The Least Talented Players To Win An NBA Championship Since 2000

Winning an NBA Championship takes everything you’ve got. During the Finals, if a player doesn’t give it all on the floor, he will live the rest of his life thinking about how he could have done better. The great players always leave their mark during this time. Then you have those who make you question how they even made a roster spot on a championship team. Since 2000, only eight of the 30 NBA teams have won a title. Here are the worst players from those teams to have won a championship ring.

Brian Scalabrine – 2008 Boston Celtics

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The legend of Brian Scalabrine, or the “White Mamba,” can never be tarnished. It’s tough to diminish his name, but his game spoke for itself. Scalabrine might have been a fan favorite, but we can safely say talent wasn’t why.

Outside of the rabid fan love, averaging 1.8 points per game (PPG) and 1.6 rebounds per game (RPG) isn’t going to get you anywhere in the NBA. The White Mamba is just a glorified bench warmer who happened to be on a Boston Celtics team that won a title, thanks to three Hall of Famers.