded, saying that he’s cared for the kids their whole lives and continues to in every way possible. He said that he just wants to see his children.

Heading To London Without So Much As A Note

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When Angelina began filming her new film Maleficent 2, things really took a turn for the worse. The movie meant that she had to film in London, while Brad was busy filming a big movie in Los Angeles. Without thinking about Brad, Angelina decided to take the children with her to London, to get them even further away from their father.

This was a very bold move on Angelina’s part, and Brad was ready to fight back over it. He began legally demanding more open communication.

An Uneasy Resolution

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In most cases involving divorce, one parent keeping a child or children away from the other parent is extremely detrimental. Judges became involved, with one claiming that even if Angelina thought keeping the children away from Brad was in their best interest, she was actually making the situation worse. The judge then ordered that Angelina had to let the children see their father regularly and allow them to have unmonitored communication.

While it may seem like things are heading in the right direction, the whole situation has seriously hurt everyone in the family. Only time will tell what will happen to the once beloved Brangelina family.